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On the Death Penalty


I contend that the death penalty is a just punishment for certain types of crimes. The reasoning for this is rooted in basic positive AND negative rights - namely the right to life, the right to defend oneself, and the right to redress of grievances for harm to oneself or one's companions. I don't think anyone contests the notion that there is a basic right to live. In order to exercise this right, we must have a right to defend that life, either by incapacitation or fatality. Furthermore, gr...

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I am your God


I am your god....

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Led Zeppelin.....The Greatest Band Ever


Led Zeppelin is hands down the best band to ever grace us with their presence on this earth. Jimmy Page is arguably the best guitarist ever. The late Bonzo was and still is the greatest drummer of all time. Plant was the first true metal vocalist with his distictive high pitch. And last but not least, JPJ, the most underrated musician of the modern era; great composer and played many different instruments. But a band cannot have success with just very talented members, it needs chemistry, consis...

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Evolution, the theory that all life is the result of purely undirected processes, is probably false.


Science is a methodological approach to understanding the properties and behaviors of the physical world. The scientific method relies on hypothesizing based on already known facts, making predictions based on this hypothesis, and testing the hypothesis via experimentation. The scientific "truth" is that scientific theory which best explains the phenomenon in question, where "best" is defined as "most adequate." Unfortunately, this can often be subjective. Nevertheless, when applicable cases ari...

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DDO Advanced Rap Battle


Traditional style text rap battle. My opponent can set it off in the first round. There will be two battle rounds, two raps for each opponent. The final half of the third round will be blank....

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Ultimate Team War - Pandora


This debate, by tvellalott's choice, will take place in the human encampment of Pandora, from the movie Avatar. This is Ultimate Team War. Each debater must assemble a team of five characters, and the teams will then fight to the death(ish). Since we cannot have an actual real-life battle, each debater will explain why their team is superior during this debate. DEFINITIONS Team leader: One of the debaters here, i.e. me or my opponent T...

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Amanda Knox is more likely innocent than guilty


The evidence that places Amanda (AK) at the crime scene (specifically Meredith's bedroom) is the so-called double DNA knife. The Conti-Vecchiotti Report ordered by Judge Hellman introduces reasonable doubt as to the reliability of this evidence which means that AK cannot be definitively placed at the crime scene. If she was not at the crime scene during the murder, she could NOT have committed murder. Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 4: Closing/No new arguments...

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Religion vs Science


I am interested to observe the outcome of this debate, as I agree with neither side, my view undecided at the present. I will be arguing on behalf of science, however, being a committed Church-goer myself, I do not wish to state anything I say as a truth. I would like to thank my challenger for accepting the debate and I am hoping you will be an interesting opponent. You will notice the word infinite becoming overused and that it because it is a key point in M-theory, the ultimate theory of w...

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Social Darwinism is a just theory


Rules:1. If Con starts the argument in the first round, he/she must not use the last round. If Con simply uses the first round for acceptance, they can use their last round.2. BoP is shared.3. Invoking Godwin's Law will result in immediate loss of conduct and argument points.4. If someone uses semantic arguments, the opponent also has the right to use semantics without loss of conduct points.5. If you have any questions about the rules, message...

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The Practice of Tipping should be Stopped immediately.


Tipping: The practice of giving an expected gratuity to a member of the service trade. The practice of tipping is one of the most illogical and crazy behaviors in our society. As a consumer you are expected to tip certain people- but not others, and to always tip- but don't give too little! Frankly the social rules of tipping can be a little confusing and arbitrary. People who advocate tipping usually put forth the argument that the people working in the jobs where tipping is deemed accep...

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