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The current US two party system isn't working


This debate is on the topic of the current political system and the way our government runs it itself. Now it seems quite vague, but there's room to narrow it down throughout your arguments as well. The two party system has created a divide in the United States. Republicans are becoming more Conservative and Democrats are becoming more Liberal. With this divide, comes controversy, corruption, and irrational anger. Both parties blame the other for the issues going on in this nation. If Libertaria...

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Abortion Is Prima Facie Morally Wrong


Allow me to begin by saying how pleased I am to be debating Josh Brahm. I'm sure that many of you will never get to read a more powerful case for the pro-life position than the case you will read in the course of this debate. And I only hope that I can do as well while I proceed to defend the pro-choice position. In this debate I'm going to argue that abortion is not morally reprehensible and should not be illegal, given the actual qualities that a human fetus possesses. Unlike a person, a f...

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All Else Being the Same, a Moral Position in War is Untenable


BackgroundMany people are of the opinion that there is such a thing as a "just war" or a war where a nation's moral fibre remains intact. What this debate is meant to demonstrate is either:1) The cost of moral fibre2) That if we were to ever fight an enemy whose tactical and strategic position was equal to ours, the first casualty of war will be morality.This debate is impossible t...

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Should sport become compulsory


There is allot of controversy about sport and it's benefits. Do you think sport should be accessible to the wider community, and should sport be compulsory for everybody ?...

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Life and why we are all Tywin Lannister


As a student, I find myself surrounded by people who, not only seek to oppress and bully the people who are open and serious about their sexuality, but also label others as gay etc based on their outward appearances. why? it isn't like that when we grow up, is it? get jobs, start families? are we oppressed throughout our whole lives unless we go with the crowd? if that's the case and I, as well as other young people from all walks of life, am destined for, then why shouldn't I declare myself...

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should students be allowed to listen to music during class


Most kids want to listen to music during class to help block out all the other kids screaming and yelling. Some kids can't work when everyone is yelling in their ear. For example i can"t work if there is someone screaming in to my ear. Some people may find that listening to music distracts them from concentrating, but for some people it helps them with focusing, memorizing, and keeping on task. Many people say that music takes stress off their mind by focusing on something else, such as work. Mu...

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Theists leave evidence and reason behind when they believe


Most Theists admit that they cannot prove God exists and, beyond that, have no evidence other than personal revelation. One might think that this would be the end of the line, but along comes the virtue of faith to take up the baton. My simple suggestion, hence the debate, is that belief comes via brute faith rather than evidence or reason....

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Guns should be more difficult to obtain


This is a debate on the resolution that guns should be more difficult to obtain, and made so by the federal government. Here is the full resolution: It should be significantly more difficult to obtain firearms in the United States. Rules: 1. No trolling. 2. No ad hominem attacks. 3. All information must be used in the debate. Don't extend on a separate webpage. (Sources are allowed.) 4. No new evidence or ideas in the final round. (Refutations are allowed.) My opponent will start in th...

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IS dance a sport?


Dance. dance is a an art form and an entertainment BUT it is also a sport. If you look at my picture you can't just do that in a single day it takes practice. I've heard a lot of people say that dancers don't have goals like athletes and dancers can't get hurt just from dancing. and it's not in the olympics and you're not working as hard like athletes are you're just learning choreography (I am sorry for spelling very bad at it). All of this Is wrong. Dancers have goals whether it's learning how...

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Pitbulls being outlawed in cities.


Pitbulls can be loving and caring animals, like any dog. If we ban them what stops us from banning the next breed, that could potentially hurt us? Isn't everything in life dangerous? Look around we ban what we find dangerous, but couldn't the air we breathe be dubbed dangerous? I know 5 beautiful pitbulls. All live together, and none have attacked each other or me. I am interested to hear what you have to say. Don't ban what was created for a reason. Thank you....

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