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Most likely, God does not exist.


tylergraham95 has accepted. Hello, Gabe1e here. This a religious based debate, here's how it is set up. Message me to accept!Round 1: Pro: RulesCon: Con can accept or bring his arguments out right away.Round 2:Pro: Rebuttal/Arguments or just arguments depending on what Con does in...

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Christian rapper (me) vs. Jewish rapper Rap battle/debate


This will be a debate focusing on proving Jesus is the Jewish messiah. I as a Christian will argue for why Jesus is not only the messiah, but also God from the Scriptures. My opponent will argue for why Jesus is not the Jewish messiah and why he's not divine. There's a twist though, both of us will rap battle our arguments and the person with the best raps and arguments wins. Rules: Once you accept, you cannot forfeit any match, if you do, i get a vote. Other than that, there are no rul...

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god is evil or uncaring


God (if real at all) is either evil or uncaring. Why? Because there is too much suffering in the world. Suffering he created. Not only that he could easily cure these things with a flick of the wrist. And depending on which book you read, he supports genocide,slavery, and pedophilia. Not only that he allows good people to suffer and he even those that follow him. And If he isn't evil, than he doesn't care and just watches us for amusement....

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is sound.


Rules:-Burden of Proof is on Pro-Follow the format-Be civil.-If Con has any problems with the terms I'm willing to tweak them before the debate begins.Terms:Kalam Cosmological argument: A modern formulation of the cosmological argument for the existence of God, stating that the existenc...

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The crusades were justified responses to Muslim Aggresion


All too many times, I have heard people shame medieval Europe and the Crusaders as conquerors, enslaves and savages. I have heard many liberal apologists try to compare Christianity with Islam by equating the Crusades with Jihad. Unfortunately, many of the arguments of the Crusades fall short in key areas and an in depth analysis into the wars will reveal that not only were the Crusades justified, they were necessary in order to preserve the Christian world from falling to Muslim armies. I would...

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Generic "Does God Exist" debate


(Debate impossible to accept, will open the debate if anyone is interested, probably won't be opened until this Saturday or Sunday) It seems that everyone has done a debate like this before, So it's time I do one. Here are the rules: -Burden of Proof is on Pro -No Semantics or Kritiks -Be civil -If Con finds the rules inaccurate or unreasonable then he/or she may alter the terms before the debate but only with an argument as to why. -Faliure to abide by the format by either sid...

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homosexuality is not a sin


Hello, homosexuality and same sex marriage is not condemned and here's why. These are not 100% accurate translations of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, they've been taken them out of their Scriptural and cultural context. So, let"s put them back, and have a look" Because they are basically repeating, I will just deal with the non murderous verse Leviticus 18:22. That chapter starts off with God telling Moses to tell the Israelites to "not do as they do in Egypt, where you used to live,...

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Homosexuality is not a Sin in The Bible


I will allow the opponent to give arguments against this, and then I will offer my rebuttal....

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Religion on lgbt


In the same passages where gay sex is condemned and punished, so is eating shrimp, crop co-mingling, eating rabbit, wearing linen and wool at the same time, and eating raw meat. So if you"re gonna be a Biblical literalist, you might as well start sewing your own clothes and becoming a vegetarian. Also in lev 27:1-4 it says women are worthless so the old testament we cant always agree with there for people need to chill....

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Team Debate: Judaism (Pro) vs. Christianity (Con)


Bs"D Teams: Pro: Yavneh, Rami, and anyone else who wishes to accept. Con: Whoever accepts, plus 1-4 others who they choose. The debate is defined as trying to prove that either Judaism (defined as Orthodox) or Christianity (whichever sect Con wants, or a group of sects) is more valid than the other. Teams will collaborate on a Google doc to form arguments, rebuttals, etc., and the team member who accepted will post the shared link. Round 1 is acceptance and list of team members; afte...

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