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Married couples with children should not have to pay income tax


Married couples with children should not have to pay income tax because they are supporting and providing for another person in addition to them selves. This would help prevent and reduce the use of govt services. Single people with no children should pay the lions share of income tax. They have to provide for no one other than them selves. This would also encourage and promote the concept of marriage and the family unit. This is an opening statement. I will wait for my opponents rebuttal to mak...

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The Vast Majority of Sociology is Useless.


After reading a few books on sociology, notably a few religious case studies and a few "New Dads" studies by various graduates, I have come to the conclusion that sociology is a useless field. While this may be premature, I'd still like to test whether this is true or whether I'm just not competent enough to see the value that it provides.

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The Death Penalty Should Be Implemented In Every Society


PRO argues for the death penalty.CON argues against the death penalty.Death Penalty: "The punishment of execution, administered to someone convicted of a capital crime." wish both of us the best of luck.Round 1: Acceptance (no arguments)Round 2: Main Case (no rebuttals)Round 3: RebuttalsRound 4: Rebuttals and ConclusionBreaking these rules will automatically result...

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Atheism can not account for right and wrong


Thank you Tarzan for accepting the challenge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Statement (1) To begin with God is needed in order for morals to be constant and meaningful. First of all God is needed for morals to be constant because without God's rule the morals placed in our society are arbitrary and could very well change from day to day. For instance, in conventionalism which is the view that fundamental principles a...

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Abortion Should be illegal unless if it is a serious health issue.


I think abortion should be illegal unless it is a serious problem for the mother's health. Regardless of religion it is wrong to abort a pregnancy. No matter what you want to call it , a baby or a fetus, at the end of 9 months a pregnant women will give birth to a baby. A human being. It is a women's choice except for rape cases whether she becomes pregnant or not. If you do not want to get pregnant then either don't have sex or use protection. Bottom line. If you do get pregnant then you need t...

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This debate is for the sole purpose of seeing if anyone, preferably an empiricist (popularized by David Hume), can refute this statement. Thank you for your time and enlightenment. Empiricism is wrong for the simple reason that it is self refuting. In the words of Norman L. Geisler: The Principle of empirical verifiability states that there are only two kinds of meaningful presuppositions: 1) those that are true by definition and 2) those that are empirically verifiable. Since the principl...

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Private Citizens should be armed in public


1. Introduction- Through the course of this debate I will offer several arguments to warrant a vote for the Pro, I encourage voters to examine them and weigh them under a standard of comparative advantage against con's arguments. At the end of the debate, the vote should go to the debater whose arguments are comparatively better than their opponent's. 2. Definitions- a. A "Private Citizen" will refer to any American above the age of 17, who has not been convicted of a felony charge. b. "Sh...

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The marijuana, evolution, gay marriage debate take 2


I have been involved with 15 debates regarding these subjects. The reason I'm compelled to debate these topics is that I just don't get it... At all!!!! Marijuana should be legal, evolution should be recognized as the current prevailing predictive model, and homosexuals are at the mercy of mass homophobia! I'm not saying that these statements are infallible. They are simply my conclusion. I'm trying to open my mind to the counter arguments but they only to continue to baffle me. This will not...

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Should A Man Be Allowed To Retaliate If He Is Hit By A Woman?


Ok, first off I want to say that I do not agree with a man hitting or attacking a woman for no reason. However, if a woman decides to lay her hands on a man, then she should be prepared to be hit back! I believe in equal rights between both men and women, and I think it is completely justified for a man to retaliate if a woman hits the man first....

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(Tourney #22) Cats are the greatest animal known to man.


I'd like to thank Logical-Master for accepting this debate and our judge… for judging. Anyway, I affirm the resolution, "Cats are the greatest animal known to man." First, I'd like to define some key terms that will be important in this round. •A ‘cat' does not simply mean a domestic cat, but any animal in the felidae (feline) family. •I'd like to define animal as any organism in the kingdom animala besides homo sapiens. With that out of the way, I will move onto my points as to why...

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