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Is Racism still prevalent in America Today?


I believe that racism is still an issue in America. Though it is not like the racism that dates back to the times of slavery and really societal-concerned, it is still an issue that exists and is thriving today. Though the government is not supporting the racist actions and movements that people are doing and the remarks that are made by the people. The government can't delete thoughts of opposition towards foreigners or slurs and name-calling to ones that look different than the people who were...

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Should India have annexed Pakistani Kashmir in the 1971 Indo-Pak war?


Though this resolution might seem controversial, I will argue for it. I would like to get some more insights into this issue hence the debate. Do be respectful.You must comment if you desire to accept this debate.*This is not meant to be offensive to Pakistanis or anybody else whatsoever, th...

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there should be a death penlty


there should be a death penalty because if murders get life in prison they can get out and kill again...

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Palmer should not receive the inheritance from the will


1. On August 13th 1880 Francis B. Palmer made as well, where he left a small inheritance to his two daughters, Mrs. Rags and Mrs, Preston, and the rest was left to his grandson Elmer Palmer. 2. On March 1882, Frances married Mrs. Breeze, while entering an ante-nuptial contract, which states that instead of inheriting his estate upon his death she will have the support of his farm for the rest of her life. 3. Elmer lived with his grandfather until Frances died when I was 16. 4. He knew of his...

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The M16 is better then the AK-47


First round is for acceptance! Please, no trolls on this debate. Please accept only if you have a solid understanding of this two extremely important firearms. Looking forward to having a fun debate! The con will have to prove that the AK-47 is better then the M16....

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Is the Big Bang Theory true?


I personally do not belive in the Big Bang Theroy because it is said that it is the reason why all the planets and the galaxies were created. This is makes no sense because how can a explosion make everything go in a specific way. Starting off with that a explosion wouldn't have put the Earth in a specific place not to far from the sun and not to close. This so called"Big Bang Theory" if is real wouldn't have had that' the Earth be in a specific place, it would be in a totally random place becau...

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The Philochistos 1973 commemorative debate


I just made my 1973rd forum post, and since I was born in 1973, I thought I'd initiate the Philochristos 1973 commemorative debate. Several people have expressed interest in debating me, so this is their big opportunity, assuming they see this before somebody else does. Please read the rules carefully before accepting. RULES: 1. You pick the topic. It can be on almost any subject you want. I only ask you to be considerate. Although I am quite willing to play devil's advocate if I need t...

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Design Your Prison


Okay let's do this the fair way.... I learned my lessonRound one acceptanceRound two we post our prison layout/design, cell design, don't forget the isolation chamber! As well as prison environment and guard routine, all that junk like the last debate "Escape Plan". The differences here are the restrictions which apply to borth parties in this debate...RESTRICTIONS to prison-The environment must be on earth (the planet), in a p...

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Should all parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having their first child?


Based upon some recent child deaths, I came upon the question. Should all parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having their first child? I think yes, because a course run by an organization like Red Cross could better ensure the safety of the child and the level of responsibility of the parents....

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Life Means God is Good


I accept the BOP in this debate, and will probably lose because most people will not concede to the fact that God is good. Most people will say God is not good because He does not give them what they want.......but the truth is, God does give everybody what they want. People tend to want the wrong things. The first thing we need is to be saved from dying. God is trying to save everybody, but most people want the wrong things so God lets them have it and that is not good.......but God is goo...

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