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1000 character debate: Trolley Problem


Resolution: If a trolley is headed towards five people tied to a track and you are near a switch and can switch the trolley onto a different track where one person is tied to the track, you ought not switch.It is assumed that the people the trolley hits will definitely die. Practical considerations will not figure into this.Nor will Kritiks. For instance arguing that 'ought' is entirely subjective, thus this resolution has no right or wrong ans...

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On balance, Collectivism is preferable to Individualism


1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in the final round 3. This debate should be impossible to accept. Finding a way to accept without permission will result in an automatic loss for Con. If you would like to accept, please say so in the comments section, and I will challenge you when I feel like it. 4. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to the following definitions... >> Collectivism- the philosophy that the interests of society as a whole should be considered ethicall...

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Words have no meaning


Resolution: Words have no meaning. updated so SNP1 can accept....

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God Can Gain Knowledge While Being Omniscient


The burden of proof will be shared. I will be arguing that there is no explicit contradiction in God gaining knowledge while still being omniscient by definition, like some may think. My opponent will argue it is a contradiction for God to gain knowledge if he is omniscient, because if God knows all there is to know already, then he cannot know more. God For...

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Science is a major threat to human existence


I will be arguing that humanity's existance is directly and inderectly threatened by scienceI have made this debate impossible to accept. If you wish to debate, please apply in comments.Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Main PointsRound 3: RebuttalsRound 4: Defense against round 3 rebuttalsRulesNo forfeitsNo deconstructive criticismNo vulgaritiesNo changes to debate structure, or definitions without consent of both deba...

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Does Abortion Kill a Human Being?


I believe abortion kills a human being. We know the unborn is biologically a member of the human species, because she comes from human parents. Her DNA could also be tested in utero, and we would always find that she has human DNA. Most pro-abortion-choice people, however, agree with the above statement. Their issue is usually the question of whether the human entity killed is a "person," or a member of our species that has basic rights. The pro-choice ad...

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The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is Sound - 2


Resolved: The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is Sound.Rounds:1. Presentation of the LCA/Initial Refutation2. Clash3. Weighing/ClashNo new arguments should be presented in round 3 unless in direct response to a new argument presented in round 2.God is defined as the necessary, personal first cause of the universe.We should rationally accept an argument as sound...

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Morality cannot logically exist without God


Without God, it is impossible to have an objective moral standard. An atheist has no logical justification for a belief in right and wrong or to criticise anything on the basis of morality. If there is no God, human being a worthless. Life is no more valuable than non life. Rape is justified and encouraged if it produces offspring and helps to out breed your competitors. If evolution is true: sociopaths are the most well adapted people to reality. People should aspire to ridding themselve...

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God exists


Definitions God: An entity that is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent and the cause of the universe. Universe: all and only that which exists (in this case, synonymous with reality). Cause: Something that brings about an effect or result First round is for acceptance only....

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The Central Problem with the World Has Always Been, that People Know Too Much


I have come to the understanding and truth that the problem with the world today and always has been is that people know too much. People often state people know too little. I disagree emphatically and I am fully intent on alleviating the world of the burden of the so called "geniuses" of this world. For far too long, they have raptured the planet with their "knowledge." They must be stopped. But in order to be stopped people must submit to the truth and the very resolution of this debate, "The...

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