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Karma exists not as a physical reality, but as a psycho-spiritual reality for all self-aware beings.


Last time, my opponent was so unprepared for my argument that the debate never got off of the ground on account of a double forfeiture. I will be arguing for the existence of Karma. Karma is defined here as the psycho-spiritual principle that the conscious intentions of any self aware individual are the only causes of mental anguish and personal fulfillment. The BOP is on me to prove the existence of this psycho-spiritual principle. If my opponent can prove that mental anguish or personal...

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Does God Exist?


First round is for acceptance. Second round is for opening statements Third round for first rebuttals Fourth round for second rebuttals and concluding remarks Pro will support the affirmative that God does exist. God will be define as the omnipotent, omnscience, and omnibenevolent creator and sustainer of the Universe as traditionally described by three monotheisms: Christianity, Judism, and Islam....

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Gay marriage should be legalized in all states


I believe that same sex marriages are the same at heterosexual marriages. To me marriage is between 2 people who love each other, and they would favor in sharing their love for the rest of their lives. As we live in a modern day society, people are now re-defining the meaning of marriage and is starting to suppose gay rights, and that's great! But there is still a percentage of people who believe it's wrong. Gay marriage can be a positive thing prior to our financial system. If gay marri...

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Pascal's Wager is not a convincing reason to believe in the Judeo-Christian God.


I will be arguing that Pascal's Wager is not a convincing reason to believe in the Judeo-Christian God. I will be discussing the calculus involved with the wager, characterizations of the Judeo-Christian God, and results of belief based upon the wager. Pascal's Wager, for this round, shall be characterized as the argument that because belief in God holds infinitely good consequences (i.e. Heaven), and disbelief has very bad consequences (i.e. Hell), you should believe in Go...

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Should Bibles be Allowed in Public Schools


I feel that the government is restricting teens and kids from knowledge. What happened to freedom of religion, is this not the United States of America. The government needs to come to a conclusion about letting speak their faith in public schools....

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Religious Pluralism vs. Christian Exclusivism


Hello to all! _______ SET-UP Pro: Religious Pluralism Con: Christian Exclusivism R1: Acceptance R2: Opening Arguments R3: Rebuttals R4: Counter-Rebuttals R5: Conclusions _______ DEFINITIONS -Religious Pluralism: the idea that all major religions are (more or less) equally valid interpretations of a single divine reality -Christian Exclusivism: the idea that Christianity is the only true religion; that all other religions are false _______ CONDITIONS 1) For t...

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Religion should have no part in law


I feel strongly that religion should have no impact or rights within law, that being that the belief within a religion should not be part of how laws are governed or executed and instead it should be down to morality and the elected government to implement laws specific to reasons outside of any religion. * I'm new to this site and to debating in general so take it easy on me! :)...

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Via Intelligent Design, humans are incapable of arguing logically for a typical god


Via Intelligent Design, humans are incapable of arguing logically for a typical god Definitions Typical god: an infinitely-intelligent, creator god (I didn’t have room to write it in the resolution; I’m not t...

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Does logic prove the existence of god?


When I talk about logic proving the existence of god, I am referring to the transcendence argument. First round is introduction. Second through fifth is debate....

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Are there moral facts?


'Moral facts' here, are defined as norms which you have a reason to act in accord with independently of your own wants, aims, and desires and you can make a mistake with respect to. Does anyone want to debate about whether or not there are such facts? If you do, I suggest you go first in round 1, then me in r2, then you in r2, me in r3 etc... And we'll stop the debate before the 2nd part of round 4....

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