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Democracy is the Most Desirable Form of Government


PrefaceKC had asked me to debate this topic with some time ago, and has promised to debate me on homophobia subsequent to the conclusion of this debate. I think these will be two intriguing and informative debates, and I look forward to getting them underway!Full TopicOn balance, democracy is the most desirable form of government.JudgesThe voting is set to "select winner." I have n...

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Classical Liberalism is More Effective Than Conservativsm


Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Introduce and Expand on Arguments Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Counter-rebuttals/Conclusions NOTE: I am arguing for the more general Classical Liberalism, not the version specific only to the United States. My definitions of both worldviews are as follows: Liberalism- a political worldview founded on liberty and equality, usually supporting civil and human rights, private property, and a free market Conservatism- a political worldview advocating tradi...

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ANY government handout is freeloading.


I believe that anyone taking another mans earned income by government force is corrupt in their thinking.Government is not for meeting peoples needs.Government is to enforce contract law and to protect a persons right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is different for all of us. That is what freedom to choose is for.And for those who make choices that produce poverty, there are charities for that. They are in a better position to weed out the cons.Government loves the cons. T...

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The "I was just following orders" defense should not shield soldiers from criminal culpability.


NOTE: I set the debate so that it can only be accepted by a member ranked as good as me or better. If you are interested in this debate but cannot accept, let me know.The Nuremberg trials, held by the Allies after World War II, rejected the "I was just following orders" defense to charges of military atrocity and human rights violations. It was a landmark decision in international law...

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The United States Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs


Welcome! This will be a debate on whether or not all recreational drugs should be legalized. Con must not have less than 3 debates completed and must have knowledge that he or she will be able to complete the entire debate without worry. If you wish to accept this debate, then say so in the comments.Burden of Proof will be shared. I must prove that drugs should be legalized and my opponent must prove that they should stay banned.The debate wil...

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Politifact is biased


Politifact is a web site [1. http://www.politifact.com/] that claims to determine the truth of political statements. They are one of several sites including snopes, factcheck, and the Washington Post Factchecker that claim to sort out political truth. Politifact claims to find lies made both by Democrats and Republicans, but the question in this debate is whether they lean towa...

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Voluntaryism is correct.


Here is the wikipedia description of it, which I agree with completely. My position is that wide-spread adoption of Voluntaryism would makes society function more efficiently and increase average, median, and net welfare. Voluntaryism (or sometimes voluntarism), is a libertarian philosophy which holds that all forms of human association should be voluntary.[1] The principle most frequently used to support voluntaryism is the non-aggression principle (NAP). It is closely associated with, and o...

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The USFG should substantially increase its military capability in Southeast Asia


This debate is the second DDO team debate and will cover the resolution: RESOLVED: The USFG Should Substantially Increase Its Military Capability in Southeast Asia This will be a 3x3 debate with the following teams: Pro: Team Y raisor RoyLatham thett3 Con: Team X rross larztheloser wrichcirw R1 is for introductory comments/acceptance R2-R4 are constructive rounds for presenting cases and rebuttals. R5 will be a half length round for closing remarks- no new arguments or...

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Republicans are slowing down the progress of America's society.


First round is for acceptance. Con will be arguing that in the 21st century that Republicans are not slowing the progress of America into a better country....

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Iraq: Worth militarily invading again to stop ISIS?


1st Round: Acceptance2nd Round: No Rebuttal's, Just arguments.3rd-5th Round: Rebuttal's, etc.Title is fairly self-explanatory. Is Iraq worth invading with the full commitment of the US Armed Forces because of ISIS? ...

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