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Respect for Life


The starting point of wildlife conservation is the understanding that no meaningful conservation can be carried out unless one understands that all life must be respected for what it is, and that we leave our misconception that humans have a better claim to life, or to the earth and what it offers. After so many centuries of intellectual thought and evolution, if we still have people talking casually of clearing forests, or of killing animals, talking of forests and wildlife as if they were liv...

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Does Abortion Kill a Human Being?


I believe abortion kills a human being. We know the unborn is biologically a member of the human species, because she comes from human parents. Her DNA could also be tested in utero, and we would always find that she has human DNA. Most pro-abortion-choice people, however, agree with the above statement. Their issue is usually the question of whether the human entity killed is a "person," or a member of our species that has basic rights. The pro-choice ad...

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Resolved: God exists


First round is acceptance and opening statements. If you do not agree with the three statements I make below, please don't accept the debate. Statement 1) Something cannot be A and not-A at the same time and in the same relationship (the law of non-contradiction). Statement 2) Ex nihilo nihil fit (out of nothing nothing comes). Statement 3) There is something. Alright, so with those basic preconditions set, let's launch into my argument for the existence of God. MAIN ARGUMENT...

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The Problem of Hell Redux (2)


I thank KeytarHero for agreeing to debate this with me. IntroductionI have already done two debates on this subject but I hope to tackle this issue yet again. [1][2]To reiterate, my position is that the existence of hell - conceived of as eternal, conscious torment (e.g. the "traditional" doctrine of hell) - is, in all likelihood, incompatible with the existence of a God who is conceived of...

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Atheism is more probable than Theism.


Resolved: Atheism is more probable than Theism.For purposes of this debate, the term "God" will be defined as to include the general attributes of the Judeo-Christian God (i.e.: omnipotence, omniscience, omnibenevolence etc.) That...

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Will arguing help or detriment your cause? (For: Argue, Against: Don't)


One question we must all find ourselves asking is whether the arguing we put forth is going to benefit others, and I also find that others in society would like to question the reasoning behind our arguments. What do I think? When someone argues, they use his/her best rhetorical skill. They have the goal of winning in mind, but that, at least to society, is considered a very selfish motive. While there are times which call to be selfish, others do not. What if I told you that arguing, while...

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children with strict parents acheive greater success in life


Childhood is the bless of god to us. I think we should accept this gift . I would like to start with the words of Ethiopia ,"If you can't hold a child in your hand hold it in your heart"..... If you are too protective to your child he or she may get an reward of discipline but that discipline will destroy the child's future if it is felt unbearable to him/her..................... such children think that the only way to get out of a problem is to tell a lie ONE LIE AFTER THE OTHER ,ONE...

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Scientific induction is not the way science functions.


I am arguing that scientific induction is simply not valid. It cannot provide a logical grounding for beliefs in laws/theories/hypothesises and that induction itself is logically impossible to reconcile with science. Firstly I will be talking about induction and then an alternative theory as proposed by Karl Popper called falsification. For a very quick summary of induction in science, I will give a quick example. Say we observe an apple growing on a tree. We observe millions of apples g...

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(Death Note) L is Just as Evil as Kira.


Warning: the following debate will likely contain spoilers for the anime/manga/movies "Death Note".A great injustice has occured throughout the Death Note fandom. Many fans recognise L, the former World's Greatest Detective, as a hero.I have come today to tear down this false idol and expose his corruption.L is just as great an evil as Kira, and I wish t prove it.

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There Are No Reasonable Arguments for a God


The aim of my opponent in this debate should be to attempt to prove me wrong by showing a reasonable argument in favor of the existence of a god, and I will reply accordingly. I am eager to find a good argument, and I have tried to formulate my own, so I am reasonably open-minded about this issue. A god would be roughly defined as the creator of the universe. He does not need to be necessarily omnipotent, perfect, or benevolent, but my opponent can argue for that or similar concepts that rese...

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