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Animal Testing


In today's society, science advancements make the world go round, that's a great thing. Unfortunenatly, with this great power, comes great responsibilty. Humans are animals! Just like a dog, a bunny, a horse, we all have animal cells, we all breath, we all feel pain. If science is "so" advance, why are we resorting to hurting other creatures for the purspose of research?...

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DNA is a code and therefore requires an intelligence to create it


DNA is not a code, instruction, or message and does not contain letters or symbols or meanings. It is a molecule which causes chemical effects under certain conditions. To claim DNA is a code is metaphorical reasoning similar to claiming that one billiard ball "sends a message" to another telling it to drop into a pocket when struck by the first; or that warm air "sends a message" to an ice cube telling it to follow the coded sequential instruction to become water and then vapor. Physical...

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Animal testing should be banned!


Animals feel just as much pain as humans do. The only difference is that they do not have a voice. Millions of innocent animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and many others, die each year due to the gruesome torture of animal testing. Animal testing should be banned for its cruelty, inefficiency, and uselessness. The killing of harmless animals for human testing and research is malevolent. Many multi-product manufacturers, including Johnson & Johnson and Clorox, poison and abuse animals durin...

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Evolution cannot account for irreducible complexity


Here I will give GreenTeas a chance to restate his accusations as found in Irreducible complexity: The theory that if a part of an apparatus, such as a mouse trap, is removed, the whole apparatus loses its ability to perform that function. Also see for a more comprehensive explanation: Evolution: Change in the gene pool of a populatio...

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The Theory of Evolution Cannot Explain All Organisms.


The Theory of Evolution is an ineffective method of explaining life on this earth. Through the careful examination of specific organisms and their structures, we see evident the insufficiency of the theory. Evolution, which explains life in small, gradual steps, does not provide the answers we seek. While Microevolution occurs within the gene code and is evident all around us, Macroevolution is a scientific impossibility. The idea that all forms of...

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Global Warming is Happening!


Global Warming is happening! Over the last decades, Earth scientists around the world have evaluated pools of atmospheric, geographic, and oceanic data to reach the same conclusion: the Earth's surface is getting warmer. Besides registering a constant increase in the Earth's average surface temperature decade after decade, scientists also show that the world's sea levels are rising 3.16 mm per year (and have risen a total of 8 inches over the last...

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Creationism has made verified predictions.


I would like to use mostly the same form as used by Microsuck, because I like it. Definitions: These are the definitions that will be used throughout this debate. Theory - A well supported, conceptual framework that encompasses a large body of scientific facts, inferences, data, and observations and explains them in a coherent way (Fairbans, 2012) Predictions-In science, a prediction is a rigorous, often quantitative, statement, forecasting what will happen under specific conditions...

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Philosophy: Determinism Accurately Describes Reality


In this debate, my opponent is taking the hard determinist stance that everything in the whole of existence is predetermined. My duty is to demonstrate that some things are not determined, and I will also present a case for free will. Definitions: Determinism - The philosophical doctrine that every state of affairs, including every human event, act, and decision is the inevitable consequence of antecedent states of affairs. [1] Free Will - The philosophical doctrine that the conduct of...

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Should we go to Mars?


We should go to mars because we could possibly find new elements to cure diseases or cancer. There could be possible life on mars. There is a fundraiser called Mars One where they have plan for the future of us and mars. Give us your opinion!...

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Man-Made global warming exists* and poses a serious threat to humanity.


*Exists and significantly contributes to overall global warming.RulesRound 1- Acceptance, Historical Background, and Definitions only.Round 2- Constructive Arguments only.Round 3- Free choice.Round 4- Rebuttals/Defences only. Round 5- Closing Rem...

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