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Human Life Begins at Fertilization


I believe by the end of the fertilization process, (instigated by two human beings) what follows is this: a living, whole organism of the human species. I believe the entity is biologically alive. I believe the entity is a whole organism. I believe the entity is biologically human.There are still some who believe at least one of the statements I've just made are false. I welcome anybody who feels that way to debate the issue with me.While there's much more to the abo...

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Updated 5 Years Ago

Preschool Is A Waste Of Time


Parents should not send their children to preschool for several reasons. First and foremost, the year is better spent with a full-time parent. In addition, most children will learn very little at preschool. Contrary to claims made by preschool advocates, children are not better equipped because of preschool. They may develop social skills and hand painting skills sooner, however children that miss preschool will quickly catch up before they finish the first grade....

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Christianity is a force for good in the world.


On balance, Christianity has done far more harm than good in the modern world. Its human rights record is disgraceful and the negative impacts of its dogmas have reverberated throughout history and even into the present day. As though this wasn't bad enough it also impoverishes the human condition by distracting people from their real happiness with illusory preachments of an afterlife. And despite the good intentions of many decent people it is still one of the prime sources of a considerable a...

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One can have morals without God


Many religious people have claimed that without divine authority, there is nothing on which to base morals. I will be arguing against this position, and offering other foundations for morality. To be sure that I am clear on my opponent's position, I will allow him to make the first argument....

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Race has no significant affect on a person's abilities


Someone's race has no significant affect on that someone's abilities. This can be physical abilities, mental abilities, and so on. None of the "white people are more likely to get sunburned" kind of stuff....

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Gay Marriage


Gay marriage defeats the purpose of "marriage". Modern day marriage is descended from Christianity and the Christian marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not arguing that gay couples should not get the same rights, but for what their partnership should be called....

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Prostitution should be legal in each state.


1. Prostitutes are not hurting society. They are simply working hard. Naturally, there is no ban on prostitution. It is simply another profession and the capitalist, free government should not hinder this form of work. It is a victimless crime and nobody is hurt. There is no purpose in banning prostitution. 2. One great reason to legalize prostitution: Right now, prostitutes are forced to hire pimps. Pimps are unfortunate. They beat prostitutes and can force them to do whatever they want them...

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Updated 7 Years Ago

Newly revealed natural scientific laws govern the morality of abortion


Thank you for accepting this important debate. The law debated here could alter the way people think about abortion. This debate will test a newly revealed natural scientific law that partially governs the impact that abortion has on society. If this law is valid, then the generally accepted conclusions of the pro life movement will need revision or become invalid. Natural laws are self evident once brought to light and backed up with theory. Natural laws are not invented, they are reveale...

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Children shouldn't be pressured or forced to accept their parents' religion


I stand in affirmation. Children should get to choose for themselves which religion, or none at all, that they wish to participate in. Parents should expose children to all different types of faith and ultimately let the kids decide instead of the parents deciding. Let's just say hypothetically that Christianity is the one true faith. Then the Christian parents seem to have done the right thing in forcing their kids to be Christian. They just saved the kids and ensured their place in hea...

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To use faith as your reasoning for one specific god is irrational.


Rules:In this debate my opponent will have to show that it is logical to put faith in a specific god, I will show it is illogical. This debate is not about arguments for god, but when somebody reverts back to saying, you just have to have faith, that, that very statement makes it illogical. This debate applies to a person who places faith in one god, persay the christian god or the islamic god. Argument:When a p...

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