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A man can not become a real woman


-This debate has been funded and backed by the Brotherhood.- My opponent will be arguing that a man can turn into a real woman. I personally hold no strong views about trans people, nor ill views. My position is that a man can not just turn into a real woman. No new arguments in round 3. Keep it concise....

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Should France require that 40% of all music on the radio is in French?


Would you like to be restricted to what kind of music you listen to? In my argument, I say that music is a personal preference and should not be controlled by the government. One of the human rights stated by the United Nations is the right to rest and leisure. Part of leisure and relaxation is listening and enjoying the kind of music you want to listen to. You could say you could change the station that the music is playing, but shouldn't you listen to the stations you want without having to ch...

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The First Amendment should be fixed (It is broken)


The con will argue that the first amendment should not be fixed and is the way it should be. Waiting for a con Free speech should be limited and religion should be removed from the first amendment and all of society because there was a video warning that liberals would do protests called "Impeachment Protests" on July 2nd Religion should be removed because here is the truth: (1) Jesus Christ is not real, he never existed (2) Children are being killed for not conforming to their beliefs...

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no because homework kills tree and trees are needed to make oxygen and to take in carbon dioxide...

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That guns should be banned in America


Hello, I will be affirming the topic that guns should be banned in America. I would like an opponent who truly believes in the second amendment. First round is to argue (and for my opponent, to respond to my arguments), second round is to respond to the opponent's arguments (no new content please). Where do I begin? Guns: I think it is safe to define a gun as a device that can kill a living human with minimal possible difficulty. My model for this ban, would be, to phase in my policy over th...

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The Democratic Party


Round 1 is only acceptance and I wish my opponent good luck if my opponent wishes to accept the debate....

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Masterful and his teen posse are retarded RAP Battle


Masterful and his brotherhood teen gang are just a bunch of degenerates who seriously lack in intelligence Materfull and his gang come from the ghetto kick them in the nuts and they will sing the falsetto this gang of teens without girlfriends couldn't even get nailed in wood shop as they are busy working in the sweatshop Discussions that are so retarded that most people disregard it Like turning people into pig feed expulsion from here is guaranteed Keep up with your unintelligent to...

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It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviors


It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviorsSince this is obviously and blatantly true, as proved within verse after countless verse in the bible, as god truly hates children for jeez sakes, this debate will prove that the god of the bible is required to be ousted fr...

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Is DebateIsland the best site to debate about Trump?


DebateIsland debating site is the best option to debate about Trump administration and his policies. it is the best option to debate about Trump for the following reasons: - many political debates about Trump, US Politics, World Politics - casual debate format with quick responses and voting - civilized community - many engaged debaters Alternatives are: debate.Org (unfortunately page loads are horrible, too formal format with many abandoned debates) Reddit Politics (way too unstructu...

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Only important subjects should be mandatory and choice of subjects should be at maximum


I think that important subjects should exist in the system, but only to a certain time. Here is how I see the ideal education system. Primary School ============ No homework. No foreign language course unless you are in a non-english speaking country or in a country where it is highly desirable to know an additional language (like in Canada which has many French speakers and recognizes French as their second official language). 3 subjects at most. Maths should be compulsory and the ot...

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