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Islam is a religion of terror


Islam is a religion of terror Hello, Donald. We both know exactly why I’ve proposed this debate. If you accept, I will retract my comments about you being a coward. Of course, if you don’t, my comments will stand. It’s your choice, choose carefull...

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Faith in a theistic God does not come from evidence or reasoning so it is irrational.


My argument is essentially that there is no good evidence or good reasoning that could convince anybody to believe in a personal god. Thus belief must come (in those who self-evidently do believe) from pressure, fear or blind faith... as such, it is irrational....

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Gay Marriage


You say that being gay is not okay. And I would say, "I get it". But I don't. I don't get why you are so discriminating against people who want to be happy. I'm currently not married, or even dating, because I want to live alone and travel the world. That would make me happy. Also, chocolate makes me happy. My pet dog makes me happy. My family makes me happy. For some people, being married to or dating someone of the same sex makes them happy. If somebody takes away that right, it would be like...

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Does God exist


Round 1- acceptance Round 2-Cases Round 3-Rebuttals Round 4-Defense I will be arguing against God, and proving why God doesn't exist....

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religion forcing society into believing in a god


The problem today is religion is forcing its self into the government Where i live in the u.s there is freedom of religion. But yet you see the sines of a oppressing religion. Such as in the pledge of allegiance which for those who don't know was changed in 1954 to include the words under god. In our dollar bill which completely contradicts the the constitution and the separation between church and state....

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The God Program


As a child growing up I never really had a genuine belief in any god because I never have had any experiences with a particular diety such as meeting one and establishing genuine relationships only religious sermons and reports in religious texts which were all just rumors that have been spread for ages. For example my parents of course were and still are Christians to this day. They made me go to church and I had to have a discussion with them on what I learned from the church pastors at home a...

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Should Christians be murdered?


Christians (Such as myself) shouldn't be persecuted (Murdered). Not whatsoever. Now, this is also my opinion from being a Christian myself. Christians are persecuted because of what we believe. Now... That just isn't right. We have helped all of you (Other people of different religions.) all throughout history... The Holocaust and other massacres and events all throughout history....

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The God of Islam Is Evil


Round 1 - Acceptance & First argument (Accept and explain why Islam's God isn't evil) Round 2 - Rebuttal Round 3 - Rebuttal Round 4 - Rebuttal Round 5 - Conclusion ---------------------------------------- 1. According to Islam, Jesus is not the Son of God (Sura 10:68 & 112), yet this god's deception is the reason why the "heretical" belief that Jesus is the Son of God exist. Surah 4:157 says, "And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messe...

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Christianity is Dumb


I will be arguing, not that religion is bad but, that it is not based on reason and not a good system for seeking truth. Con will be arguing in opposition to what I just said. Round one is acceptance only, so con will present his rebuttal in round two. In this debate, my arguments will be fairly short, since this isn't a very difficult point to argue, but never the less. It's always fun debating Christians........So, best of luck to my opponent....

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Most likely, God does not exist.


Hello, Gabe1e here. This is a planned debate with a new user named Syed. Him and I are happy to debate this topic together. Here's how our debate will go.Round 1: Pro: RulesCon: Con can accept or bring his arguments out right away.Round 2:Pro: Rebuttal/Arguments or just arguments depending on what Con does in the first roundCon: Rebuttal/ArgumentsRound 3:Pro: Rebuttal/ArgumentsCon: Rebuttal/Arguments

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