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Does God Exist


I will argue aganist god. My opponent who is making the positive claim will have the burden of proof....

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Christian rapper (me) vs. Jewish rapper Rap battle/debate


This will be a debate focusing on proving Jesus is the Jewish messiah. I as a Christian will argue for why Jesus is not only the messiah, but also God from the Scriptures. My opponent will argue for why Jesus is not the Jewish messiah and why he's not divine. There's a twist though, both of us will rap battle our arguments and the person with the best raps and arguments wins. Rules: Once you accept, you cannot forfeit any match, if you do, i get a vote. Other than that, there are no rul...

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Is the earth flat?


God has told me that the earth is flat. If the earth is not flat, how come that we see the sun go down? Where does the sea end? Why do some planes disappear? Where does the sky end? God has shaped this earth so there is an end to all, that includes the earth. We all know Columbus sailed to America, but if he had sailed on? I believe the earth is flat....

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Gay Marriage


Gays should not be able to get married since marrigage is between a man and a woman. Not man and man or woman or woman....

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Atheism is a more reasonable position than theism


Definition: Atheism is the absence of belief in any god. (it is not, necessarily, a belief that there are no gods) Since there is no reasonable evidence for the existence of any god, it is more reasonable not to believe in any gods. It strikes me that anybody who wishes to argue Con in this debate only has two possible lines of attack: [1] Provide reasonable evidence that a god exists [2] Provide a reasonable explanation as to why no evidence exists I am confident that I can refute...

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There was a pre-Christian belief in a Jesus


Was there a belief in a Jesus before the time that Christianity is thought to have started (early-mid first century)? The BoP will be on me. First round is acceptance. Minimum ELO for voters is 2000....

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God(s) existence


In this debate we will be arguing God's existence. I am going to try to prove the possibility of God's existence, and you (the con) will try to prove that it is simply not possible for God to exist. Round 1: acceptance only Round 2: opening argument(s) Round 3: more argument(s) Round 4: more argument(s) Round 5: closing (NO more arguments, keep this one under 250 words please) *Note: let's try to keep our arguments somewhat short and sweet, it makes it way easier for the voters at the...

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agnostic/deist vs christian/catholic debunking creationism on biblical text.


in this debate I will prove creationism is flat out bull. first round is acceptance. if you quote a verse cite it do the same with websites. wikipedia is an invalid source . my opponent will state that he or she is christian catholic and/or a creationist for round one round 2-4 is an open debate rebuttals, statements and all no trolling......

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Should the Burka & the Niqab & Chador be banned in Australia / America / England


Banning the Burka & Niqab & Chador in Australia & Allied Countries is important to keep society safe from radical extremists, and a minority of people that want to change the Australian way of life. Although Australia, is multicultural, Islam is a religion they say that is of good, if it is so good why do they dictate to other people that are not of their culture or belief that women should cover up.On 14 September 2010, the French Senate overwhelmingly approved a ban on burqas in public, with t...

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Can you have morality without god?


This is a debate to see if morality is able to exist without God, I am Pro, meaning it CAN exist without God. I decided to do this one a little differently, we are only going to make arguments and no counter arguments or rebuttals, the voters with decide if they make sense or not... Round 1 : acceptance of the request to debate and acceptance of the rules. Round 2 : The arguments. Remember no counter arguments and no rebuttals. Good Luck ! And I hope no bias from the voters....

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