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Are There Self Elected Individuals In The EU?


Many public individuals believe that there are self elected members in the EU, supposedly linked with the Zionists and Rothschild. I personally believe this is true but i am still unsure if this correct. Thinking about it there are many MP's in the EU which have obtained power without being elected, these powerful individuals could be linked with the ZOG and other large secretive organisations. I would like this to be debated over i have collected some evidence below to help you understand: S...

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Evolution and Atheism is a religion


I am a born again Christian who believes the bible is scientific accurate and historically correct in every detail and also believes that every kind of evolution 1.Stellar evolution 2.cosmic evolution evolution 4.chemical evolution 5.macro evolution 6. And last but not least micro evolution which happens but the rest have no proof and since you can't prove that God doesn't exist then atheism and evolution are religious. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong if I am proved...

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Keemstar and Youtube


Hello there, today we will be doing a recent and still active argument. As you can guess, it's about Keemstar. What I think is that Keemstar is a horrible person and is the scum of youtube. Here's why; -Keemstar's youtube channel is called Drama Alert. All Drama does is that it reports the "news" that's going around on youtube. Most of the time, their either completely fake or nobody really cares about them. Keemstar gets money from saying rumors and gossips that go around on youtube. The pro...

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Why did God of the Bible create us


This is just a topic based for Christian to talk about not really a debate about why you think God created us please share your comments below :) God Bless!!!!!!!!...

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Did feminism make women unhappier compared to the women of the past?


- Women are expected to work hard outside whereas they were not expected to do so in the pre-feminism time. - Femininity has become something the girls cannot appreciate. They are pressured to be masculine, and gender equality is presented as a upward hill to them where masculinity is better than femininity. - They are pressured to surpass their feminine feelings. While women's natural mate selection centers around a monogamous, stable relationship, they are taught to be promiscuous and to th...

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