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Should immigrants be required to assimilate into western society, and embrace our values?


In my opinion I think immigrants should be required to assimilate into society, and embrace our values. I'm not saying that an immigrant should abandon their culture entirely, however immigrants should embrace our values and language, and heritage if they want to be an American, and stay here. In Europe for example muslim immigrants are somewhat of a hassle on society as many refuse to integrate, and many children of immigrants from non-western countries tend to perform lower on tests, and m...

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Europe is Superior to the U.S


Interest may be shown in comments. First round acceptance. Note to any potential takers that I am ar...

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What is better to become the President of United States or to become the Prime Minister of England?


What is better to become the President of United States or to become the Prime Minister of England?...

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Should illegal immigrants be allowed to become citizens in the United States?


Illegal immigrants should be allowed U.S. citizenship. First off, let's talk about the notion that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from U.S. citizens. In my opinion, they are not. According to Pew Research Center, illegal immigrants account for 5% of the working population in the United States. The top two workforces they are most commonly in are farming and construction, yet they are still outnumbered by workers that are U.S. citizens. Otherwise, many immigrants are willing to do work t...

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The dominance of two major political parties in the U.S presidential elections undermines democracy.


Affirmative Case #2: The Electoral College: An Undemocratic Tool of the Two Party System This case argues that the dominance of the two-party system functions through the Electoral College to undermine American democratic ideals. The Electoral College itself, as well as the "winner take all" voting rule used by most states, makes Americans fundamentally unequal as voters in presidential elections. Citizens of large states have much greater influence than citizens of small states. In extreme...

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Liberals have had a greater influence in US History than Conservatives


I will be taking the defense that Liberal ideals in America have influenced what we are today and have dominated ideals in the past. 1st round will be acceptance and 2,3, and 4 will be arguments while 5 will be the closing statement...

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Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers.


Just accept the debate whenever you're ready... The first round of the debate is acceptance only and no new arguments in the final round. Kritiks are not allowed. qualified immunity is the status of certain government officials, in this case police officers, in which lawsuits regarding civil damage when the official is on duty and performing their duty are dismissed as long as they qualify certain criteria. The criteria that a policeman would have to meet would be that their conduct does n...

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Developing countries should publish birth control policy


"Most of the world"s population growth over the next century will be in Africa and Asia; in the other continents the population growth has already ceased." ----- Christa Brelsford Nowadays, we always face the population problem. As we can see, population problem keeps happening in developing countries. Population bomb bring lots of problems to developing country, for example, resources lack, slow economic development, education faultiness, etc. In this debate, I want to argue about population...

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Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders Rap Battle, 600th Debate Spectacular


Welcome everyone to my 600th and final debate here on DDO. I have been wanting to retire from debating on this site for some time as many people probably don't care that much about, so I earmarked this, #600, to be my final debate. To celebrate the landmark occasion I have decided to host a political rap battle with the one and only Airmax1227, since only he has both the rap battle skills and the worthiness to throw down in this, my 600th and final debate I'm Imabench and I will be repre...

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I passionately disagree with Communism and if you disagree with me, let's debate! This is a topic that I love to debate. Definition: Communism- a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. - google definition Here are all of my sources that will reinforce my stats and facts that I will be using during the debate. http://fhwordsmith.com/why-communism-does-not-work...

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