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Newly revealed natural scientific laws govern the morality of abortion


Thank you for accepting this important debate. The law debated here could alter the way people think about abortion. This debate will test a newly revealed natural scientific law that partially governs the impact that abortion has on society. If this law is valid, then the generally accepted conclusions of the pro life movement will need revision or become invalid. Natural laws are self evident once brought to light and backed up with theory. Natural laws are not invented, they are reveale...

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The existence of God


I affirm that God exists. "The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today."(1) The Earth...its size is perfect. The size of the Earth and its corresponding gravity holds an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases, only extending to about 50 miles of Earth's surface. "It is at a perfect distance from the Sun; not too hot, not too cold."(2) It has the perfect gravity without the difficulty of heavy gravity and lo...

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Pc's are better than macs


Resolved that Pc's are better than macs I am against this motion. PC: A computer running windows Mac: A macintosh computer: does not include devices such as the iphone!...

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To use faith as your reasoning for one specific god is irrational.


Rules:In this debate my opponent will have to show that it is logical to put faith in a specific god, I will show it is illogical. This debate is not about arguments for god, but when somebody reverts back to saying, you just have to have faith, that, that very statement makes it illogical. This debate applies to a person who places faith in one god, persay the christian god or the islamic god. Argument:When a p...

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The Non-Aggression Principle Is a Flawed Moral Position


Res: The Non-Aggression Principle Is a flawed moral position. Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) - The idea that no matter how disgusting, immoral, or improper you believe an act to be, you have no right to use force to stop someone from committing that act, unless that act itself involves the initiation of force against another person (or person's property). Round one is just for acceptance....

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School uniforms ought to be worn in primary and secondary schools.


School Uniform: An outfit of clothing to be worn daily to school. "Traditionally, school uniforms have been subdued and professional. Boys' uniforms often consist of dark trousers and light-colored shirt, often with a tie. Girls' uniforms [...] typically consist of a dress or a blouse worn either with a skirt or culottes or under a pinafore." ( It is assumed that wearing the school uniform (as described above) does not conflict with any religious...

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Illuminati Existance Debate


Okay, so I have absolutely no experience in the art of "debate", and I'm not even sure if this is qualified as a debatable topic. But hearing about the Illuminati has really been bothering me for the past month. I'm sorta of using this as a way of venting. So, I guess you can call this a "practice debate" if you will. Con is for the Illuminati not existing, and Pro is for the Illuminati existing. Uh, I'll let my opponent start with the first argument....

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According to basic Christian philosophy, one should take a pacifistic approach towards warfare


I would like to open this debate to prove pacifism to Christians. When I say "basic Christian philosophy, I mean concepts that all Christian religions agree on, such as the factuality of the sayings of Jesus, and the teachings of the bible*. Specific teachings of denomination, such as "infallible" teachings of the Pope, and Mormon doctrine, however, are not to be assumed true. When one is to imagine the idea of pacifism, it should be thought of as an opposition to all forms of killing, but not...

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The Libertarian view of Nonaggression supports the pro-life position.


I would like to present to you why the libertarian nonaggression principal supports the pro-life position. If abortion is an act of aggression, and I will make the argument that it is, then libertarians should oppose it. Although the the nonaggression axiom is often applied to foreign policy, it also deals with interaction between individuals. "No one has the right to initiate aggression against the person or property of anyone else". [1] I will also argue why the abortion debate is not one o...

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The chicken comes before the egg


Rules: No getting anal over definitions of chicken and egg, and this applies only to the folowing classic problem: What came first, the chicken or the egg? And also, we're talking sctrictly non-religious. Since whoever will be pro has the burden of proof, he can go first. Good luck!...

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