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hurricane katrina vs superstorm sandy


sandy wasnt a superstorm. it was a category 1 hurricane. thats a piece of cake versus katrina....

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Welfare Recipients Should Be Subject to Mandatory Birth Control


I would like to debate the idea that welfare recipients should be subject to mandatory preventative birth control (i.e., contraception, not abortion) for the duration of time that they receive benefits. I will be arguing in favor of this position.First round is acceptance, with second and third rounds set for rebuttals, and fourth round is closing arguments with no new points being added.Thank you. :)...

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Theists leave evidence and reason behind when they believe


Most Theists admit that they cannot prove God exists and, beyond that, have no evidence other than personal revelation. One might think that this would be the end of the line, but along comes the virtue of faith to take up the baton. My simple suggestion, hence the debate, is that belief comes via brute faith rather than evidence or reason....

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Guns should be more difficult to obtain


This is a debate on the resolution that guns should be more difficult to obtain, and made so by the federal government. Here is the full resolution: It should be significantly more difficult to obtain firearms in the United States. Rules: 1. No trolling. 2. No ad hominem attacks. 3. All information must be used in the debate. Don't extend on a separate webpage. (Sources are allowed.) 4. No new evidence or ideas in the final round. (Refutations are allowed.) My opponent will start in th...

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A woman's place is in the home


Research shows that the majority of people believe that a woman's place is in the home: looking after the children; attending to domestic duties and ensuring her husband's dinner is on the table when he comes in from work. [1] Sadly, many women these days have chosen to abandon their feminine duties and pursue careers in industry and commerce instead - and it stands to reason that their families have suffered as a result of their neglect. Meanwhile, there is mass unemployment with the resu...

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All copycat OS or phones of iOS and Apple respectively should be condemned


Based on the facts, the existence of smartphones after Apple are mostly a copycat concept of iOS/iPhone 1 that was released in 2007. [1] Before that, the smartphone is terrible, IBM Simon. [3] In fact, I do not know until I have searched although I know that button based phones will be used in the era without the concept of iOS/iPhone. In 2008, Android 1.0 was released, with the same concept: touch-screen. Features in the phone are also changed to icons, exactly like the iOS. As for phone...

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Pitbulls being outlawed in cities.


Pitbulls can be loving and caring animals, like any dog. If we ban them what stops us from banning the next breed, that could potentially hurt us? Isn't everything in life dangerous? Look around we ban what we find dangerous, but couldn't the air we breathe be dubbed dangerous? I know 5 beautiful pitbulls. All live together, and none have attacked each other or me. I am interested to hear what you have to say. Don't ban what was created for a reason. Thank you....

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murder is right


my opponent on his profile claims he can uphold any position even if its totally absurd or wrong. Lets see if he can prove this one right. put him to the test. he nust prove murder, is in some way, good....

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Christ Committed Suicide


BackgroundThe impetus for this debate spawned from an ongoing discussion about assisted suicide ( It became evident that there were many interpretations as to exactly what constituted suicide. This debate is meant to highlight one particular interpretation.

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Should the government force people to vaccinate their children?


I think that people should be forced to vaccinate their children because I value the continuation of human life over individuality in tiny doses. It is like, in chess, if you don't move your bishop to stop the queen from coming through and taking out multiple pieces because you don't want to be forced to move. It seems to me like people are too concerned with winning small battle while creating problems with the people you need to co-operate with. This is like the hierarchy in the school systems...

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