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Ban Animal Cloning


Animal Cloning is not needed. One in 277 live from cloning....

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Is Global Warming Fake?


A pretty self explanatory debate. I will be arguing that global warming is real and contributed to by humans, and I welcome any opponent who would wish to challenge me on this subject. I have Just a few criteria for who my opponent is: 1) They are polite. 2) They cite their sources. The debate debate will be structured like this: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening statements Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Defense of your opening statement and a closing statement....

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cause+(and)effect=(is)logic eat a poisonous mushroom and try to think the effect away, and i guess you can reason about this and conclude that is a bad idea based on the logic that is the mushroom is not healthy for you, logic is the Measurement of resonable, i know logic therfore i know i am resonable, in not eating the poisonous mushroom, fx there is no logic in fantasy, and i write this message to you while hovering across the grey cratered surface of the moon while typing on my floating...

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did the muslims create all the modern sciences that we know and study now like physics maths ... ?


To be honnest, the words used in sciences today don't seem latin ,in fact they're not because the translators are the ones who alter these words from arabic to latin . so, we should shake if the arabs are the ones who invited most of these words or not? so as a a student i tried to learn about arabs and their civilization and surprisingly , i found out that the most of theories were said by arabian scientists and the "europeans" did just the translation and because of that, europeans who was liv...

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Evolution is well supported by scientific evidence


In this debate, I will attempt to prove that the theory of evolution is supported by scientific evidence. In order to do so, I need to first prove that macroevolution is possible and is happening; then, I need to prove that evolution is indeed responsible, at least partially, for the life we see today. I will do so by presenting evidence such as transitional fossils and speciation.Point 1: Fossil EvidenceEvolution states that the genetic composition...

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Cesar Millan's dog training philosophy and methods.


Cesar Millan uses a highly outdated and disproved method of training and has a complete misunderstanding of canine behavior. The dominance theory of wolves and domestic dogs is widely disproved and yet he still claims you must be the "alpha" He's a terrible dog trainer and knows nothing about domestic dogs and his television is hazardous to the well being of any dog who lives in a household that watches it....

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Does god exist? (Yes/No)


I myself, was born to a Jewish family in Israel, but being exposed to the internet, I decided to become an atheist at a young age (2 years ago actually). And I have one reason for it: Why should I believe in something that can't be proved? Has never been proved? Because some old book says so? Ha! P.S Sorry for my English I'm 13 and English is my second language....

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Why is everyone except for me stupid?


Okay..... I get As in all my classes. I am 14 years old and already in advanced math. My teacher says that i have a lot of potential so I take extra math classes to improve my ability,.. Some of my friends call me a stupid but that's because they are jealous. i am a genius who doesn't try in school because it is too easy for me. everyone Else is stupider than me. I skipped over trig and calculus and went straight to quantum and nuclear physics. I saw an equation the other day and it hit me. I'm...

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Is Time Nothing But A Human Construct?


Time does not exist; it is a human concept. Time is but a construct of people's minds, a measurement of the world around us. There is no forwards or backwards, only change. Time is a tool to measure this change. Time as a tool is based on one individuals perception of it, as well. As we see things around us, we attribute it to a chronological order, to organize and make sense of it. This debunks theories such as time travel, and time manipulation, and the like....

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Quantum physics: We are immortal.


Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, and consciousness is energy, we cannot be destroyed either. Whether a higher power is real is not relevant, because no matter what we do in this life, the next timeline we live in will be different. There are multiple universes, and multiple versions of yourself. Even if you die in one, in the next you would still exist....

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