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Best Country in the World


Now this debate is going to be a tricky one... I will now lay the ground works: It is 5 rounds long Pro-con means nothing It is one what you think is the greatest country ever in the world Not currently Ever. Based on accomplishments, victories (wars), its goverment make up, culture, etc. anything you think makes that country the greatest evr. The first round will be like this. i will name a country i think is great in my opening argument, Then my opponent will name onew he thi...

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Puppies should be tortured and killed.


Puppies are cute. I like puppies. People like puppies. Rainbows like puppies too. The word puppies starts with a 'q'. I have seen a number of puppies, all of them have been cute. 2 + 2 = 7. * Under no circumstances will my arguments exceed the above list of arguments against the topic....

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Hillary Clinton Will Make A Bad President


Hillary Clinton would be a horrible president for several reasons: 1. Her economic policies of wealth redistribution will destroy the economy. Furthermore, the second she abolishes capital gains the markets will crash. 2. Her national health care system will lower the quality of health care for all Americans. 3. She has no guiding principles. Instead, she makes policy based on polls and what gives here the best public image. 4. Mrs. Clinton has never managed any organization of signi...

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Khan needs to be kicked off of this Website


To put it simply, Khan is an idiot. He is not contributing to anyone and is probably sitting at his house right now, typing "I am an Idiot" several thousand times on Microsoft word. Please somebody take this moron off of this site....

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The Following Arguments for the Existence of God are Valid - 1A


Once again, I am deadbeat bored. So I decided to start another one of these! Note: the "1A" notation in the Topic title is simply for searching purposes. [Definition - Existence] 1. the state or fact of existing; being. *NOTE* I am not debating whether or not a God exists in one's MIND, but rather in REALITY. [Definition - Valid] 1. sound; just; well-founded 2. Logic. (of an argument) s...

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Muhammed was a totally EVIL person, abnd thats why the terrorists are so whacked


I know you are a mature muslim and dont want to do harm to anyone I know also that YOU dont worship muhammed as you savior Nonetheless, most muslims around the world DO, and that is where they go wrong I want to debate, in detail, Muhammeds LIFE and legacy, and how it is causing the terror that we see today If you want to decline, I understand and will be respectful SOLARMAN...

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Circumsicion is necessary and ethical.


I believe that circumcision is genital mutilation. It has been shown that it is an effective way to prevent certain diseases, but proper hygiene is just as effective. So this then leads me to ask why take away a male's foreskin before he is even allowed to make the decision himself? He will never know what it was like to have those nerve endings, never know what it's like to have a non-mutilated penis. Circumcision on males does not create impotence, so what is the matter with having a few le...

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Brittney Spears needs to have serious counseling.


Brittney Spears, one of the best pop singers in the 90's is spiraling downward to fast and dangerous and will soon crash. She's not going to shave her head again or go to her child possession hearings but she is in a unstable emotional state where she could do some serious damage. Maybe not to us but to her self. Everyone looks at her like a mentally challgened person and the way she acts to get attention it's justifiable. So I'm in firm affirmation for sending Brittney to get some counseling....

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Convert me to Christianity


In this debate PRO shall take the side of Christianity and, using evidence and/or logic, shall attempt to construct a convincing case to convert CON to the doctrine of Christianity. CON shall attempt to point out flaws in PRO's arguments. Note that it is not required that PRO actually converts CON, rather that after all things are considered that PRO has made a case for conversion that has survived CON's attacks. As PRO is making the case in the affirmative the burden of proof falls upon h...

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Banning the death penelty.


If we sentence a person to death then we are no better then the criminal and deserve to be punished our selves. We need to set an example for people. By letting the person live we show that we are above that persons current state of mind and stand by what we preach that taking a persons life is wrong....

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