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do phones isolate kids from the out side world


as most kids today are on there phones . if you look at a phone to long or do it all the time study shows it can cause brain tumors .plus it doesn't have much positives to it . plus kids are Tex ting now with the phones to the person right next to them sometimes . now with the Internet these day there is cyber bulling ... cyber bulling is saying mean things on the Internet with the Internet the word can be spread easily because people could see it every where. for that I think phones isolate kid...

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Do media sites harm adolescents?


These social media sites are extremely harmful for adolescents, there will be three rounds, firstly introduction, second, emphases and who's right or wrong, third conclusion. I wish my opponent the best of luck....

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Nuclear Energy


This is going to be a simple Pro Nuclear Energy vs Con Nuclear Energy. No specific resolution, just the broad subject of using nuclear energy. Burden of Proof - The BoP falls equally on both debaters to support and defend their arguments while refuting their opponent's. For example, Con can focus on negative effects to the environment, safety issues, or better alternatives rendering Nuclear obsolete, but Con cannot just disagree with everything Pro puts up (and vise versa). I will go ahead...

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Technology in the classroom


Technology in the classroom has major benefits. In todays world education varies from school not matter what country you are in. same goes for the students. There are so man students at different levels in the classrom, and with tradtitional teaching techniques, nothing can be really well taylored to the students needs. When technology is added to the classroom the students can become more involved. The student beomes more engaged when they have to press buttons and actively participate in the c...

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phone use in the classroom


Although schools have traditionally banned or limited cell phones in the classroom, 73% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers said their students use phones in the classroom or to complete assignments, according to a Pew Research Center study released in February. I think that students should be allowed to use phones in not only school but in the classroom. I also think that the pros out number the cons by a long shot....

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children should not be given the permission to own mobile phones.


Mobiles may help people to connect the people around the world.But the disadvantages or the defects of these mobile phones are much greater specially for kids.Using mobiles by kids for various purposes such as playing,chatting...etc. can cause much disaster in these children.This is because these mobiles give out radiations which can cause a great damage to our brain.This can even lead to cancers among the children.So to avoid this children should not be given their own phones until they reach a...

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Are video game restrictions in need of changing/updating (violence)


After all of the school shootings and gun tragedies, everyone is pointing fingers. Video games are taking a lot of heat, and I believe they are singled out (it's more than one thing that got us in this mess). Still I believe there should be a change in the rules and restrictions, age related mostly, to better this issue....

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Iphone vs life itself


I am seeing people using their Iphones than focusing on life itself. I see people looking at their Iphone EVERYDAY than focusing to what us happening around them. People are texting every time and look up from their Iphone once while they are walking. People think that their Iphone is more important than life itself. People just don't care anymore to what's happening around them....

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Android Is Better Than iOS


Thank you for accepting/viewing this debate. This is my first debate, so please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong. I will be supporting Android. Rules -No swearing -Only your own personal opinions and knowledge/facts Opening Argument I am somewhat of a tech nerd, and I have used both iOS and Android. In my experience of using both operating systems, I have concluded that Android is the better of the two. Android is more customizable, in that it has widgets, which are live icons on...

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Cell phone use while driving should stay legal activity


I want to first take this opportunity to say thank you to this forum and its participants. I look forward to this debate. Currently there are 7 states (Calif., Conn., Md., N.J., N.Y., Ore. and Wash.), D.C. and the Virgin Islands that prohibit all drivers from using hand held cell phones while driving. I wish to debate this type of legislation. I believe that cell phone use while driving should be not become illegal in any form. I oppose actually doing the action, but do not see where mak...

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