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The Problem of Hell


The Problem of HellI thank Gileandos for agreeing to debate this very important topic with me. We will be debating the problem of hell. [1]In short, I aim to make the case that the traditional doctrine of hell as eternal, conscious, torment is, in all likelihood, incompatible with the Christian God. If the Christian God has the traits typically ascribed to him by Christians like perfectly lovi...

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The Following Arguments for the Existence of God are Valid - 1K


Note: the "1J" notation in the Topic title is simply for searching purposes. [Definition - Existence] 1. the state or fact of existing; being. *NOTE* I am not debating whether or not a God exists in one's MIND, but rather in REALITY. [Definition - Valid] 1. sound; just; well-founded 2. Logic. (of an argument) so constructed that if the premises are jointly asserted, the conclusion cannot be denied without c...

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The Problem of Animal Suffering.


:: Intro :: In this debate, I shall argue that the existence of vast amounts of animal suffering is a compelling reason to reject the existence of a theistic, omni-benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient God. This debate is targeted specifically at Christians, and Christian responses to the argument. For those who are interested, the inspiration for this debate comes from the chapter ' The Darwinian Problem of Evil' in the recent atheistic anthology 'the Christian Delusion' [1] :: The Argume...

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Human Life Begins at Fertilization


I believe by the end of the fertilization process, (instigated by two human beings) what follows is this: a living, whole organism of the human species. I believe the entity is biologically alive. I believe the entity is a whole organism. I believe the entity is biologically human.There are still some who believe at least one of the statements I've just made are false. I welcome anybody who feels that way to debate the issue with me.While there's much more to the abo...

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Communism > Capitalism


Communism vs Capitalism So, in this world I've set up for the purposes of the debate, both theories exist, but neither has been exploited. We are a group of people trying to decide the fate of our society, and we have two theories to consider: capitalism and communism. I am the half that is arguing for communism, Vi is arguing for capitalism. All we have are the ideas and writings of those like Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Communism in essence, is far superior to Capitalism. It embodies a sy...

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Christianity is a force for good in the world.


On balance, Christianity has done far more harm than good in the modern world. Its human rights record is disgraceful and the negative impacts of its dogmas have reverberated throughout history and even into the present day. As though this wasn't bad enough it also impoverishes the human condition by distracting people from their real happiness with illusory preachments of an afterlife. And despite the good intentions of many decent people it is still one of the prime sources of a considerable a...

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Prostitution should be legal in each state.


1. Prostitutes are not hurting society. They are simply working hard. Naturally, there is no ban on prostitution. It is simply another profession and the capitalist, free government should not hinder this form of work. It is a victimless crime and nobody is hurt. There is no purpose in banning prostitution. 2. One great reason to legalize prostitution: Right now, prostitutes are forced to hire pimps. Pimps are unfortunate. They beat prostitutes and can force them to do whatever they want them...

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One can have morals without God


Many religious people have claimed that without divine authority, there is nothing on which to base morals. I will be arguing against this position, and offering other foundations for morality. To be sure that I am clear on my opponent's position, I will allow him to make the first argument....

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Race has no significant affect on a person's abilities


Someone's race has no significant affect on that someone's abilities. This can be physical abilities, mental abilities, and so on. None of the "white people are more likely to get sunburned" kind of stuff....

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Gay Marriage


Gay marriage defeats the purpose of "marriage". Modern day marriage is descended from Christianity and the Christian marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not arguing that gay couples should not get the same rights, but for what their partnership should be called....

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