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Terra-forming Venus vs Mars


This debate will focus around the potential to terra-form Venus (me) vs terra-forming Mars (Imabench). Measuring the winner will be based on two values that we will be pushing. 1) How close we can get our respective planet to Earth like conditions. The closer the better. 2) How close the technology needed is to technology that we already have. Obviously everything that is "scientifically possible" is fair game, but things that can be done with tech that we already have available should sco...

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Evolution: Pick One


ScottyDouglas recently published a post in the Religion forum regarding evolution and the flood. The following are the key propositions from that post, which I have copied and pasted here (spelling errors and all):(1) A formerly wide spread of these (flood) myths can make one think that the actuality of the flood can be true. (2) The geological evidences from the Biblical Flood are in agreement with geological facts seen in the field.(3) The d...

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1) Birds disprove darwin\’s \"natural selection\". The idea of natural selection sounds great when considering deer. The deer that can sense danger the quickest and run the fastest are able to escape the predator on a more consistent basis. However, other examples on the evolutionary tree have many laughable flaws. One of the best is the thought that a bird began to evolve a wing. Why this would occur is not answered by evolutionists. The wing stub did not make the bird more ada...

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Global Warming is Happening!


Global Warming is happening! Over the last decades, Earth scientists around the world have evaluated pools of atmospheric, geographic, and oceanic data to reach the same conclusion: the Earth's surface is getting warmer. Besides registering a constant increase in the Earth's average surface temperature decade after decade, scientists also show that the world's sea levels are rising 3.16 mm per year (and have risen a total of 8 inches over the last...

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Information exists independently of matter and energy.


As Pro, I state that information exists as something independent of matter and energy. What I mean by this, is that matter and energy are simply the medium that convey information. Information has it's own independent existence. Con must prove that the existence of information is somehow tied to matter and energy. Four rounds. 1) Acceptance. 2) Opening arguments. 3) Rebuttals. 4) Closing arguments. No rebuttals allowed....

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The Anti-Evolutionists Are Crippled By Questions That Undermine Their Entire Case


I have already done a post like this in the forums, but frankly I believe this is something that Medic, as someone who has been particularly prone of recent to being anti-evolution in his stance, should address. First, here's some definitions: Evolution - the change in allele frequencies over time, or in other words the changes in traits species inherit throughout generations. (3) Common Descent - the scientific theory that all living organisms descended from a common ancestor that liv...

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Apollo 11 mission of the U.S is faked


Resolution: Apollo 11 mission of the U.S is fakedI shall be arguing in favor of the above resolution. The BOP shall be shared. That is, I shall argue the above statement is true, my opponent shall argue that it is false and Apollo 11 mission is not faked

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Ban Human Cloning


Background: Human cloning is essentially the scientific manufacturing of an artificial twin of a person who is or was alive. This is accomplished by taking tissue from the original person and growing it into another human being during the natural reproduction process. ( P1: The biggest issue with human cloning is that there are simply too many unknowns with the process and outcome and negative effects regarding our lack of knowledge. Fo...

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DNA is a code and therefore requires an intelligence to create it


DNA is not a code, instruction, or message and does not contain letters or symbols or meanings. It is a molecule which causes chemical effects under certain conditions. To claim DNA is a code is metaphorical reasoning similar to claiming that one billiard ball "sends a message" to another telling it to drop into a pocket when struck by the first; or that warm air "sends a message" to an ice cube telling it to follow the coded sequential instruction to become water and then vapor. Physical...

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I look forward to debating anyone who does not agree with my view that Creation is scientifically impossible and there is no evidence to support it. Evolution is truth and Creation is a lie.

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