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Global Warming has not accelerated the Water Cycle in the last 115 years


Resolution: Global Warming has not accelerated the Water Cycle in the last 115 years. Definitions Global Warming - A process of climate change frequently associated with the warming of the environment due to man made pollution. 115 Years - For statistical limitations to be 1900 to 2014 and early 2015 Accelerating the water cycle - A sustained increase in water evaporation, or precipitation beyond the first 30 years of the 115 year range, or 1900 to 1930. Rules: Round 1: Acceptanc...

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The probability argument falls flat when it comes to explaining the past


I am starting this debate because I've seen some famous fundamentalists and evangelical Christians mention this argument when trying to disprove abiogenesis. I would like to explain why this fails in a debate. Criterion for this debate is that my opponent has to have at least 10 debates finished.This is to prevent trolls and people unfamiliar with this site and topic to accept,although there are still some chances for that to happen (see what I did there?). 1st round - acceptance 2nd round...

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Tejretics v. Lannan13, Resolved: God Exists


This is a debate about the existence of God and a direct challenge to Lannan13. Thanks to Lannan13 for pre-accepting this debate and making all chosen modifications to the rules/definitions. Rules

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THB, the age for smoking should be put down to 16 in the UK.


My family and I are highly against smoking, and always have been. Not only can it harm and scar you for life, it's life threatening and addictive too. Yet all this advice is going around, people will still smoke and, studies say, die 10 years early. 1# Health As I said in my introduction, smoking has life threatening symptoms, these include: -Cancer -chest pain -shortness of breath -persistent cough -coughing up blood -frequent colds and upper respiratory infections -persistent h...

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Evolution (pro) vs. Creation (con)


Resolved: Scientific evidence strongly supports the Theory of Evolution by common descent over the "theory" of Creationism. Definitions: No semantics p...

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The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory: So, in this debate I will be arguing that the big bang theory is false. The Big Bang theory says that there was a piece of matter the size of a sugar cube, and it blew up and suddenly there is all these random particles which formed quarks and electrons which formed the nuclease which formed hydrogen atoms. Then they formed nebulas which formed stars which blew up and formed planets. So, first off, how do they know it was the size of a sugar cube, better yet, how do they...

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Radiometric Dating is Accurate


Radiometric dating is the method for establishing the age of objects by measuring the levels of radioisotopes in the sample. One example is carbon dating. Carbon 14 is created by cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere. It decays to nitrogen 14 with a half life of 5730 years. C14 is continually being created and decaying, leading to an equilibrium state in the atmosphere. When the carbon dioxide, containing C14 as well as stable C12 and C13, is taken i...

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Scientific Evidence Supports the Theory of Evolution


This is in response to "Wnope"s Evolution Corner", where he has made the claim that creationists wet their pants when presented with the "actual math." As such, I want to see what Wnope is really made of and sent this challenge. The last debate he had was made solely to gain voting rights. For this debate, Definitions: Scientific evidence : Data gained through the scientific method, which can be summarized as "testable, repeatable, falsifia...

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The Internet does more harm than good.


The Internet has made a great impact on our daily lives. Not only does the Internet provide helpful information, but it also brings a lot of convenience in our daily lives.However, it has also dealt a lot of harm to many people. The debate here is to state whether the Internet do more harm than good....

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Gravity can be defined as pressure resulting from space displacement


This is a very loose, underdeveloped theory of mine that may or may not already exist. I expect to be torn apart by someone knowledgeable in GR and physics; however, given the mysterious nature of gravity, and the variety of theories claiming to understand it, I figured what the heck? Here's another one. I have no debate rules, just stay on the topic of gravity, and hopefully we can have a fun, informative exchange. Here is my theory: Gravity is nothing more than pressure being exerted on an...

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