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Dogs are better than cats


Dogs are amazing, they are affectionate and can tell when you are sad and try their best to comfort you. Cats on the other hand are unhygienic, they lick their own arse then lick the rest of themselves, then you go and pat them!...

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Every "good" person will get into Heaven.


I would like to argue that anyone, regardless of religion, will be accepted into heaven, granted they lived life as a "good" person. Context: I've often heard people justify their involvement in religion to the thought, "If God is real, and I don't believe, then I will go to Hell." This seems to be missing the point of Christian values, and I believe if anyone, atheist or Christian, is a "good" person, then they will be granted access to Heaven. Round 1 is for acceptance....

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Government is bad?


The government is proving to be a wrong to us all. They like to spy on us through google, our phone conversations, and verizon etc. Now lets talk about the gun debate. The reason the government wants to ban guns is so when when they want to fire out against there own people we will be helpless. Like rats in a cage. Soon the government will burst through your doors and look around your house for guns. Is that really what you want our future to be like? Because I sure don't....

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Can Minecraft and ROBLOX be compared?


I see a lot of people comparing ROBLOX and Minecraft and I just don't see why? I think both are great games, but they just can't be compared like people are doing it. Con: They can't be compared Pro: Yes they can (and if Pro wants to they can say which is better) Round 1: Acceptance Round Round 2: Arguments Round 3: Rebuttals and any extra arguments Round 4: Rebuttals Round 5: Closing...

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Sexual harassment/sexualization/rape culture has gotten out of hand


First round is just acceptance. Please do not state your opinion until the second round. Good luck! :)...

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Deporting illegal immigrants from the U.S.


The fact is if the United States of America embarks on this wild-goose chase attempting to deport all illegal immigrants from the US, not only will America be destroying it's economy, it will have devastating affects on our relationships with other countries, especially Mexico. According to the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, there were 8.4 million unauthorized immigrants employed in the U.S.; representing 5.2 percent of the U.S. labor force. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture states t...

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Should we be more worried about the economy than the environment


The reason i say we should be more worried about the environment is there are at least 8.7 million species on this earth only 1 of which is affected by the economy. All of them are affected by the quality of the environment, including humans. Of we screw up the environment too bad we will only ensure our extinction...

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Should we believe in God or should we not


I will take anyone on with this challenge. 🙏You can't win, so if you except this you already lost. 👎For those who do except this challenge I will be for the the fact that we should believe in God. 💞And you can try to argue with me why we shouldn't believe in God.😈👿😡 Good luckc96;A039;...

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Raising the Minimum Wage


Though at face value the raising of the minimum wage may seem like it is a good idea, the future economic repercussions are vastly more costly. Think of the people that the raise of the minimum wage will hurt. The small business employer has to pay more in an already tough market with lots of expenses. He or she now has some options on how he wants to deal with workers needing to be payed more. He could either pay them and cut other costs like product value, resulting in loss of sales, which the...

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Morality does not require the existence of a god


Morality is an evolved concept created solely in the mind of humankind. It does not exist outside of human thought and interaction. The claim that morality was given to men by some god outside of them is disprovable. 1. The concepts of good and evil do not exist outside of human interaction. Where there are no humans, no actions could be described as evil. A lion killing a lamb is not an evil act. A human allowing a lion to kill a lamb could, under the right circumstances be defined as evil...

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