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Wars are necessary to end conflicts


Wars are not a good way to end conflicts between countries - it is not correct to wage wars in order to resolve conflicts - Wars should be banned and peaceful ways should be adapted to resolve conflicts - Wars hinder the progress and prosperity of a nation - Lead to heavy loss of lives of common man as well as resources - Wars disturb the economical development of a nation as well - No war is fought to bring peace or change in the society - Few drastic after-effects of wars: still born ch...

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Evolution (pro) vs. Creation (con)


Resolved: Scientific evidence strongly supports the Theory of Evolution by common descent over the "theory" of Creationism. Definitions: No semantics p...

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There is a biological cause to homosexuality


Resolution: homosexuality is mostly caused by biological factors The reason "mostly" was selected is because all behaviors have some genetic impact, even if its small. Definitions: Homosexuality - in this case, a human being sexually attracted to those of the same sex Biological - in this debate, biological will be defined as genetics ("gay-gene"), hormones (a second theory which I call the hormone hypothesis argues hormones in the womb cause SSA), and brain differences (see LeVay 19...

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Science is a boon rather than a boom for the human race.


Science has made a lot of our lives better, faster and easier. It is unimaginable to live without the developments made in the fields of science. With the developments in science, most of the phenomenon"s that are happening can be understood. Today, there is only a little that is unknown to mankind. Today there is only a little that man is unable to do. All this is possible only due to one thing-development in science....

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The Earth is not 4.5 billion years old - But is young


I acknowledge that the scientific evidence related to determining the Age of the Earth most supports the theory that the earth is not billions of years old. This is my first debate on here, so bear with me, but I am interested in debating someone on this topic. Not a debate where we only post links (although they are needed for sourcing) but where we can discuss the issues related to the topic. I will give three reasons that I believe the earth is not billions of years old, and while you can giv...

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The Anti-Evolutionists Are Crippled By Questions That Undermine Their Entire Case


I have already done a post like this in the forums, but frankly I believe this is something that Medic, as someone who has been particularly prone of recent to being anti-evolution in his stance, should address. First, here's some definitions: Evolution - the change in allele frequencies over time, or in other words the changes in traits species inherit throughout generations. (3) Common Descent - the scientific theory that all living organisms descended from a common ancestor that liv...

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Evolution is a complete fabrication without a shred of evidence


I would first like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate, and the audience for their time and participation. This debate is a challenge to the member DATCMOTO who asserted in this thread: That "Evolution is a complete fabrication without a shred of evidence". I would assume that DATCMOTO is a man of his word and means what he says. If this is the case, then I would like to challenge this assertion. I personally believe that th...

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Is the string theory right (Pro) or is Albert Einstein right? (Con)


I am a man of science being only 14. There has been many debates against the E=mc2 (2= squared). If you can those who are going to protect Einstein please do a debate that I will be able to comprehend? Anyway, simply the argument is to see which theory is correct....

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Intelligent life exists beyond Earth


Why shouldn't there be alien life in outer space? Once we space travel more often, we are bound to bump into another species of aliens. The probabilities that aliens exist is over the top considering the vastness of our universe. It is sort of arrogant to claim that our Earth is the only one with life in the universe. It is like a country who has never traveled far into sea, sees nothing in the horizon, and then claim that that is the only country with intelligent life prospering.

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The evolutionary theory is accurate


I would like the pro position to begin, if that's alright. I wish to have a serious, reasoned debate; I'm not an anti-scientific creationist....

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