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States rights to nullification of laws, regulations, or executive or congressional acts.


The states rights to nullification of laws, regulations, and executive or congressional acts, except congressional amendments, should be upheld. Reason being, that it guarentees that states have the ultimate freedom within the country. The national government's role when created, was to act as a wall, protecting the states from outside forces, and to make sure the states would not quarrel amongst themselves. Only the amendments were to not be nullified. The national government's reach over the p...

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Voting should be compulsory.


Voting in local, state and national elections should be compulsory for all who are eligible to vote because it is the best way to judge the will of the people and achieve the fairest or most democratic outcome. Leaving voting up to the most motivated or the most able will only skew the results and give a false perspective on the wishes of the electorate. Voluntary voting also leads to dirty tactics for candidates and campaigners including, for example, legislating rules that would unfairly a...

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no Obamacare


First round is just to accept the challenge. Second and third rounds will be debating rounds. Fourth round will be closing (no new facts/arguments as the opponent does not have a chance to respond). My stance is against ObamaCare. Anyone who supports Obamacare I would love to debate on this topic. Good luck!...

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George Zimmerman acted in self defense against Trayvon Martin.


I'm hoping to find an opponent who will discuss this topic without bias. This topic is clouded with bias and emotions from both sides because of bad media coverage and sensitive issues. I'm looking for someone who will defend his views with reasonable evidence instead of fallacies and opinions. I'm not concerned about heavy amounts of formality. I want a discussion that gets to the point and isn't scared to get a little interesting, so long as both sides are reasonable and calm. First off...

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Should the United States of America join the Commonwealth realms?


The Royalist Tea Party and the user @Jifpop09 have agreed that our last debate was awful, so we both have agreed to start another debate. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to not use Google Docs or anything outside debate.org. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to be kind and respectful this time. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to actually debate this with us. We thank the user @Jifpop09 for taking responsibility, we don't really see that here on debate.org. Before we begin, we just want to say w...

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Political Conditionality and Humanitarian Aid


PrefaceAs part of my summer debate agenda, I am really looking forward to this debate, and I thank Such for agreeing to discuss this interesting topic with me. It should be fun :)Full TopicPlacing political conditions on humanitarian aid to foreign countries is unjust.BOPIt is Pro's BOP to uphold the resolution on balance. It is Con's BOP to show the resolution to be invalid on bal...

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Cyber bullying should be a criminal offense


Resolved: Cyber bullying should be a criminal offense. On balance, I stand in opposition to this resolution. Cyberbullying is defined by Dictionary.com as the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously. As for a criminal offense it is defined as an act punishable by law; usually considered a...

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There are no compelling arguments against same-sex marriage


The issue of same-sex marriage is one which divides not only the United States, but much of the Western world.[1] What is most remarkable about this matter is not the lack of agreement, but rather the lack of strong arguments against same-sex marriage. There are simply no compelling arguments (legal, political, or moral) against same-sex marriage. (While there may be religious arguments against it, I would prefer only to address arguments that do not assume a belief in the supernatural and/or th...

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NSA Surveillance


I dislike instigating debates from the Con position, but I wasn't entirely sure how to frame the resolution. My opponent, should he accept, has agreed to debate this issue from either side. I will be standing in opposition to the extent of NSA Surveillance. A brief overview: The NSA has the capability to collect massive amounts of data on traffic over switched phone networks and the internet. Recently they gained the ability to capture and store data en masse, and retain...

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Ronald Reagan was a Better President than Barack Obama


DebateI am arguing that President Ronald Wilson Reagan was a better president than the current president, Barack Hussein Obama. My opponent must argue that President Obama has been a better president than President Reagan was.RulesRound 1 for accept...

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