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Mobile Phone Confirmation?


This is more of a question than a debate. Why does the site make you give your phone number to access certain features? Which features are they? I am against the mobile phone confirmation. CONTENTION I: I don't have a cell phone....

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Cell phone usage is a leading cause of brain cancer.


Recent news articles and media outlets have surmised that cell phone usage is a leading cause of brain cancer. This debate will prove, one way or another, if the media has a foundation for making the aforementioned claim....

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technology is taking over


I'm outraged by this statement. This statement is basically saying that everything that people have put into creating this technology, and upgrading it is a waste. But I'm here as a voice. I'm here as a voice to the technology creators, nerdlings all over the world who are obsessed with gamingthe most important people of all – US – high school kids who need to do their assignments, and hand them in on time. Us, who need to know who feel a Need to share every thought or every "awkward moment" we...

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Resolved: PCs are better than Macs


The age old argument, PC or Mac. Well it shall be discussed here. I will be arguing PCs are better than Macs. My opponent will argue Macs are better than PCs. BOP, thus, is shared. This debate is limited to the computers/laptops no handheld devices such as Ipods. Please no semantics, we're debating over the respective computers....not whatever else PC and Mac could stand for... If my opponent wishes they can begin this round, but, if they do so they must give up their last roun...

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Were firearms a good invention for the society?


Before you accept this debate there is 1 rule. NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF. Break this rule and im gonna have a field day with you. Was the invention of firearms a good invention or a bad one? I as Con say its a bad invention that ends up destroying the society. Arguments are posted at round 2 and i wish my opponent good luck....

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PS3 is better than XBOX


First off, let me just say thank you to whoever is up against me for this debate. Also, I hope to have this debate go: Round 1 - Opening Statements Round 2 - Rebuttals Round 3 - Closing Arguments... Here we go: The PS3 is by far better than the XBOX in many ways. Firstly, a PS3 can show BluRay discs, without any downloads or expansions. Also, the PS3 comes with WiFi connectivity included, so no need to buy an adapter or anything like that. Also, a PS3 includes multiple decent games, th...

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is it ok for kids under 13 to have a facebook?


its dangerous. first predators:if the kids post a profile picture and they talk to people they dont know they could meet up with this person thinking they know what their doing or get kidnapped or anything like that. I say NO!...

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Original Japanese Anime is superior to regular American cartoons


This is a spar. No research or sources allowed. Thanks and let's get started! I am for the topic matter of anime being superior to regular cartoons for the following two contentions. 1. learning other languages while not in school 2. better animations. Okay, so on to my first contention. While we watch anime we can learn how to speak Japanese. It is a fun language and I personally have watched Anime over the years and can now almost fluently speak the language, and I didn't have any ne...

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THBT Now is A Good Time To Be Young


I believe that now is not a good time to be young just because if you take a look at the current state of today's youth, the generation has take a turn for the worse. I say this because the children before used to go out and enjoy their lives and not worry of being abducted or assaulted. However, nowadays, parents don't let their child even leave the house because they are afraid of something bad happening to their children. Is this what you want Generation Y to be like? A bunch of cowards not e...

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Whether Apple is Better Than Microsoft


Apple is better than Microsoft due to its increased user-friendlyness and unique functions. Any arguments?...

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