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Hockey is better then basketball


FIrst round will be accepting the debate and the definition. Second round will be one point. Third round will be 2 new points and NO rebuttals. Fourth round is rebuttals and summarizing points. The definition of hockey is ice hockey only, such as the NHL. Basketball is like the NBA. Good luck to theawesomeguy2, and this will be the first debate out of our best out of 3 debate!...

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Soccer is more physical/popular than Football


Everyone always says that Football is way more physical than Soccer, but that is not true in many ways. First I want you to think about it like this. Football players wear a lot of padding all over there body and yes take some hard hits, but soccer gets the same amount if not strong amounts of hits to the body and they only have shin guards. Football player get hit and will be down for a little while before getting up but I know people ( me included) who played soccer with broken bones and would...

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Messi is better than Ronaldo


Messi is better than ronaldo for a number of reasons. Messi is younger than Ronaldo therefore he has more stamina in the field and also messi has on multiple championships in the past, more than Ronaldo. Also in the 2014 world cup Messi has scored more goals. Ronaldo has an injury right now so therefore in the present Messi is better....

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Soccer is better than Volleyball


First acceptance, then argument. Good luck and have fun. :P...

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Ultimate should be added to the Summer Olympics.


Resolution: Ultimate should be added to the Summer olympics.Rules:(1) Debater must have typing experience and internet access.(2) Place your arguments and sources inside the debate

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This house would ban WWE


The definition is up for the contender!!!!! Let's start it.................................

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Soccer is the best sport in the world


I'm sure this has been a debate that has gone on many times before but here it goes again. Is soccer the greatest sport in the world? I will be arguing that it is the greatest sport but whoever accepts this debate will be arguing that it is not. Debate setup: Round 1: Acceptance. If you would like to accept this debate then in the first round response just put an "I accept this challenge" and the debate will begin after that Rounds 2-4: The actual debate. These rounds will be the actual d...

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Chess, with additional tournament rules, should be an Olympic sport.


The game of chess, with a few additional tournament rules, should be an Olympic sport. Introduction: Chess is unlike many games played. The element of chance does not exist. No dice rolls, no hidden cards, just the pieces in the same starting position every time. Any lost position is the fault of the player, not a lucky dice roll, or malfunctioning equipment. In addition, no absolute win has been found. The starting player does not have a set of moves that guarantee victory. Concessions...

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Tom Brady is the Greatest QB of All Time


I am arguing the Tom Brady ISN'T the best QB of all time Definitions: I don't think that definitions are need for this debate round but if you believe there is, post it in the comments and I will provide a definition as well as a source as soon as I can. Rules: 1.) Round One is for acceptance 2.) A forfeit of concession will not be allowed 3.) All arguments and sources shall be posted in the round. If challenger does not have enough characters, send them in a outside link. 4.) Debate re...

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female soccer players should have higher pay. (Australia)


I don't believe it is fair that male soccer players get payed for sitting on the bench while female soccer players get nothing. there are smaller stands for W-league games, that means that if there are lots of fans (not like that would happen with the level of publicity that the games get) they wont want to come again because of the small seating arrangements. this will decrease ticket sales making the pay go lower, yes, the pay does change depending on if you play or not. How are W-league teams...

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