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Marijuana Should Be Legalized


This is the structure of the debate Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening Statements Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements (no new points)...

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Gay rights is not an equality matter


Look gay rights is not an equality matter we ALL don't have the right to marry someone of the same gender so why bother to change the law? People like you who support gay rights are fighting to change rights not give rights. Gay rights should not be allowed to happen either because birth rate in the U.S is low with about 40% of the births being single women . If gay rights was to happen nationally then the birth rate would drastically decrease and then gay rights to become a mainstream culture t...

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Should animals be allowed to run for president?


My opinion is that they should be allowed to run for president because in the government they said EVERYONE should be allowed to have their own opinion on anything they want and it would be racist to say that animals aren't allowed to. It would be a DISGRACE to humanity if we don't allow them to join humankind and be able to have their own opinions and rights to be able to do what they can to help the world be a better place. I know that you might think that it would be weird that we'd be listen...

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free debate. I am ready to debate anything including funny things


State what you want to debate. just know that I am conservative and my views are sort of typical right-wing views...

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obama is a bad president


I can give u 3 very good reasons why i think Obama needs to go: 1. * President Obama introduced a healthcare bill that forces Americans to buy a service. This he claimed was not a tax, and simply a penalty. He continuously reaffirmed that that was the case, despite the fact that more than half the population thought the bill was in violation of the constitution. When it came time for the court to decide whether it lived or not, the President's lawyers argued that it was legal because it was a...

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Bradley Manning. Traitor.


I saw your question about Bradley Manning and I would very much like to have a debate with you. This would be strictly me vs you. The debate would be on wether or not Bradley Manning is a traitor to his county's or if he's some kind of hero of whatever you people call him. I of course will be taking the stance of him being a traitor to the nation. 5 rounds, 1st round is acceptance, final round is conclusion, you nay use any argument you see fit for your case, avoid personal insults and all the o...

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Should the United States join the Commonwealth of Nations and have the Queen as head of state?


It's time for the United States to join the Commonwealth. Membership in the Commonwealth would facilitate the kind of globalization that is in the American national interest, and it would serve as a hedge against the emergence of a less benign international order based on civilizational power politics. In return, United States membership would offer the Commonwealth a much-needed shot in the arm in terms of resources and ideas that could transform it from a persistent underachiever into a leadin...

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George Zimmerman acted in self defense against Trayvon Martin.


I'm hoping to find an opponent who will discuss this topic without bias. This topic is clouded with bias and emotions from both sides because of bad media coverage and sensitive issues. I'm looking for someone who will defend his views with reasonable evidence instead of fallacies and opinions. I'm not concerned about heavy amounts of formality. I want a discussion that gets to the point and isn't scared to get a little interesting, so long as both sides are reasonable and calm. First off...

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government should intervene in the transition to alternative fuels


why the government should intervene more with alternative fuel. people say the market will take care of itself. in the end, it will. but at what cost in the mean time? we should act now because we'll look back and see how much we've wasted on gasoline. companies say they can make alternative biodiesel fuels for a dollar a gallon. (using algae farms, or any organic material, such as switch grass and other things more energy intensive than corn etc.. and exemplified by brazil etc who are ene...

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LSD Should Be Legal for Recreational Use


This is for the DDO Olympics government and politics bracket. If you have any questions about the debate format below, mention them before you accept this debate.Full ResolutionLSD should be legal for recreational use. BoP is on pro.DefinitionsLSD: "Lysergic acid diethylamide: a crystalline solid, C20H25N3O, the diethyl amide of lysergic acid, a powerful psychedelic...

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