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Gun Control Doesn't Prevent Violence at all.


Gun control does not prevent violence. It will either do nothing or make things worse in most circumstances. I understand that gun control does not equal banning guns, but in places where guns have been banned, after the ban rates of robbery, assault and sexual assault have gone up. But say guns weren't banned. Say there were just strict laws put in place. Well, in Canada, when strict gun legislation was put in place, their homicide rate went from 7% to 35% of the homicide rate of the United Sta...

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Abortion, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton


Not too long ago, Planned Parenthood was investigated for selling fetus organs to other countries around the world. That quickly went hush hush. Now, we had a presidential nominee (Hillary Clinton), who in her third debate with Trump, fully and 100% supported Planned Parenthood on the "full term" abortion policy, as long as it did not harm the mother at all. This policy allows a mother to decide to terminate a pregnancy up to the very last day of the projected due date. WRONG!!! Now, if i'm not...

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Should prisoners be allowed to vote?


Do you think that prisoners should be able to vote?...

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Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers.


Just accept the debate whenever you're ready... The first round of the debate is acceptance only and no new arguments in the final round. Kritiks are not allowed. qualified immunity is the status of certain government officials, in this case police officers, in which lawsuits regarding civil damage when the official is on duty and performing their duty are dismissed as long as they qualify certain criteria. The criteria that a policeman would have to meet would be that their conduct does n...

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Developing countries should publish birth control policy


"Most of the world"s population growth over the next century will be in Africa and Asia; in the other continents the population growth has already ceased." ----- Christa Brelsford Nowadays, we always face the population problem. As we can see, population problem keeps happening in developing countries. Population bomb bring lots of problems to developing country, for example, resources lack, slow economic development, education faultiness, etc. In this debate, I want to argue about population...

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Bluesteel v. Mikal, Resolved: The US should adopt a ban on assault weapons similar to Australia's.


First round acceptance only. BOP is shared....

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The Trump Travel Ban was Beneficial to the United States


The travel ban recently put into place is beneficial to the United States. I am not here to defend the entire Executive Order, as I actually do think that more countries should be added, but this list is better than nothing. Take a look at polls of what Muslims actually believe. They are not good people to be living in Western Society. I do feel sorry for these people who are actually suffering in countries such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. But I do think that we should think about the f...

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Assisted suicide should be illegal.


"Assisted suicide" refers to "the act of deliberately assisting another person to kill themselves." == A Definitional Note ==The term "assisted suicide" is something of a misnomer. There's no crime called "assisted suicide." I do not argue a legal penalty for patients who seek help in dying. The crime at issue is assisting suicide, and it's targeted solely at those who help another commit suicide. The legal right sought by proponents is...

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Should Abortion Be Legal?


I will argue that Abortion should not be legal. The opponent will argue that it should be legal. Debate Structure Round One- Agree upon definitions if any, and accept debate rules Round Two- Present arguments without rebuking what the opposing debater argued. So if I presented my argument first, you cannot rebuke the points that I made in your. Round Three- NOW you can finally rebuke opposing arguments made by your opponents in Round Two. Round Four- Defend your round 2 arguments WITHOUT in...

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The Electoral College Should Distribute Votes Proportionally


IntroductionI will be advocating that the Electoral College in the United States should distribute their votes proportionate to the amount of people who voted for each candidate in the state.Rules of Debate...

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