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Does God, (Christian) gives us free will?


God, as depicted by the bible knows all past, present and future. Therefore this would emply that we don't have free will, would it not? If he knows the outcomes, and he comtrols everything that we do, he hasn't really given us free will. So in essence there really isn't free will at all....

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Atheism is for ignorance.


You will pardon any unfamiliarity I bear with the format of this site, having just joined. Having received much condemnation and contempt for atheism from my religious friends, I am curious exactly what it is that theism has on atheism. It has been called ignorant and foolish, pathetic and petty, and a host of other colorful descriptions. I wish to discuss the issue in civil debate, where someone will not fly off the handle in response to legitimate points....

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A Person Can Not decide to Be an Atheist, They Already Know their True Religion


In the course of human events, it is necessary for oneself to look towards another way of thinking. They could have believed in a supreme deity, god, gods, deities, or nothing at all. But, some people find it greatly needed to change and it will seem right. But, can a person really just call themselves atheists and yet feel something for a higher being? Is it possible to do so without even the smallest belief in supreme beings? I believe that is so. Nobody can just give themselves a new religion...

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The Eucharist Becomes the "Real Presence" the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ


Resolution The Eucharist Becomes the "Real Presence" the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as the Catholic church teaches.Clarification Please note that I do not believe in Catholicism or Christianity. I do, however, believe that the Catholic's interpretation is correct according to the New Testament. This debate pre-assumes that Christianity in some form is correct.We will be debati...

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The Sabbath


Ok, why are alot of people thinking that Sunday is the Sabbath? The Catholics changed it, Saturday is the true Sabbath day, not Sunday....

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Atheism or Theism


=====> Introduction <======I thank keytarhero for agreeing to debate this topic with me. This debate focuses on atheism-vs.-Theism. The full resolution is, "On balance of probability, the existence of God is improbable." Note that the title of the debate is not the resolution. Just a quick note to my partner, and the readers, all of...

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God used Evolution


God used Evolution to create the earth. Evolution all by itself is far fetched and unlikely, however, it is not unlikely that God may have used Evolution to create the earth....

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Argument for god


I propose a debate on an argument for existence of a god. In my opponenets first post he/she should provide one argument for the existence of a god, along with a definition that follows this argument. This debate will be on that one argument. Give me whatever you got: Kalam, TAG, Ontological, what ever you got I'll attempt to disprove it. There is 4 rounds and 5000 character limit. Dropped points infers conceding of point. Sources can be put in comments so as to save room. I hope t...

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Why people in USA hate Muslims?


I live in USA for about 3 years, when people knew that I'm Muslim they were shocked and some of them didn't talk to me back. I asked why they doing like this and the answer was, because I'm "Muslim" that is why. I can't understand them, yes I agree all Terrorist ask happening in USA as an example "9/11" this was tragic day for them, and after what happened, USA citizens blame all Muslim world and starting hate them. But who said Muslims did it? News? They actually didn't found any body, maybe it...

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Nobody can discredit Pantheism


Hello, and I thank whoever for excepting this debate. This debate is open for any person of any belief or culture. Now, in taking this debate, I will defend, and you will attempt to discredit, the god I define, and advance what YOU believe as an alternative. Definition of God - God is all, all is God. God is the universe. Though God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, God is not sentient, conscious, or personal. Though PARTS may SEEM imperfect, (ie: ignorance, destruction), such is ne...

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