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The Arts should not be the first group of activities cut after budget cuts


When the board of schools realize they have come across budget cuts, their first idea is to cut the Arts. Whether they mean the music clubs AND classes, Drama/Theater, visual art, or all of the above. To school officials, sports never cross their minds. Why not though? Sports cost hundreds of dollars a year in some places. In my high school, the more popular sports like football and cheerleading buy new uniforms every year. Most of the time it is not because they are old or no longer wearabl...

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Metal takes more skill than Rap


First all I would like to thank whoever accepts this debate. I am here to argue that metal and all of it's sub-genres takes more skill than rap and all of it's sub-genres. As a avid listener of all music and literally all music I feel I have a better opinion on this than others do. I listen to all genres of metal, all genres of punk, all genres of rap, all genres of classic rock, and a little bit of country. My opponent may choose to start debating now or wait for round 2....

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Art Critique Debate! (Not Drawing Competition)


This is an Art Debate. Though not your or my art, well it could be, but not necessarily. We need to post one piece of art in each round, and give a brief explanation of why we find it so very impressive. We will give some details, and some basic critique as to why our piece of art is superior. This debate has a lot to do with the piece of art, but the level of critique and the reasons for admiration should also be taken into account. The first round is for acceptance only. Only those whos...

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Rap Battle.


My opponent can start in R1 if he or she wants. There is a somewhat loose line limit—try to keep it below twenty lines. What constitutes a line isn't too rigid, but don't be ridiculous, meaning don't try to stick loads of words into a line and call it one line. Likewise, if you want to put a couple of words on a separate line to enhance the verse's feel or something, that doesn't have to count as a line. Voters, remember, quality over quantity, although I suspect there won't be trouble makin...

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Adobe Photoshop Battle


Based off the Microsoft Paint Battle.Round One is acceptance.Round two I ussue a challenge.You know the drill....

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should anime and manga be incorporated into schools?


I believe that anime and manga should be incorporated into our schools for the following reasons: 1. Anime has helped me out with depression; now i say this point because there are some middle schools, and high schools that do not have a counselor( my school does not have one.). Anime can both help and teach people. 2. our libraries are being under used, they have hundreds of books and only some of them are actually checked out. Manga is quite popular in the states, and i know at least 100 peo...

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Video Games Are An Art Form


Are Video Games Art? Roger Ebert famously said that they can never be, yet even though I highly respect him as a film critic, I'm afraid that I must disagree, video games are art, and even though it may be the youngest medium I believe that despite the non-artistic video games (call of duty, wwe, etc.) there are many games that contain artistic merits of complex philosophical storylines (Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus), and games that rival emotional impact in films and other medium...

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Shakespeare's works should be abridged and enhanced to make them more enjoyable


Shakespeare may have written some quite good plays, but few would disagree that most of them are far too long and boring. That’s why they should be edited and spiced up a bit at the same time. Here is an example of what I have in mind: Romeo &...

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Cake is better than pie.


Cake is better. There are more varieties. With pie you really only have fruit flavors. With cake you can do so much more. You can have fruit flavors and to addition have different types of icing, filling, topping, etc....

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Round Robin Story Debate Rd. 1, Pt. 2


This is the second part of the first round of the MIG Round Robin Story Tournament. The theme for this round is: RedemptionVoting Criteria Posted Below1. Conduct is only reserved for members who choose not to either adhere to the rules imposed by the debater, forfeits, trolls and harangues his opponent, and so forth. Note that this story tournament may include twists or not, depending on the whims of the debaters....

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