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Showing: 161 - 170 version 3 will more likely than not be up and running by the time this debate concludes.


It is within my belief that version 3 will be up and running by the time this debate concludes. To define what I mean by this, I'm saying that the chances of version 3 being accessible before or at the time this debate concludes are at least 51%. Just to insure that this won't be a wait fest, I'll go ahead and provide a contention. For now, my one and only contention shall be that the webmaster stated that version 3 would be up by the end of July. Given that it is lon...

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Were firearms a good invention for the society?


Before you accept this debate there is 1 rule. NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF. Break this rule and im gonna have a field day with you. Was the invention of firearms a good invention or a bad one? I as Con say its a bad invention that ends up destroying the society. Arguments are posted at round 2 and i wish my opponent good luck....

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Mobile Phone Confirmation?


This is more of a question than a debate. Why does the site make you give your phone number to access certain features? Which features are they? I am against the mobile phone confirmation. CONTENTION I: I don't have a cell phone....

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Why are women under-represented in the IT industry?


Whereas it might not be surprising that Stylist magazine listed the likes of Charlotte Olympia Dellal, a shoe designer, as one of the UK"s 25 most successful women perhaps it comes as a shock to hear that the first programmer in the world was actually female (Ada Lovelace). The IT industry is renowned for being one of the most male dominated sectors and in the UK women account for a mere 14.4% of computing professionals. Furthermore research reveals that women currently hold only 20% of seni...

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Cell Phones in School Pros and Cons


there is no doubt that a cell phone allows for the advantages of being able to contact a person directly during an emergency or otherwise . Knowing that a child has a mobile phone puts the parents at ease because they can call them in case of any change in plans , emergency instructions and the like . In addition , cell phones can used as a tool to aid academic . A cell phone comes with several cell phone accessories like calculators , cameras and the internet etc.There are several websites whic...

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modern technology


i belive that modern technology has helped us a lot to the new world...

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Original Japanese Anime is superior to regular American cartoons


This is a spar. No research or sources allowed. Thanks and let's get started! I am for the topic matter of anime being superior to regular cartoons for the following two contentions. 1. learning other languages while not in school 2. better animations. Okay, so on to my first contention. While we watch anime we can learn how to speak Japanese. It is a fun language and I personally have watched Anime over the years and can now almost fluently speak the language, and I didn't have any ne...

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the kindle is better than books


alright, please accept this debate. This should be fun with a small word count Argument: The kindle is better than books because The kindle is strong and light, as well as portable. Not to mention the kindle can keep hundreds of books in a small device. Plus the books you can buy are a lot cheaper than hard copies....

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Alienware laptops are the best gaming laptops under $3,000


Alienware laptops are the best gaming laptops under $3,000 dollars. The first round will be acceptance....

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The Playstation 3 is a better console than the Xbox 360.


I often hear how much better the Xbox is better than Playstation, and for a while believed it. Until I bought the PS3. Since than, in my mind the Xbox doesn't have a leg to stand on in a battle with the PS3. The Pros (That Xbox can't offer): 1) Bluray- We all now that Bluray players are often over $100 dollars, but if you have a true HD TV, you will know that Bluray is worth it. Stunning Picture quality and functionality make it the top dog of the portable media world. So it only makes se...

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