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Ban the consumption of dog meat in countries that have citizens consume dog meat.


Hello. This is a debate between me and my friend. This particular debate is about consumption of dog meat within China and whether or not it should happen. I am for Con, meaning, I am against the particular statement My friend will be for Pro, promoting the statement. There are a total of 5 rounds. I wish my opponent to present to me logical sounding and rational arguments rather than those that incorporate personal preferences, such as personal opinions. I hope you will judge fairly, an...

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Vote moderation standards are an overall benefit to the site


So this has been a heavily discussed Topic in the forums recently, and while I am doing a similar debate with Wylted on voting quality VS quantity, I wanted a debate more specific to the problem a lot of members have raised lately.While this debate may share some of the same elements as my debate with Wylted, it focuses more specifically on the issue of moderation standards. More than a few voices have voiced public dis-interest in the way moderation has affected voting. From my shoes, I have...

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Open Relationships Are Wrong


First here is a description of what I mean by Open Relationship: A relationship where two partners allow the other to interact in emotional and/or sexual bonding with others, but they consider the other partner their main lover. I would like to point out I am not arguing for polygamy as that would imply multiple "main" lovers. I have often questioned whether or not an open relationship would be morally wrong, or unable to function in society. After a lot of thought I come to believe there is...

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