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Should students in or under 8th grade have to wear a uniform to school?


Round one: acceptance Round 2: introduction- please include a thesis statement and your introduce your three reasons to back up your thesis statement. Rounds 3-5: reasons and evidence explained- citations are not necessary, this is a casual debate (must be typed under 3,000 characters) This debate is sort of in a 5 paragraph essay format, but without the conclusion. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Good luck to whoever accepts this debate!...

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The rapversity


With all these groups forming like the Leben, Brotherhood and NHK, I decided to join the party as well. The Rapversity is a group where we can do rap battles (rap) and discuss the big topics of any kind. ("Di"versity) The name consists of a few puns because I like good humor and we are all a big city (DiverCITY) and we can take any stance on the big topics as we want however, the group has to agree on a majority stance. No need to edit profile pics, just put the text that you are in the Rapve...

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Socialism v Communism


I prefer Socialism, because it is peaceful, sends money to the right place, and is for the workers. Communism on the other hand is all money for the government and basically devolves into a dictatorship....

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If religion didn't exist, the earth would be a much better place.


For this argument, I'm not going to have any specific rules. My opponent can argue what they want to argue. I won't list any of my points in the first round, I'll just be doing the introduction as I am now. My opponent can go ahead and list their arguments in the first round, however. I'll be countering them in the second round. And with that, let the debate begin....

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God Exists.


Burden of proof is on the believer. Definitions: God: "Creator and ruler of the universe, a being omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, and eternal." Exists: " To have objective reality or being." The believer will be arguing that God (any God) exists in objective reality, I will be arguing that he doesn't. Rules: 1. No forfeiting 2. No ad hominems Only accept if you accept the definitions and terms of the debate. Message me if interested....

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Sisterhood of DDO


This debate will decide whether or not the group "The Brotherhood" contributes and is fit for DDO. I will argue that the Brotherhood is nothing a group of racists causing trouble on this site. I have nothing against the brotherhood nor am I a part of it. This is simply for the fun of debating [note: this debate is intended for the newer members of the brotherhood. Use this opportunity to prove your usefulness to the organization ;)]...

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should homeschooling be illegal


this idiot said "You don't really develop social skills with home schooling." well I am a homeschooler and I know LATIN, I can draw and label the WHOLE WORLD FROM MEMORY, I know most capitals(of the USA), I can debate fairly well, I know most fallacies do you even know one word in Latin? I can draw like a MASTER. I can program computers. .can you even DRAW just the USA? do you even know what a fallacy is? try drawing a descent circle. do you even know what 1011 to base 2 is?.........thought so....

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Mao Zedong proves communism is politically superior to capitalism


The establishment of the People's Republic of China is heralded to be the very moment communism was established in China, as well as when China burst forth into the 20th century. Long been subject to corrupt dynasties and a short reign of tyranny under the Guomindang, the CCP liberated the people through several policies it implemented, especially those by Chairman Mao. In this debate, I will use evidence of the CCP and Mao, throughout its history from its inception in 1921 to Mao's deat...

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Should Spongebob Be Considered The Greatest Animated Show Ever?


Just watch the first three seasons....

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Should we ReColonize Africa or at least reconsider doing it? (Minus Slavery of course)


Why the hell would you want to Re colonize Africa?! You might ask , well I have a simple idea which works like this currently much of Africa is starving and dieing of disease , they don't come as well along as we Westerners do , Africa looks pretty similar as it did 500 years ago (Not really I know but hear me out) They still have lots of tribes and tribal disputes in Politics , "democratic" is not what I would describe an average African Country as they usually abuse their powers.

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