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God loves you.


God loves you. He loves you so much that even if you hate Him and show that hatred by saying He is not there, being willfully ignorant of His love, He still gave His Son to die in your place. As the Son of God, Jesus is God (if a man has a son, that son is human, God's Son is God) He proved God's love for you in dying in your place. You are the one who deserves to die (the same as me and everybody else) but God Himself took your death so that He can be satisfied that the death you owe for y...

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Are candlesticks safe to jump over?


This simply an acceptance round to get your feelings through to one another. I accept. Me and kroshka have returned and hopefully its for good. Thanks for all the support we had on our should Unicorns Be Able to Farm debate and if you haven't heard of it check it out here:

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Star Wars Debate: Who is the Better Military Leader (Redo)


PrefaceI'm in a nerdy mood--and would like to do a Star Wars debate in tandem with my Star Trek debate. Please have some prior knowledge of the Star Wars films and extended universe if you wish to accept. You must also have at least 3 completed debates to accept this debate, and 2500 ELO to vote on this debate. Read all rules carefully and fully.Full TopicGrand Admiral Thrawn was a better military leader than [insert name...

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A.I. of sufficient intelligence deserves Personhood


First round is acceptance. Basis & Definitions: We will presume that the entity's nature itself does not matter. The question is essentially whether a being that functions as a human would fully entitled to emotions, mental capabilities, and intelligence should be considered a "Person". The standard of machinery still is present so the object still requires initial input unlike biological systems but beyond that input can assess within it's parameters which is assumed to be equivalent to a hu...

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Suicide Is Immoral


First round is acceptance.I. DefinitionsSuicide shall be defined as:A Homo Sapien Sapien intententionally killing himself.Morality cannot be completely defined and therefore will sway with the debate. Each debater is free to interpret his own connotation, as long as the voters feel it correctly complies with the general ideals of morality. II. Terms1. 72 hours to post argument...

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Jerusalem is the Jewish Holy Capital


Its importance to Christianity should be noted, too. Since the re-establishment of Israel one claim from the Islamic (namely Palestinian) community is that Jerusalem is in fact their Holy City, and that it's the place Muhammad descended to heaven from. Such claims are baseless for the following reasons that I will outline in my opening argument. Con must be able to argue my statement(s) and provide supported examples of Jerusalem being an Islamic Holy Capital. First round acceptance....

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Asians and whites are smarter than blacks and hispanics on average.


I will be argueing pro for whites and asians are smarter than hispanics and blacks on average in iq and general intelligence...

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Captain America would beat master chief in a fight


Captain America: the Sentinel of Liberty; the First Avenger; the Star-Spangled Hero. He is the benchmark for all fictional soldiers. Master Chief may be an incredibly powerful super-soldier, but even he has to bow down to Steve Rogers. Cap is a physically perfect human being, a tactical genius, and a master combatant. These, along with many other traits, would make him the victor in this fight!...

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Giving birth puts the life of the mother more at risk than the baby. So if a fetus was defected, and wouldn't even be able to survive after birth, why should the mother risk her life to give birth to a baby that won't even survive? And why should the mother become so attached to a baby.. her baby for 9 long months only for the baby to not even have a chance to survive? That is too cruel for the mother. A woman should be allowed have an abortion....

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Should the United States intervene in the Ukraine Crisis militarily?


First round is for accepting and the other three rounds are for debating. Please do not forfeit. I hope this will be a wonderful debate. Thanks and good luck!!!...

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