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Women have less rights than men in the US.


First of all I just joined this site, so don't expect too much from me in terms of knowing how to navigate around the site and do everything, but on to the debate! I believe strongly in the fact that men and women have equal rights (In the United States, don't bring other countries' rights and laws into this). I will name some points and facts that I AGREE WITH and have researched below. Agree or disagree with each point and state why you do, and if you think of more points then go ahead and bri...

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Do you think schools should remove their firewall?


I think that schools shouldn't block anything and completely remove their firewall. First of all, many useful, insightful forums essential for doing reports and debates are blocked due to the fact it may contain adult content. This makes finding insightful websites with genuine information hard to find using the school's network. Making working at school challenging at times. Secondly, the school already filters what student searches. For instance, multiple searches that involve the word...

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Is God is the biggest sinner of them all?


If God sent his son Jesus to sacrifice himself for the sins of man, being; Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony, surely the man in the sky is guilty himself. Guilty of Greed due to wanting everyone on earth to worship him or burn in he'll for eternity, guilty of Envy to all other Gods who poach his followers, guilty of Pride as he sits upon his unquestionable throne while amassing his legions and guilty of Wrath if you dare not believe in him....

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Track is a useless sport


Track is not a useless sport. It increases someone's muscle mass, endurance, and flexibility. It will also increase someone's mental toughness and health. It also teaches us about teamwork. It teaches us not to give no matter how hard it is. It doesn't matter how bad you want to quit you must keep going because the hardworks pays off in the future. Millions maybe of adults and kids participate in track. If track is so useless why or millions maybe billions of kids and adults paricapte in it....

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The swearing filter should be removed on DDO


Resolved - The swearing filter should be removed on DDO This is a shared BOP Rules: 1. Forfeiting results in a loss of conduct or possibly the debate 2. Any citations or sources must be used within the character limit of the debate 3. No new arguments in the final round 4. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere 5. No trolling or semantics 6. No K's of the topic 7. My opponent accepts all of the following definitions and waives his/her right to challenge these definitions 8....

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The UK should dispose of all its nuclear bombs.


This will be a short debate because i have debated in the past and some of the responses i received were not pleasant. I will be arguing that the UK should dispose of ALL its nuclear bombs by 2016. here are my reasons 1- Nukes cost lots of money to maintain and the old Brits don't have to much of that. Selling them would be great for the economy 2- Its NOT the cold war anymore. The soviet union is no longer here, and the only possible nuclear threats (even this is debatable) today are...

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The US should invade North Korea


Should the United Sates of America invade the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK, commonly known as North Korea)? In this debate, my opponent will be debating on the con side, and I will be debating on the pro side. This debate will be a civilized debate, and standard rules for debates will apply. I hope to see some good feedback in the comments section!...

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The way we eat has changed over the last 50 years.


Do you know how the way we eat changed over the last 50 years? We have gone from eating all natural foods to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) . It's a food scam and if you want to know more. JOIN ME!!...

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Christian Theological Debate: Human beings accept the Holy Spirit


Round one is acceptance only. As pro, my opponent must prove using scripture that Faith comes from humans accepting the Holy Spirit. As Con, I must use scripture to disprove that resolution. Rounds 2-3 are rebuttals. Round 4 is conclusion. Please, no trolling....

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matter is the balancing point between positive and negative energy.


like sun moon and earth, or positive and negative charge to a light bulb for the curcuit to keep the bulb shining, where as the wire and light bulb is the balance. the sun represent positive energy, and the moon represent negative energy in contrast to positive energy of the sun, so one could say that the circuit as i whole with the shiny light bulb represents earth charged by sun and moon...

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