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Creationism/ID (pro) vs Evolution (con)


For this debate I will argue for creationism (even though I believe in evolution) while my opponent, That1User, will argue for evolution. This will be part of the Devil's Advocate Tournament. Here is the link to the forum:

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"Without God"everything is permitted" or: Atheism Invalidates Moral Absolutism


This argument presupposes both parties believe that there is a reality objective to human consciousness, and that consciousness is a requirement for belief. I am defining god/deity as- a universal architect and the conscious creative force behind human/animal existence. I am defining moral absolutism as- the belief that certain actions are intrinsically right or wrong. If someone feels that I have created an argument which begs the question, please acknowledge in the comments sec...

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The SN 1006 Supernova caused World War Two


I am arguing FOR the resolution, that being that the SN 1006 Supernova caused World War Two.DEFINITIONS:SN 1006 supernova: The supernova that occurred in the constellation of Lupus and was recorded in the year 1006.World War Two: The war occurring between 1939-45 between the US, UK, France, the Soviet Union, and Germany, Italy, Japan, as well as other minor powers.Cause:

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Experts' Debate Competition R2: Just Societies and War


PrefaceThis is the semi-final round of the Official DDO Tournament's Experts' Tier. Having debated this topic before, I look forward to developing and improving upon my arguments as part of a constructive discourse with Phantom. Thanks to Phantom and to TUF for making this round possible! I look forward to a challenging, competitive, and exciting debate!Full TopicA Just Society should never deliberately initiate war...

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(MiG Tournament) Physical laws must conform to preconceptions of what is logical


This debate is part of round 5 of Man-Is-Good's Debate Tournament.SynopsisRoyLatham and I just finished another tournament debate over the implications of the KCA, which you can reference here: this debate, we argued over whether or not something that is mathematically possible can be considered to therefore be physically p...

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Individuals Ought to Help Those in Need


PrefaceI have wanted to debate Romanii for some time. As an up-and-coming member, he often undersells his own skills. I think this will be a great debate, and I look forward to a deserving challenge for this, my 70th debate on DDO.TopicIndividuals ought to Help those in NeedDefinitions and TermsIndividuals - specific persons. For example, I am an individual, but the group...

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Should books be banned?


Should controversial books be banned or should they not be banned? I read the book "The Sun Also Rises" just after finding out it was a banned book. I do not think it should be banned and my opinion is voiced in the link below. Comment and let me know what you think both on here and on the blog. It would be a lot of help with my English assignment! Thanks!

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The Normative Contingency Thesis (NCT) is a compelling objection to Moral Realism.


I've finally decided to open this up to any and all challengers. Everyone knows me, my argument, and my method. All that's missing is someone to take up the fight. As a consequence of this openness, Con may begin presenting arguments for realism/against the NCT in Round 1, or may choose merely to accept and defer argumentation until Round 2. I leave that decision to my opponent, who may not be penalized for opting t...

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Abortion: A Secular Debate


This will be a debate for atheists. I find no true reasons for the denial of a woman to get an abortion. I WILL ARGUE PRO.1st round: Accept and you give your initial arguments.2nd round: My rebuttal and my argument. Your rebuttal and your argument.3rd round: My rebuttal and my argument. Your rebuttal and your argument.4th round: Repeat. 5th round: Repeat and Conclusion....

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This house believes in Utilitarianism over its rivals.


Hello, welcome to the debate.The debate is simply as the resolution stands. No squirreling of terminology to change the intended purpose of debate, the division of labour is mostly on myself (though my opponent should present a counterplan).The round structures should be as followed:R1 - Acceptance and any opening remarks.R2 - An explanation of your ethical system. There should not be serious engagement with the opposition's argument, though i...

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