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Babies are born Atheist


My opponent can make arguments in the first round....

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God is not Good According to the Bible!


God is not Good. No petty rules. We agree to limit bible examples. to 3 per round. 99.9% of all Christians/Religions are biblically ignorant. Let's prove it....

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Animals should be slaughtered to provide people with food.


I'm arguing animals should be slaughtered to feed humans. Round one can be used for acceptance or for arguments. Final round is to provide a summary and to tie up loose ends....

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Evolution vs Young Earth Creationism


This debate is reserved for NewLifeChristian. I will be arguing that Evolution is true and that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. NewLifeChristian will be arguing for Creation being true and that the Earth is around 6-10K years old. RulesNo trolling Reliable sources must be usedStructureRound 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Arguments only (no rebuttals)Rounds 3-4: Everything else

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Pantheism/Panentheism Is Superior To Atheism


This debate is about which ideology/belief system is superior to the other psychologically, socially, culturally, etc. The debate is not in specific about the existence of God in any way, shape or form, but is about the superiority of the belief over the other. The burden of proof is on me, and it is the duty of Con to show me how my proof is incorrect or wrong.Superior in this sense means more beneficial/helpful to society, to mankind.The votes must come with a deta...

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Was Muhammad Guilty of Ethnically Cleansing Jews and Jew Hatred?


This debate is on whether the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, committed ethnic cleansing against the three Jewish tribes of Arabia. Also at issue in this debate is the open incitement of the most vile forms of Jew hatred within the words and deeds of Muhammad as well as verses from the Qu'ran with corroborating evidence in the Hadiths. At issue will be the following: 1) The three Jewish tribes living in Medina were hospitable to Muhammad and his followers allowing them to move to Medina. 2) M...

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Randomness is a lack of Knowledge in both Spiritual and Physical world.


By not being able to have the knowledge of a great or a small deal of information is random. As information is knowledgeable, therefore by definition it would appear random, as you have no knowledge of the matter at hand. If being scared is a fright of sudden randomness, not being able to understand something. Like in my very personal case not understanding the spiritual world is frightening as well as random. Example: Water into wine by Jesus Christ. This will seem random because of your la...

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Females are better people than males.


If there were to be only one gender on earth, which gender would be able to live together more peacefully? If one were to look at the nature of females overall, and how they interact with the rest of their community, I believe most would agree females are much better than males in this aspect. They're often more less-aggressive, more empathetic, and able to better cope with reality. This debate will essentially be about who is better at living in a community of others, males or females....

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Quran vs Bible. Which is the True holy Book of God?


I am arguing that the Quran is is every way better and more correct than the Bible. In terms of Historically accurate, Scientifically possible, and with no self-contradictions. the Quran has no errors while the bible has many. This is my view and my opponent must argue that the bible is not corrupt and that the Quran is. The first round is acceptance....

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Santa Claus is Real


I will be debating that Santa Claus is real. When I was young my parents told me all about Santa Claus and his magical miracles and stuff. He is so kind to bring presents to everyone. When I was six years old my parents gave me a book about Santa Claus. I remember how I used to write my wish list and send it off to Santa and he would always respond to my every request with the presents I asked for. The book about Santa said that Santa will do whatever you ask in his name, and will bring toys and...

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