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Nuclear Energy


This is going to be a simple Pro Nuclear Energy vs Con Nuclear Energy. No specific resolution, just the broad subject of using nuclear energy. Burden of Proof - The BoP falls equally on both debaters to support and defend their arguments while refuting their opponent's. For example, Con can focus on negative effects to the environment, safety issues, or better alternatives rendering Nuclear obsolete, but Con cannot just disagree with everything Pro puts up (and vise versa). I will go ahead...

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PC gaming is superior to console gaming.


In this debate I will argue that PC (personal computer) gaming is superior to console gaming. Rounds: 1st - Acceptance 2nd - Arguments 3rd - Rebuttals and closing arguments...

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Cell phone use while driving should stay legal activity


I want to first take this opportunity to say thank you to this forum and its participants. I look forward to this debate. Currently there are 7 states (Calif., Conn., Md., N.J., N.Y., Ore. and Wash.), D.C. and the Virgin Islands that prohibit all drivers from using hand held cell phones while driving. I wish to debate this type of legislation. I believe that cell phone use while driving should be not become illegal in any form. I oppose actually doing the action, but do not see where mak...

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The U.S is the most most technologically innovative country in the world.


The U.S for years has been known to create and innovate. Intel's chips, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and OS X. Cisco servers, IBM's business computers, HP's Tier 1 storage, and not to mention planes, medicine, and more. We are creative....

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Technology has lead to the death of human emotions


according to me technology has not lead to the death of human emotions whereas it has increased human bonding and relationships. with the advent of social networking sites people are able to know their relatives and family friends. Earlier people had to wait for months to talk to each other and no communication means no expressing of human emotions, but today as the communication is increasing the people are able to talk to each other frequently and express heir human emotions too. with video co...

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The Internet does more harm than good.


i am strongly agree that the Internet has caused more harm than good. This is because there have been many negative impacts caused by the Internet's facilities.The negative impacts are the large number of cases on cyberbullying which have led to deaths,game addiction and online predators....

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Expression Through Social Media (good/bad)


Social Media is a huge part of many of our lives. We use it to communicate almost instantaneously and it is the perfect way to communicate from anywhere in the world. It allows us to spread information fast, which is important or useful for almost everyone. Without it, we could be waiting hours, days or even weeks for news to spread across the globe. Although Social Media could become a rude distraction and could be used negatively, the positives DEFINITELY outweigh the negatives. We can tal...

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Technology Creates More Problem Than It Can Solve.


Technology Creates More Problem Than It Can Solve. It's True.Worldwide, We Can See Technology Causing Many Problems, Issues and Critics. But Tech Dose"nt Have any Appropriate Way To Solve Those Problems, It Just Knows the Way To Create Something. For Example, Nuclear Fission Power Plant.Though It Produces Electricity and Meets the Need of 1000"s, It Pollutes the Nature Crucially which Inturn Is Causing Problems For the Same Citizens the Tech Is Supply Electricity, Helping them w...

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Should cyberbullying be criminalized?


I would like to thank the person that accepts this debate, and good luck. "Sticks and stones may break my bones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." This old saying may have been true in the past, but however, in this new age of technology, words are more powerful than ever. Cyber bullying is defined as the act of tormenting, threatening, harassing, humiliating, embarrassing, or otherwise targeting someone by using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, or cell phon...

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PC's are better than Macs


Ok, Pc's are better cause they are better and cause I can actually like game and play awesome games like League of Legends lol. Only applesheeps like macs. Lol XD No k's.:DDDDD :) ...

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