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Show Me The Money


60 minutes to respond. 2,000 characters max per argument. Objectively, a secure base of faith depends on demonstrable advantages....

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The Acts of Apostles Was Composed Before 100AD


I am honoured to have Annanicole as my opponent for this debate. This debate regards the Canonical Book of Acts.[] and composition regards to it's completion in largely it's present form preserved in the ancient manuscripts, ignoring minor changes/copyist errors that may have occurred.The burden of...

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About God


A lot of people seem to have this notion that there is a God out there that has been here for all eternity. What I have to question is how does God get around to making the Earth when he has been here an eternity before? Some people say that he has always been, but I don't find that convincing at all. Also, Jaclyn Glenn looks kind of like the wasp humanoid D'vorah from Mortal Kombat with her dark eyes....

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Large-Scale Islamic Belief is Harmful to Society


In this debate, I will be arguing that large-scale cases of Islamic belief (such as in Muslim-majority countries, past and present, and cases of Muslim immigration), cause harm to society (meaning to countries where the Muslim majority/immigration is present, and the World as a whole). To clarify, I am not trying to assert that merely being a Muslim causes one to harm society, I am asserting that in places where Islam is very prevalent, harm is caused to society. - In this debate, usage...

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in what ways does Islam justify terrorism


I'm arguing against this notion. I do not believe that terrorism has any relevance to this religion. Hope someone interesting accepts this challenge. No 12 year olds trolling please. Enjoy....

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if there is one god..why are there so many religious divisions?


according to the bible, the god of the Christian religion created the heavens and the earth and the people that live on earth. therefore everyone that sees value in religion should become a christian right? but yet if you look around you'll see no end of divisions even within the realms of Christianity. and yet according to Christianity's founder "Jesus Christ" god loves us so much that he was willing to send his son from heaven to earth on our behalf so that everyone that believes in...

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We were created by Aliens, not a divine being


We were created by an extra terrestrial life form, we did not evolve from a bacteria we are an experiment just like the neanderthals, the homo habilis and the homo gaster...

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God Is Real


I believe that god is real because why would everything about god just be made up? Why would someone write an entire book about a god who created the world for no good reason? God has proved to do many miracles such as bring Jesus back to life when he died on the cross. Take the book "Heaven is for real, A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" written by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo. If this child hadn't had a trip to heaven, how would he have known about his little sister...

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Jesus is the Messiah of the Jews


Resolved that Jesus, Yeshua of Nazareth, Yeshua bin Yosef, is the Masiach, Messiah. I believe that Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph is the Messiah. He fuffils at least 72 of the Old Testament Prophecies and claimed he was the Messsiah in truth. I will unpack some of the prophecies in the later rounds.First round: acceptance and opening statementsGood luck my friend ...

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God does not exist


I deny the existence of any God. In my application of what I deem to be logic, I see no clear evidence for the undoubted existence of a God or Creator. I do not subscribe to any religion and also do not regard religious books as sufficient evidence for the existence of a God. I do not think it is necessary to follow religion to be a good human being. Religion has both positive and negative aspects, however it is not necessary for our growth as a human race and it is flawed in much of its...

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