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Abortion should be illegal


Abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life becomes official. This controversy will remain for centuries, however the fact that a potential life has ended before given a chance remains evidence enough for most people to understand why a person should never have a choice of whether a baby lives or dies. There are many reasons abortion should be illegal including the descriptive and disturbing stories about how aborted babies sometime scream as they come out and the looks of pain on t...

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It is possible to become a top level bodybuilder without resorting to anabolic steroids.


For the purposes of this debate the term anabolic steroid will apply to synthetic testosterone and HGH, and similar products such as DECA, ANDRO, and the like. My premise is that the human body is capable of reaching high levels of muscle mass and low levels of bodyfat, to a degree that they could compete on a professional bodybuilding stage. It is my contention that supplements and drugs are at the very bottom of the list of what determines ones potential as a bodybuilder. The first facto...

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The US Fed Gvt. should substantially increase public health assistance to sub-suharan Africa.


The US Fed Govt should in fact increase public health assistance for many reasons. One of of which I believe is most important: The water purity in sub-saharan africa is poor, as they cannot afford water sanitation devices such as filters or pumps. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying every year from water-bourne diseases. We should help them install pumps in every country that filter and purify water, and store it in a storrage tank. This way, the water will be disease free and they'll ha...

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Universal Healthcare be provided to all American citizens


Quick, try to think of one government office that runs efficiently. The Department of Transportation? Social Security Administration? Department of Education? There isn't a single government department that squeezes efficiency out of every dollar the way a private sector can. We've all heard stories of the government's waste of millions of dollars on frivilous concerns such as the million dollar cow flatulence study or the Pentagon's 14 billion dollar Bradley design project that resulted in a ve...

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The USFG should universalize its healthcare system.


On September 11th 3,000 Americans were killed. Since then we have pursued the killers to the fullest extent, essentially stopping at no means to avenge their deaths. But as this is going on, it tends to be neglect that 18,000 people in the US die deaths that could be prevented if they were better insured, yet practically nothing is being done about it. It is because of this that I believe action should be taken to provide healthcare through the government to everyone in the United States. The...

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Do parents have the right to control their kids future?


OK, ok, i am definetly not saying parents should just let their kids do anything they want, and become drug addicts or thieves, but i am trying to say that YOU should persue a career YOU want to be in. I mean for an example, my friend has a huge dream of becoming a chef, however his mom once was a chef and she didn't like it. If you ask me this violates the ninth amedment, and possibly, the first. (For those who don't know that would basically be freedom itself.) Another example is my dad's mom(...

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teens vs. parents: whether parents should let kids get tattoos


teens should be aloud to get tattoos at there parents cost instead of having to wait til they are 18 years of age....

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Abortion, good or bad?


i am for abortion because if a person needs to ge tthe baby aborted then they will most likely have it done. say if a person is raped, or is extremely poor, then they have no buissness bringing the child into the world. plus if they are from the ages of 13- 30 then they should consider having it aborted. not saying they shouldnt have a choice. i am pro choice....

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that the united states should not value abortion it is wrong and selfish


why are we letting all these innocent children die. The government should not highly value abortion. Killing babies is wrong as well as sex before marriage. I stand resolve that instead of abortion that we need to think of adoption so that a baby can have a mom and dad. If you cannot handle a baby because you are not able too than think of the baby instead of yourself. People tend to forget that what if our parents believed in killing us instead of keeping us or at least putting us up for adopti...

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should the us government gurantee health insurance for all residents


yes the us government should because half of the us soldiers do not have insurance for when they come home with injuries and they are not covered they should have it because it is not right at all all residents should have health care because everyone gets sick and they can't heal so this is what i think...

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