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Resolved: the Zombie Apocalypse Will Happen


Be it resolved that: the zombie apocalypse will happen. I would like this to be a serious debate, so no trolling please. My only rule is that my opponent cannot use Max Brooks as a legitimate source, since he doesn't have a PhD on zombies. If this does happen, however, I request that voters please take note and vote for me. Format: Round 1, acceptance Round 2, claims Round 3, rebuttals Round 4, rebuild and voting issues Although this is a serious debate, i want all involved t...

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Evolution is not real.


Alright. I will argue that the theory of evolution is false. You will argue that evolution is true. Rules: Ummm... Just don't swear.First round is acceptence only....

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Unicorns Once Existed


I will be attempting to demonstrate that unicorns had at least existed at least at some point in the past.Debate Format:Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Opening Arguments (no rebuttals)Round 3: RebuttalsRound 4: Rebuttals & Conclusions Good luck! ...

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Experimenting on animals for science purposes shouldn't be banned


Experimenting on animals for scientific purposes should not be banned because of several things, such as : 1. There is no such things as rights for animals,that's why scientist have been experimenting on animals. If there is rights for animals that means every human being must be a vegetarian. 2.If scientist don't use animals for experiment on diseases and cures then there's no medicine for such diseases. Imagine one of your family suffer a disease with cure that can't be found because scienti...

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Radiometric Dating is Accurate


Radiometric dating is the method for establishing the age of objects by measuring the levels of radioisotopes in the sample. One example is carbon dating. Carbon 14 is created by cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere. It decays to nitrogen 14 with a half life of 5730 years. C14 is continually being created and decaying, leading to an equilibrium state in the atmosphere. When the carbon dioxide, containing C14 as well as stable C12 and C13, is taken i...

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no prisons


on the path of truth comes a sudden transport with impenetrable shields let that which makes us most friends, welcome anyone else.. leaf doors on a gate of flowers and skulls.. truth beats time in prison -------------------------- habitual, love, belief, need government regulation.. for balance, no need for prisons.. responsibility enough negative leverage gravitates actions to a certain low.. predicting the future of sins.. but what will a cake lover do locked in a bakery.. we know...

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It Is Not Probable That the Genesis Flood Narrative Actually Occurred


You asked to accept this.Full ResolutionIt is not probable that the Genesis flood narrative, as related in the book of Genesis in the Bible, actually occurred.You are defending the biblical story of the great flood. You cannot use revisionist theories. You must accept that the flood happened around 2300-2200 BC.BoP is shared.Defin...

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This house believes seed clouding is a sustainable long term solution for drought crisis


Putting in consideration that we are facing drought crisis i believe an important question to ask is whether the benefits of cloud seeding outweighs its benefits. I am against cloud seeding as It could change or rather interfere with the whether patterns which could cause places to experience drought or flood due to the artificial compounds added to the atmosphere....

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The Earth is spherical


I believe the earth is spherical. The earth is not flat, as boats wouldn't disappear from the horizon if it was. Also, images of the earth from space aren't fake, and NASA isn't involved in a big conspiracy to make us believe the earth is spherical....

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Most don't know what science is or how science operates.


Science is dead. Kids aren't being taught what science is or how it operates because the teachers and professors and scientists themselves no longer know what science is or how it operates. We are now living in the new dark ages. Because the vast majority no longer understand how science operates, most are now gullible to believing whatever they are told to believe is true 'by science'. Very few know how to think for themselves - to reason - to use logic anymore so they have no choice but to...

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