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The Nazis were not racist (or they were racist against white Nordics)


First is for acceptance. I will be arguing that the Nazis were not racists against most people. The only people they were racist against were Nordic Europeans....

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Transhumanism is a Fundamentally Good Idea


Definition of transhumanism;"Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transfo...

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Philosophy is Important


Philosophy is still relevant. Science, as important and awesome as it is, does not, and cannot, address normative issues. There is no way to get to what we 'ought' to do, with science. What is right and what is wrong, in the area of human values, cannot be addressed by science. This is the domain of Philosophy. Science matters. The rules and findings of science reinforce philosophy. Science affirms Aristotelian philosophy - that the natural world is knowable and that man has the ability to un...

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(MiG Tournament) Physical laws must conform to preconceptions of what is logical


This debate is part of round 5 of Man-Is-Good's Debate Tournament.SynopsisRoyLatham and I just finished another tournament debate over the implications of the KCA, which you can reference here: this debate, we argued over whether or not something that is mathematically possible can be considered to therefore be physically p...

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The Normative Contingency Thesis (NCT) is a compelling objection to Moral Realism.


I've finally decided to open this up to any and all challengers. Everyone knows me, my argument, and my method. All that's missing is someone to take up the fight. As a consequence of this openness, Con may begin presenting arguments for realism/against the NCT in Round 1, or may choose merely to accept and defer argumentation until Round 2. I leave that decision to my opponent, who may not be penalized for opting t...

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Burden of proof should be on both claims, not just the positive.


It is often believed that the burden of proof should only lie on a person claiming a positive. That is, if I claim X exists, then it is up to me to prove that X exists because I'm the one possessing the burden of proof. This technique is widely used by atheists and skeptics. Although I do agree that the burden of proof should lie on the person making a positive claim, I also think the burden should be on those who claim the contrary. Now before I proceed the reasons why I think this way, I will...

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This House Believes That the No Difference Theory is correct


Hello, and welcome to my next debate. 16kadams, probably one of the most formidable and respected debaters on this site for conservative beliefs against myself, it certainly shall be an interesting debate. ===Opening Jokes==='My Dad used to say 'always fight fire with fire', which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.'===Definitions===No difference theory: The rejection of necessary differe...

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Sith Philosophy Applied to the Real World


In this debate, I am referring to the Philosophy as well as the code of the Sith organistions seen in the fictional Star Wars universe, (extended and canon), and its application to the real world. I believe that the Sith philosophy, if modified to a certain extent, can create a prosperous civilisation as well as launch the hypothetical nation further in the subjects of military might, educational and scientific prowess, and general productivity and commerce. I would like my opponent to be...

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The Argument from Desire is a sound argument.


I have re-instituted this debate because the last person who accepted is someone that I have no idea if he/she will even follow through. As such, I have made this debate impossible to accept. If you wish to take me up on it, please leave a comment. I'm not very picky on whom I debate, I just want to be confident that you will follow through and finish the debate. Most people on this site are familiar with the more popular arguments for God's existence, the cosmological arguments, teleological...

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Can God create a rock so big he can't lift it, or can he not create the rock? the answer is yes...


Can an Omnipotent God create a rock he cannot lift? it is said that If one answers yes to the question, then God is therefore not omnipotent because he cannot lift the rock, but if one answers no to the question, God is no longer omnipotent because he cannot create the rock. my position is that he can do one or the other, at different times, but he can't do both at the same time. and, that he can't do both at the same time doesn't disprove God as omnipotent. the question is basically anot...

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