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A Triune Godhead is more likely revealed by the Bible than a single God entity


Argumentation will start in round two. Please just accept and clarify in round 1. I will start my positive argument in round two. Round one will be definition and acceptance only. Triune Godhead = One God in Essence, Three Persons in Corporate Unity. Single God Entity = Only the Father is God both in Person and Essence. The Bible will be both the Protestant and Catholic Bible. Con will work to reaveal a single God. Pro will work to reveal a Triune God. A non-Christian or non-ortho...

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Is chess a sport?


First of all I thank you for viewing this debate and I thank my opponent for accepting. Many people believe chess is not a sport but I disagree with this common misconception. A sport is defined as "an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs." Chess fits all of this criteria. Though this opening argument is vague and general I will incorporate more detail in the next rounds. Please attempt to prove me...

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Objectivism is not a logically valid philosophy.


Objectivism is... My first more intellectual "real" debate. A bit late but I hope to do more soon. Kantism and "methodological antipositivism" are open [Int=Pro]. >>Intro<< It has arised to me Cody that you are a very smart person, you where right about Objectivism you "couldn't honestly challenge the logic he was setting in front of me[Cody]", why? Because it's infallible with it's supposed axioms. You have also fallen into what is the Objectivist way of thinking, rationization and impli...

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America's military is the greatest in the world.


To answer your comment in why yes, TheSkeptic, I would. ************************************************************** America's military might is by no means small, it has such a variety of armed and unarmed forces supporting it that it can adapt to most situations and handle them effectively, what that statement does not encompass, however, is the fact that the enemy would be trying to do precisely the same thing. I intend to prove two points:...

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To be against the right to possess a fire arm is to be, unwittingly, against self defense.


I believe that self defense is the most fundamental and essential right. If an individual is restrained from defending himself, his family, his community, or his country, he is left with absolutely no rights whatsoever. Without life, there are no rights! If a compendium of rights are agreed to and protected by law, but the right to self defense is absent, then the list of rights however long and valuable in themselves are voided by the first creep that chooses to relieve you of those rights....

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Animal Testing


Animal testing is a cruel and should be abolished. Apropos animal testing, what a deplorable procedure a vivisection is. Every year, tens of millions of animals are dissected, infected, injected, gassed, burned and blinded in hidden laboratories on college campuses and research facilities throughout the U.S. Of course there are benefits, but why should innocent animals have to suffer? The answer is: an animal's life is considered less valuable than a human's. Why? Animals veritably do...

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The 'Problem of Evil' never succeeds (Attempt 1), Pt. 2


INTRODUCTION This is "Part 2" of a debate I am having with TheSkeptic regarding the Problem of Evil (PoE) as an argument for the non-existence of God. If you have not already done so, please see "Part 1" of this debate first before following and voting on "Part 2" (for it contains the agreed-upon definitions and parameters of the debate). [1] This debate in both parts is considered the first attempt at defeating my resolution because my opponent is still TheSkeptic. The next attempt will not...

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METADEBATE!: Noam Chomsky vs. J.Kenyon


This is a just-for-fun debate. It is not meant to be offensive to either Noam Chomsky or J.Kenyon, both of whom I consider very intelligent and articulate people. J.Kenyon's repetition of Chomsky's quote about not understanding economics inspired me to do this debate. Resolved: If Noam Chomsky were to join DDO and face J.Kenyon in a debate about a topic in economics, Noam Chomsky would win the debate. Definitions and Assumptions: 1. Noam Chomsky is an emeritus professor of linguistics f...

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"Media is the nervous system of a democracy. If it's not functioning well, the democracy can't function." -- Jeff Cohen Despite it's criticism, Wikileaks is one of the most responsible tools of journalism in our generation. It's important to understand just how important of a role the media plays in our society. News organizations are responsible for shaping the way we view political candidates, many of whom we will never get to meet or observe directly. They are the ones we elect into off...

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Does God exist?


Some people believe that God is a myth. However, the Bible clearly states that there is a God and that there are people who have seen sufficient evidence. There have been cases of miracles, which supports the fact that God is real even more. The most specific picture of God reveling himself to us is Jesus Christ. The majority of people in the world have some sort of belief in a God. He answers our prayers and controls our destiny. Have you ever heard the saying, "Everything happens for a rea...

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