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Presupposing Islam is true, an eternal hell is justified.


= = = = = Introduction = = = = =This debate will be about the justification for the conception of hell fire in Islam. I will argue that Hell fire conceived of in Islam, a conscious eternal torment is morally justified. My opponent may build a case of his own, but it is sufficient for him to only refute my case. ...

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In determining anything to be true do we use faith whatsoever?


Faith is the excuse people use for believing something when they don't have a good reason.-Matt Dilahunty When we go about our lives we tend to think that using faith ever is "okay" or rational or acceptable. However you want to say it under NO circumstances ever using faith is the most rational reason in determining something to be true. Whether determining your own personal religious view or if you are deciding who to trust with a prized possession of yours faith is the most irrational way t...

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Should abortion be legal?


I believe that abortion should be legal, it is a citizen's personal right as the holder of their life and body and is not an action that encompasses criminal individuals or behavior....

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What lies outside the universe?


Most people question what lies outside the universe. I think I have the answer. Nothing. Literally, a timeless void that consumes everything. Scientists say that the increasing universe is being pulled by a force called Dark Force, I think the void is trying to fill itself. Also, as it is nothing, there is not a real way to say it does not exist....

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This House Believes That the No Difference Theory is correct


Hello, and welcome to my next debate. 16kadams, probably one of the most formidable and respected debaters on this site for conservative beliefs against myself, it certainly shall be an interesting debate. ===Opening Jokes==='My Dad used to say 'always fight fire with fire', which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.'===Definitions===No difference theory: The rejection of necessary differe...

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Determinism is true while Free Will is a fallacy


I am of the opinion that every event that occurs not only has a preceding event that can be quantitative but also a proceeding event has the same ability and as such can be predicted if enough data were to be accumulated. The idea that nature is "random" is foolish at its core concept. I have absolute certainty that when rain falls from the sky it will eventually evaporate from the ground and fall from the sky once again. I know for a fact that if I put water into an environment that is 32 degre...

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Prove your existence!


I saw someone else set up a debate like this one, unfortunately con didn't give arguments more than a sentence long. I decided that I wanted to try it. Basically I want to prove that I cannot know if you exist or not, and you want to prove that you do exist. Thanks to whoever accepts this!...

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Capitalism is Superior to Socialism


Which system is superior: capitalism or socialism?I propose that capitalism is the only moral system, since it is the only system firmly grounded in the concept of individual rights. Socialism, on the other hand, is based on forced cooperation and the violation of individual freedoms.To understand what these rights entail, we must ask ourselves: what are rights? To answer this question, we must first ask, what is man? What is his nature?Man's Nature, Individualism, and Rights:Man is a rational a...

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On balance, Collectivism is preferable to Individualism


1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in the final round 3. This debate should be impossible to accept. Finding a way to accept without permission will result in an automatic loss for Con. If you would like to accept, please say so in the comments section, and I will challenge you when I feel like it. 4. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to the following definitions... >> Collectivism- the philosophy that the interests of society as a whole should be considered ethicall...

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Substance Dualism is true


"Substance dualists typically argue that the mind and the body are composed of different substances and that the mind is a thinking thing that lacks the usual attributes of physical objects: size, shape, location, solidity, motion, adherence to the laws of physics, and so on. Substance dualists fall into several camps depending upon how they think mind and body are related. Interactionists believe that minds and bodies causally affect one another" [] Pro's burde...

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