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The Bible is Infallible


Greetings, everyone! I pray that we will have a wonderful debate. I am pro, so I believe that the Bible is infallible. My opponent must try to argue that it is not.Rules:1. When I refer to the Bible, I am talking about the 66-book Protestant canon of it (1). If you want to refer to a Bible verse to say it is fallible, then...

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Is an atheist celebrating Christmas hypocritical


I will define celebrating within the context of this argument as participation, so buying/receiving presents, personally decorating your home/personal spaces, refusal to work, giving cards, partaking in unequivocally Christian practices such as carol singing, attending Christian services such as mass, adoration of a Christmas tree publicly, proclaiming Christmas statement onto others such as happy Christmas or any other practice which is actively participated in or perpetrated by the individual...

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Evolution is a superior explanation for the origin of man and the universe as compared to creationis


Hello BDPershing I would like to challege you to a debate. I can see that you disagree with me so let's not spam the comments section in the other debate. Here you can clearly express all of your points and I will gladly show you why they are invalid. You make the first argument and then I will proceed. :P Only rules in this debate: you must finish the debate you must support evolution as a superior creation explantation The first 3 rounds we will have constructive speeches (make argumen...

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Heaven-Not Real


I am arguing that heaven is not real, make good arguments on why it is....

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Did Yeshua (Jesus) do away with the Law? Should we keep the Law?


I do not believe that Yeshua (Jesus) came to "do away with" the Law of Moses given at Sinai. I believe that the Law of Moses should be Kept by any Believer in The God of The Bible. Go ahead and start your argument first round....

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Religions can be proved or disproved


Religion. There are hundreds of religions in the world. To start off, there's Christianity, then Islam, then Judaism, and lots of other ones. People that stand strong by their religions believe that it can be proved and the other religions can be disproved. I say no. Not to break anyone's dreams or anything, but religions can never be proved or disproved, and they should stay that way. It's all about the leap of faith you take. The leap of faith that can change your life....

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Resolved - God exists


Lets get this going. Your on top of the debate leaderboard, so i hope you prove there's more to your rank than just mere numbers. I trust that the judges will exhibit an unbiased judgement and show their votes aren't just mere votes. Overall, i hope your not just a waste of my time. Terms: Reality - state of being real objective - based on external truth not on personal opinions and feelings subjective - influenced by personal opinions, thoughts, etc. Truth - conformity with fac...

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Hell does not exist


Hell is not a real place. It's a made up concept by religious people....

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Religion is detrimental to human development


This is the first debate I have participated in I would like to set some rules before we proceed 1. we will only focus on the effects of religion and not on the causes 2. we will focus on if the effects are more detrimental to society and humanity as a whole or if they are more positive to society, humanity, and progress 3. no ad hominems or opinions only facts that can be backed up with citations if requested. 1st round is acceptance round...

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Jesus probably did not exist


My previous debate on this topic, coupled with some forum discussions, has clearly sparked a flurry of interest, which I believe is a very good thing. My opponent has offered to have this debate with me, so here we are!Like in my other debate on this topic, I will advance the proposition that on the balance of the evidence available to us, there is good reason to believe that the figure of Jesus of Nazareth is probably not historical. I intend to meet this burden of...

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