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Are food manufacturers killing us with steroids, antibiotics, etc.?


Food manufacturers are slowly killing us. There are more and more chemicals and preservatives being tested every day. Eventually, natural food will barely exist for our consumption....

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Atheism vs. Theism


If you are a qualifying Theist who wishes to be part of this serious Atheism vs. Theism debate, please except. I wish for this to be a serious debate. If you cannot comply with my rules or commit to this debate, do not accept. Here are some rules:1. Proper spelling and grammar must be used at all time.2. All sources, if any, must be cited.3. Take this debate seriously.Rounds:Round 1: Acceptance only.Round 2: Arguments on...

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Alex Mercer (Prototype) vs. Cole MacGrath (Infamous)


This debate will be a fight between Alex Mercer and Cole MacGrath. I will be explaining why Alex Mercer would win this fight vs. Cole MacGrath. Rules: 1) You cannot involve other people to help 2) You can only go by each character's abilities, you cannot invent them...

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When we buy tickets to a movie, we support the content of its message.


Observe, if you will, that when one buys a ticket to a movie, one influences a string of causation threading backward from the cash register, to the bookkeeper, to management, to the theater"s CEO where is determined the fate of the cinematic production in question. From here, the string does not terminate. It continues its trek perhaps even to the hills of Hollywood where directors and producers must collaborate to make their art palatable to Main St. (average Joe) so that Wall St. (the CEO) an...

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It is okay to debate using "false" definitions


I've debated another member and I see them getting some heat for using a definition for Atheism that others disagree with. I think this is unfair to them. I take the pro position that if one begins a debate defining the terms this is acceptable. If the definition and assertion of the debate is circular that would make it non-debatable is being fallacious would be another argument. But it is acceptable to use the terms as defined. Con can begin arguing in first round. "False" definition bei...

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Earth is indeed 4.5 billion years old, not 6000 years old.


The age of Earth is around 4.5 billions years old. However, many people think Earth is not simply because of what Genesis says. Genesis doesn't give EXACT dates as to how old Earth is. It just says that Earth was created in 7 days and other stuff too. When it says 7 days, it doesn't mean specifically 7 days of a duration of 24 hours of one day. It says nowhere about that. Scientists have also proven Earths estimated age by carbon dating and radiometric dating. Earth is not 6000 years old...

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Social Darwinism


I am starting this debate to see a plethora of opinions on the matter. My opinion is that Social Darwinism is currently the philosophy of the U.S. but it is not a fact of life and it does not necessarily have to be. What I am primarily looking at/ talking about is the desire of people to compete against one another and work for their own personal goal, as opposed to working for a common goal or accomplishment. (I do not want this to turn into capitalism vs socialism PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND) Fro...

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Intermediate Debate Competition R3: The Crimean Referendum was was not legitimate or democratic


THESIS: The Crimean Referendum of March 16 need not be respected or recognized by any state or international jurisdiction, insofar as the Referendum was conducted by agents of a foreign government (Russia) during an unprovoked military occupation of Crimea by that same foreign entity. The Referendum did not meet the minimum standards for free or fair elections and the outcome failed to reflect substantial opposition to joining Russi...

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Creation vs Abiogenesis


Hello, and welcome to my debate with GodChoosesLife in Creation vs Abiogenesis. 1st round: Accepting/ Stating claim2nd round: Arguments ONLY3rd and 4th round: Arguments/Rebuttals5th round: Final Rebuttals and ConclusionMy claim: Abiogenesis is a more probable model for the origin of life than Creation model. Rules: 1: Don't break the rules. 2: Use sources if you can. 3: DO NOT BREAK THE RULES....

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Students Should be Allowedto Use Their Cell phones At School


First round is for acceptance. All definitions will be used in context of the resolution. Standard conduct applies, including no trolling....

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