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Christians are illogical


I've debated this once before but was unsatisfied with the actual debate, so I was hoping I could find another partner for this one. I'd like to clarify that I actually believe the con., but I argued the con in the last debate, so I'd just like to see what the aff is like. Rules: 1.) The first round is just for acceptance, both of the resolution and of the definitions 2.) There CAN be arguments in the final round 3.) If definitions are not disputed in the first round, then they are consi...

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The Literal Flood Never Happened


I propose that the literal world covering flood as described in the bible never happened. I shall provide geological and mathematical evidence showing that not only did it not happen, but that it could not have happened. Both Pro and Con have BOP, my bop is to show that the Flood did not / could not happen. Con will have to show that it did / could have happened. !st round: Acceptance and basic review of stance. 2nd round: Arguments (no rebuttals please.) 3rd round: Rebuttals (no argument...

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The View Of Christian Marriage Is More Beautiful Than The Islamic View Of Marriage


The Christian Marriage Is Superior Over Islamic Marriage....

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Religion has served its time, and is no longer needed


Religion has become obsolete in today's world. When religion was first introduced it was a way for people to become individual, and to have the rights of an individual. Now with most of the major powers in the world being a people's government, every person is an individual. I argue that though religion has served its time, it is no longer needed. Based strictly on the facts that the purpose of religion has been fufilled, and it does not do good any more....

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miracles occur, but almost never to atheists


please show something that happened to an atheist, that would have been called a miracle had it happened to a religous person, because of its scientifically inexplicable nature. no semantics pleas what are thought of as miraculous events are heavily documented and readily available. someone can see with no retinas even though this seems scientifically impossible etc, just to use an example. the common objection of atheists and skeptics is that things just happen to occur by probability...

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Belief in the word of the bible is incompatible with modern morality


First round is for acceptance. Any definitions can be worked out in the comments section....

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John Calvin(Pro) vs. Jacob Arminius(Con)


"ARMINIANISM is a teaching regarding salvation associated with the Dutch theologian Jacob Arminius (1560-1609). The fundamental principle in Arminianism is the rejection of predestination, and a corresponding affirmation of the freedom of the human will. Shortly after his death, the followers of Arminius (later called Arminians) presented a statement to the gove...

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Pantheism/Panentheism Is Superior To Atheism


This debate is about which ideology/belief system is superior to the other psychologically, socially, culturally, etc. The debate is not in specific about the existence of God in any way, shape or form, but is about the superiority of the belief over the other. The burden of proof is on me, and it is the duty of Con to show me how my proof is incorrect or wrong.Superior in this sense means more beneficial/helpful to society, to mankind.The votes must come with a deta...

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Convince Me


If my opponent can convince me that the common theistic arguments for an infinite succession of events, and actual infinte being impossible are flawed and do not establish that infinity is impossible; then they win the debate. I will have to provide reasons why I am not convinced or reasons why I am, but it will be based on the honor system on my behalf. If one checks my debate record, they will see I engage in a lot of silly debates so I do not care about my record that much (in other word...

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Mormonism is as valid a Christian form as any other Christian sect.


I want someone to challenge me. I'll make my first arguement sweet and simple: Christian: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ Mormons profess the teachings of Jesus Christ, so they must be Christians. Remember, the debate is to discredit Mormon faith on Mormon grounds. Otherwise, this debate means nothing. Secondly, only debate if you actually know a decent amount about Mormonism. I want a real debate, not a debate with an ignorent anti-Mormon who dosen't know a th...

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