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In Defense of Evil part 3 of 3: Satan was the Good Guy in the bible. God was the bad guy.


This is part 3 of my Defending Evil series.In part one I defend the unabomber's actions as being just. part 2, I take Hitler's position. That eugenics is beneficial. this debate I'm arguing that Satan was the good guy in the...

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Jerusalem is the Jewish Holy Capital


Its importance to Christianity should be noted, too. Since the re-establishment of Israel one claim from the Islamic (namely Palestinian) community is that Jerusalem is in fact their Holy City, and that it's the place Muhammad descended to heaven from. Such claims are baseless for the following reasons that I will outline in my opening argument. Con must be able to argue my statement(s) and provide supported examples of Jerusalem being an Islamic Holy Capital. First round acceptance....

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Dan Brown's portrayal of Christian history in "The Da Vinci Code" is inaccurate.


My argument is that the various historical claims that Dan Brown makes in his fictional novel, "The Da Vinci Code," are inaccurate. The claims include: "Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and they had children." "The Vatican suppressed science and truth in order to gain power." "Da Vinci was a closet atheist and intentionally tried to undermine the Church." ...and other such claims. In the first round, my opponent should choose one or two claims above or another claim that he or s...

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Has Religion made humanity better?


Based on my opinion, religion has not made humanity a better race, in fact, I would argue the contrary. Since the dawn of time, countless wars have been fought in the name of faith, God, or gods. Innocents have been tortured andmurdered by more powerful opponents-in the name of "divine justice." Education grew benighted as men of science were suppressed, for their factual evidence defied the hypothesis of God and challenged the all mighty Catholic Churc...

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Jesus probably did not exist


My previous debate on this topic, coupled with some forum discussions, has clearly sparked a flurry of interest, which I believe is a very good thing. My opponent has offered to have this debate with me, so here we are!Like in my other debate on this topic, I will advance the proposition that on the balance of the evidence available to us, there is good reason to believe that the figure of Jesus of Nazareth is probably not historical. I intend to meet this burden of...

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The Christian God Does Not Exist


I've been seeing Superbowl9 debate this Ad Nauseum, and so now I want to lol.To make things fair and fun, I shall take the BoP, to prove the Christian god does not exist.Structure:1:Acceptance2:Constructive Ca...

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Atheism is a harmful belief


I will like this debate to be taken only by an atheist, no devil advocates. The debate is simple, is atheism good, helpful, or ethical to have. I believe that religion helps more that atheism. You can either argue that atheism is best for an individual, or as a nation, I don't mind. THE ONLY CATCH: to accept the debate, you must provide the name of someone who has been helped by atheism. Someone whose life was going bad, he turned atheist, and he did a turnaround in his life. This may se...

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The Christian God exists (4)


This is a debate about whether or not the Christian god exists. I will be refuting arguments from my opponent, who will have the burden of proving that the Christian god is real. Rounds 1-4 are all for claims, rebuttals, and counter-rebuttals. Since I would not be able to refute my opponent's fourth-round claims, I request that they write "no round" in the fourth round of the debate. You can use any type of evidence, or you could simply use logic and reasoning to make your arguments....

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Does God Exist?


Does God Exist? I will make an assumption at the start; my opponent will prove his/her god via the Kalam Cosmological argument and the teleological argument. In order for me to succeed at refuting the pro position I must accept their logical arguments as plausible. This does not mean I concede the debate, only that I am willing to accept the logical arguments that will be used as evidence for the existence of a god. While this does put me in a vulnerable position I am comfortable with this arran...

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You do not need Religion to have morals.


I will argue that we do not need religion to have morals, as in properly decide right or wrong. I have recently done some work on it at Sec School so interested to see peoples arguments. It might take a while as im busy so bear with....

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