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Individuals act only on behalf of their own well being


Acting in one"s self-interest is acting in a way that satisfies our personal desires. Individuals are selfish in nature, so even if they seem to be selfless, for example donating to charity, they will in actuality be acting only to better their social standing or feel good about themselves. Even if they do not realize this, their subconscious does. In this way, there is no such thing as a truly selfless act....

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It is most probable that a god exists.


Ave!God is a maximally great being, and by definition, you cannot conceive of anything greater than god.'Most probable' simply means that it is more possible than its negation. If the theist side's arguments are more plausible than t...

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I will lose this debate.


Sometimes, debates aren't about winning; they're about losing, and this is one such debate. Voters are free to interpret the goal of this debate as they wish and may vote accordingly. I have selected Emmo as my opponent because he expressed an interest in debating with me in the comment of another post. My goal is to lose this debate.Throughout this debate, I will argue that regardless of my overall rank, skill, etc. as a debator, I will do a terrible job in this particular deba...

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I Have No Excuse For Living


I know I deserve to die and burn in Hell, and I believe the same goes for you. Only the mercy of God permits me to live, only His mercy permits me to have eternal life secure in His promise of heaven through His blood payment for my sin in Jesus Christ. Can anybody argue differently? Put your tinking cap on and give it a shot. Show your smarts. Don't be afraid.No comments to be posted by pro or con in this debase. Comments allowed from the peanut gallery only....

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Types like George Juergens make horrible fathers and father-in-laws


I will argue that types like Juergens makes both horrible fathers and father-in-laws....

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The Impossibility of Impossibility


Within this debate I will be arguing about a very serious topic: the impossibility of impossibility. Is impossibility possible? Or is it impossible? That is the question. So here, we come, to debate about this question that has been pondered over many many years, perhaps even centuries. We question about the existence of impossibility. Could everything be possible after all? I don't think so. I think there exists some impossibility, and thus, impossibility is proved will...

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Voluntaryism is Morally, Economically, and Socially Better for Society than Statism


The Debate will follow a few simple guidelines. When stating a fact or statistic, sources must be posted. If one side resorts to personal attacks (Ad hominem,) they forfeit the debate. One's "view" or "opinion" can be "irrational, stupid, or retarded," but the person them self is not. (I don't think we will have a problem with this.) I will post my opening statement to address my opinion on the topic, and I will expect the opposition to post their opinion in the same manner. I will follow with m...

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(MiG Tournament) Physical laws must conform to preconceptions of what is logical


This debate is part of round 5 of Man-Is-Good's Debate Tournament.SynopsisRoyLatham and I just finished another tournament debate over the implications of the KCA, which you can reference here: this debate, we argued over whether or not something that is mathematically possible can be considered to therefore be physically p...

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If a tree falls in a forest, and there is no one to hear it, it does not make a sound


Resolution: If a tree falls in a forest, and there is no one there to hear it, it does not make a sound.I shall be arguing in favor of the above resolution. The BoP shall be shared. That is, I shall argue the above statement is true, my opponent shall argue that it is false (that it does make a sound.)

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All actions are meaningless from an objective perspective.


I will attempt to argue that all conscious actions or thoughts originating from a conscious observer are essentially meaningless.By meaningless, I am trying to suggest, among other things, that all actions and thoughts effectively lead to an empty goal. With respect to life, it is my position that life constantly reproduces itself with no meaningful objective.At some point, life can be said to have begun. The cause for this beginning is likely a result of essentially...

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