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Using a time machine to go back and kill Hitler would be a bad idea.


I thank my opponent for the chance to debate. My opponent may not argue from semantics, as it is clear what the resolution states, although an exception may be made if he/she comes up with a particularly interesting objection to the resolution. Firstly, an argument against the viability of time travel itself; -- The Classic Paradox -- First, imagine time travel were made possible, and somebody travels back in time in order to meet their grandfather, whom they never knew. Now, say that...

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People with AIDS should be shot into the space.


First, I'd like to ask that people vote off of better argumentation, rather than what they personally believe think, even if the PRO seems a bit totalitarian. AIDS is a big epidemic, yet we still have no cure. So, what is the best way to eliminate the disease? Complete eradication. Contentions: 1.) By shooting people with AIDS into the space, we will almost completely get rid off the disease. Of course, it will still lurk in the dark corners and such, but for the most part, people will no...

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Solarman1969 refuses to debate me because he knows he can't win


First off, I would like clarify what I mean by "win". Obviously, when Solarman takes up a debate, he knows he's generally not going to win the vote because of his far right wing points of view. However, he does seem to take some sort of satisfaction in finding opponents who don't know how to deal with his belligerence or who provide relatively weak arguments. I have debated Solarman in the past, and instead of responding to his personal attacks, I took his arguments at face value. I responded wi...

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Sexual relations with animals should be allowed


Let me start by making it clear that this debate is not some sort of a sick joke. Sexual relations with animals have been a part of the human culture for a long time. Some nations allow their citizens to have sexual relations with specific animals, others do not. I´m not talking about underdeveloped countries in this context, examples of countries that allow this sort of behavior are Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia and Germany. I would never have sexual relation with other animal...

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Hillary Clinton Will Make A Bad President


Hillary Clinton would be a horrible president for several reasons: 1. Her economic policies of wealth redistribution will destroy the economy. Furthermore, the second she abolishes capital gains the markets will crash. 2. Her national health care system will lower the quality of health care for all Americans. 3. She has no guiding principles. Instead, she makes policy based on polls and what gives here the best public image. 4. Mrs. Clinton has never managed any organization of signi...

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Puppies should be tortured and killed.


Puppies are cute. I like puppies. People like puppies. Rainbows like puppies too. The word puppies starts with a 'q'. I have seen a number of puppies, all of them have been cute. 2 + 2 = 7. * Under no circumstances will my arguments exceed the above list of arguments against the topic....

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Banning the death penelty.


If we sentence a person to death then we are no better then the criminal and deserve to be punished our selves. We need to set an example for people. By letting the person live we show that we are above that persons current state of mind and stand by what we preach that taking a persons life is wrong....

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Taking the word GOD out of all things pertaining to government e.g. "pledge of alligence" dollar bil


there should not be any mentioning of the word god when it comes to government. this is not one nation under god becaue i do not believe in god yet i am apart of this nation that i was born in. i herd that originally there was never any mentioning of god and that it was placed into our currency and our pledge of alliegence by some religious people, though i have no proof for that claim nor the desire right now to look it up but it sound right to me. wheather some people like it or not not everyb...

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Gay Marraige should be legal and accepted in all of the USA.


Before I begin my argument, I would like to ask everyone who is voting in this debate to vote not based upon your own opinion. Please do not vote for one of us just because your opinions support one of us. Vote for the person who advanced their arguements better and rebutted their opponent's arguments better. Thank you. Now to the actual debate. My first argument is that gay people are still people. Just because one part of them is different, and they prefer people of the same gender, does...

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Convert me to Christianity


In this debate PRO shall take the side of Christianity and, using evidence and/or logic, shall attempt to construct a convincing case to convert CON to the doctrine of Christianity. CON shall attempt to point out flaws in PRO's arguments. Note that it is not required that PRO actually converts CON, rather that after all things are considered that PRO has made a case for conversion that has survived CON's attacks. As PRO is making the case in the affirmative the burden of proof falls upon h...

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