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Construction of Islam


Mirza was previously going to accept my "Convert Me" debate, but someone else bogarted it. Mirza had indicated that he wanted 2 full rounds to introduce the Koran. So here's how the debate will work. Mirza will make arguments in round 1 and 2. My rebuttals in round 2 and 3 will consist only of 4000 words. This is to give Mirza's first rebuttal in round 3 a chance of actually addressing all my counter arguments. Afterwards, there is no char limit....

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We Should Have Stricter Gun Control


This debate will cover whether or not we should have stricter gun control. For the first round, we will set up the perimeters and definitions. We should not have arguments/points/etc. in the first round, only introductions. From the second round onwards, we shall flesh out our arguments. Gun control would be considered as how easy it is to attain guns (meaning eligibility and sales), how strict the regulation on concealed weapons is, and how much power our government should have in terms of r...

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The Argument from Evil Makes the Existence of the God of Christianity Unlikely


The problem of evil has been a central issue in the philosophy of religion and a major argument against theism for thousands of years. It has even been alluded to in the Bible itself in the book of Job.[1] In the story, Job, a seemingly upright man, undergoes tremendous suffering for no apparent reason and wrestles with his faith as a result. The Qur'an contains the same story, although Job is much more acquiescent and subdued in that version.[2] In classical literature, Fyodor Dostoyevsky explo...

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On balance, theism is more plausible than naturalism.


In this debate, I'm taking the Pro side in Devil's advocacy. Many of my fellow atheists disregard theism without adequately understanding it. This is a mistake. In recent times, brilliant minds have applied analytic philosophy to Christian theology, creating an incredibly sophisticated and nuanced worldview. Owing to the their efforts, it has experienced a renaissance in contemporary philosophical circles. ============ Reformed epistemology ============ There are three common responses t...

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If one is both homeless and unemployable, one should rob a bank.


Thanks to whoever accepts this debate. I will make this round no longer than it needs to be by providing some simple points, then drawing a conclusion from them. 1. Being homeless would suck compared to being rich. This is pretty obvious. Eating garbage vs. eating whatever you want. Freezing in winter vs. being comfortably warm. Using a cardboard box as a blanket vs. using a Hannah Montana bedspread... erm, I mean, a real manly bedspread with pictures of beer and stuff on it. And steak...

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Preschool Is A Waste Of Time


Parents should not send their children to preschool for several reasons. First and foremost, the year is better spent with a full-time parent. In addition, most children will learn very little at preschool. Contrary to claims made by preschool advocates, children are not better equipped because of preschool. They may develop social skills and hand painting skills sooner, however children that miss preschool will quickly catch up before they finish the first grade....

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With 30 minutes of preparation, the user known as Kleptin could feasibly vanquish a grizzly bear


Full resolution: With 30 minutes of preparation, the user known as Kleptin could feasibly vanquish agrizzly bear in combat inside yellow stone national park. PARAMETERS: 1) The fight takes place in Yellowstone national park 2) Kleptin is assumed to be well capable of climbing trees 3) Kleptin gets access to a high quality hunting knife 4) It is assumed that Kleptin is not in any way physically handicapped and is at least physically capable of sprinting a mile in 5 minutes and benching...

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Abortion Is Morally Permissible


I want to begin by saying how pleased I am to debate Trent on this most important of moral issues. Like my opponent, I have a deep interest in bioethics. So I'm very much looking forward to discussing the philosophical aspects of abortion with such a capable and passionate contender. In this debate I'm going to defend two basic contentions. First, there are no good reasons to think that abortion is morally wrong. And secondly, there are good reasons to think that abortion is morally permissib...

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President Obama is bad 4 the US


I am in strong affirmation that, President Obama is bad 4 the United States of America. President obama is a hypocrite he cast blame on big spenders saying there to blame 4 the economic situation. Then he has a 6 million dollar party when he takes office. He will not salute the flag of the united states cause he says there is no opportunity in America but after 2 generations the obamas have come from nothing to the most influential black family in the world. Obama has little experience and his s...

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Children's welfare should take legal priority over their parents' freedom of religion


Imagine you are a small child and as a special treat for your birthday your mummy and daddy take you to the zoo to see all the lovely animals locked up in their dirty, cramped cages. You are having a wonderful time there and you have laughed at the funny little monkeys and gasped at the great big elephants and you have even been allowed to stroke the bunny rabbits. Then your mummy asks you if you would like to see the lions and you reply that you would. So, you all set off in the direction of...

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