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Legalize Gay Marriage


I have seen that you take opposition to gay marriage, and I would like to challenge you on that. The first round is for accepting. Thanks, and I can't wait to debate you....

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Man is naturally Good or Neutral or Evil?


This is will be a short debate on whether Man is naturally Good/Neutral/Evil, I propose that Man is naturally neutral which I will explain further in round 2, first round is for acceptance in which you will accept then choose which side, good/evil, and then wait for me to argue, It is recommended that you present yourself.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as well


Official Resolution: If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as wellThis is an intresting concept I've been meaning to get to, on a philosophical argument I've been studying for awhile. The BOP will reside on me proving, that if the Taliban were to be considered terrorists, then the United States would also have to be considered terrorists. The opposition must be of the belief that the Taliban are terrorists. Usually...

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God Does Exist


I was hoping I could debate Con on the existence of God. I will be taking Pro, and if my opponent accepts, then he will be taking Con. I would also like to thank Con if he accepts this debate.Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening ArgumentsRound 3: Rebuttals/Conclusion(Can be a short conclusion) ...

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Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality.


Note: I have made this debate impossible to accept. To be considered for accepting this debate, please state the moral system you will be arguing for in the comments section. Topic:I take the position that "Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality." My opponent must choose a sufficiently different system of normative morality and argue in favor of it. The winner is the one who shows his morality system to be better.

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The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is Sound - 2


Resolved: The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is Sound.Rounds:1. Presentation of the LCA/Initial Refutation2. Clash3. Weighing/ClashNo new arguments should be presented in round 3 unless in direct response to a new argument presented in round 2.God is defined as the necessary, personal first cause of the universe.We should rationally accept an argument as sound...

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LIVE DEBATE: The "Right to be Forgotten" as a Civil Right


PrefaceThanks so much to Zaradi for fitting this into his schedule and for agreeing to participate. I am looking forward to doing a legitimate LD round again!The voting floor is set at 2000 ELO. Please do not vote unless you have some rudimentary (or better) familiarity with LD.Full TopicThat the "right to be forgotten" from internet searches Ought to be a Civil RightNon-Live Debate Structu...

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Is the environmental movement based on false logic?


1. Objective value of anti-environmentalism The modern world's industrial economy allows for more than 7 billion people (and counting) to exist on this planet. Capitalist progress had proven wrong the environmentalists of the late 19th century who claimed that the population would die out after 2 billion people because it is not possible to produce food and shelter for a large amount of people. You live in a house made of wood, with heat from natural gas, you use electricity made from coal, g...

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This House Believes Ontology Necessitates God!


Shalom Aleichem! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE TILL THE TIME NEARLY RUNS OUT. YOU CAN ACCEPT IT ON THURSDAY. ACCEPTING BEFORE THURSDAY WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE LOSS. THIS DEBATE HAS BEEN SENT AS A CHALLENGE TO DOUBLE_R. The Judges are: Subutai, Envisage, n7, popculturepooka, phantom, Danielle, Raisor, Sargon, and bladerunner060. Spelling and grammar, unless out right horrid, will not count in voting. The idea of this debate started with me contacting Roy for a debate. Given...

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This house believes in Utilitarianism over its rivals.


Hello, welcome to the debate.The debate is simply as the resolution stands. No squirreling of terminology to change the intended purpose of debate, the division of labour is mostly on myself (though my opponent should present a counterplan).The round structures should be as followed:R1 - Acceptance and any opening remarks.R2 - An explanation of your ethical system. There should not be serious engagement with the opposition's argument, though i...

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