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American public schools should not lead recitations of the current Pledge of Allegiance.


Hello everyone. My case is that public schools should not lead recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance as it currently reads. What this essentially means is that schools should not have teachers or administrators leading group recitations of the Pledge, as is often seen in the status quo at the begininning of the school day. Note that this does not preclude students from personally and independently reciting the Pledge on school property. Round 1: Acceptance and...

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The US should hire death squads to root out terrorists


My opponent must argue that the US needs death squads to kill, capture, and torture terrorists that live among us. Good luck, and I hope to have a great debate!

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America is not free.


America has less than 5% of the world's population but over 25% of the world's prisoners. When you add in detainees, that balloons to a third of the world's prisoners and when you look at those on parole and probation it balloons to over half of all the world's prisoners. Out of all the places in the world, the state of Georgia has the worst incarceration rate. In Georgia, 1 out of every 13 people are in prison, on parole, or on probation. Out of the entire world, the American south profits the...

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Gun control works


My contention will be that gun control is demonstrably effective in reducing the incidence of homicide and that there are precedents for effective gun control which illustrate its effectiveness. These are ignored by gun proponents because it doesn't suit their purpose, and instead of looking at facts, they produce anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios where a gun would help them defend themselves. I will argue that these are hypothetical in nature and have a significant motivation behind the...

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NSA Surveillance


I dislike instigating debates from the Con position, but I wasn't entirely sure how to frame the resolution. My opponent, should he accept, has agreed to debate this issue from either side. I will be standing in opposition to the extent of NSA Surveillance. A brief overview: The NSA has the capability to collect massive amounts of data on traffic over switched phone networks and the internet. Recently they gained the ability to capture and store data en masse, and retain...

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Scottish Independence


I am for the Scottish Independence Referendum and I am voting Yes for it. Usual rules: 1st Round is acceptance 2nd round is stating your facts 3rd Round is Rebuttal and Conclusion Good Luck!...

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There are no compelling arguments against same-sex marriage


The issue of same-sex marriage is one which divides not only the United States, but much of the Western world.[1] What is most remarkable about this matter is not the lack of agreement, but rather the lack of strong arguments against same-sex marriage. There are simply no compelling arguments (legal, political, or moral) against same-sex marriage. (While there may be religious arguments against it, I would prefer only to address arguments that do not assume a belief in the supernatural and/or th...

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Stalin did not betray Lenin's ideals


Good day comrade.Some socialists argue that Stalin was a vile tyrant who betrayed the ideals of Lenin. Almost all left wing parties in Britain from Labour to Communist seem to 'disown' Stalin. I, however would like to argue that Stalin was a true follower of Lenin who embodied Leninist ideals.This debate is not (at least not mainly) about whether Stalin is a good or not, or whether socialism and Communism are workable, but they might be...

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Taxes should be raised on the rich


Rich shall be defined as anyone making $250k per year. I shall argue that the us ought to increase taxes on the rich. My opponent shall argue that not only should we not increase taxes but decrease them to generate revenue. My opponent is 1Historygenius. Special thanks for him to accept. BOP is shared. Standard ddo code of conduct shall apply. Good luck and have fun!!...

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gay marriage should not be legal - civil unions okay


we should recognize that the natural world creates natural distinctions between male and female, and their cohabitation etc is what produces offspring. they are a natural unit for the purposes of kids, and a natural unit for the purposes of simply recognizing nature. we can have civil unions or something to respect others, perhaps, but that doesn't mean we have to give the same value to something that is fundamentally different, by calling it marriage. also, as far as procreation goes... we'...

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