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Short Story Debate


I will start a short story, and my opponent will add a new part. Which ever side gets the most votes had the best part of the story! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are ever feeling lost or alone, there will come a time when you will see a bus. It looks pretty normal. It's white with a blue stripe going all the way around it, free from advertisements. For some unknown reason, you're going to feel like the bus is drawing y...

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Rats are related to stars


If you spell rats backwards, that makes star, and there are many stars in a galaxy....

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Should musicians be paid?


Hello. I think music should be free and musicians should not be paid, at least not in the same way as a "real" job. (i.e. a person who does music but nothing else). There are a number of reasons why, which I will state in the debate....

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In defense of sollipsm. There IS no objective reality.


I will start. There is no objective reality. There is no WAY of proving there is an objective reality. Con will provide arguements to say that there is an objective reality. Burden of proof is on me to show that the arguements don't hold and don't prove anything.Resoltuion: There is no such thing as objective reality. Nothing exists permanently without conscious awareness. Equal BOP on Con to prove that there is an objective reality. BOP on me to show tha...

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Can animals (non-human) create art?


My argument is that animals can create art for 1 reason. There is no objective definition of art. Therefore, if a man wants to sign a urinal and call it art (Duchamp), or an elephant steps on some paper and an art dealer wants to sell it to a wealthy idiot, it is still art. Art is subjective, so much so that it's a wonder how we let Universities charge people to learn it. Con will have to show that there are objective rules to art that distinguish between "real" art and "fake" art or, m...

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Round Robin Story Debate Rd. 1, Pt. 2


This is the second part of the first round of the MIG Round Robin Story Tournament. The theme for this round is: RedemptionVoting Criteria Posted Below1. Conduct is only reserved for members who choose not to either adhere to the rules imposed by the debater, forfeits, trolls and harangues his opponent, and so forth. Note that this story tournament may include twists or not, depending on the whims of the debaters....

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Adobe Photoshop Battle


Based off the Microsoft Paint Battle.Round One is acceptance.Round two I ussue a challenge.You know the drill....

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Metal takes more skill than Rap


First all I would like to thank whoever accepts this debate. I am here to argue that metal and all of it's sub-genres takes more skill than rap and all of it's sub-genres. As a avid listener of all music and literally all music I feel I have a better opinion on this than others do. I listen to all genres of metal, all genres of punk, all genres of rap, all genres of classic rock, and a little bit of country. My opponent may choose to start debating now or wait for round 2....

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Rap Battle.


My opponent can start in R1 if he or she wants. There is a somewhat loose line limit—try to keep it below twenty lines. What constitutes a line isn't too rigid, but don't be ridiculous, meaning don't try to stick loads of words into a line and call it one line. Likewise, if you want to put a couple of words on a separate line to enhance the verse's feel or something, that doesn't have to count as a line. Voters, remember, quality over quantity, although I suspect there won't be trouble makin...

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Who really invented toxic fish🐟


Guys just so you all know I Teagan kelly am the true creator of toxic fish and I want you tell me who you think invented this But I truly know I did and only followers of me on insta gram will be aloud to vote...

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