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1000 character debate: Trolley Problem


Resolution: If a trolley is headed towards five people tied to a track and you are near a switch and can switch the trolley onto a different track where one person is tied to the track, you ought not switch.It is assumed that the people the trolley hits will definitely die. Practical considerations will not figure into this.Nor will Kritiks. For instance arguing that 'ought' is entirely subjective, thus this resolution has no right or wrong ans...

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God exists


Definitions God: An entity that is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent and the cause of the universe. Universe: all and only that which exists (in this case, synonymous with reality). Cause: Something that brings about an effect or result First round is for acceptance only....

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The Most Reliable Basis For Determining Morality Is Via Secular Means


I would like to start my time here at DDO with a subject that is very close to my heart, the nature of where we derive our morality from. In my view, it is via secularist means. I am issuing this as an open challenge to anyone with interest in arguing from a different position. Before we begin, I would like to clarify the terms, namely that: Morality - What we consider to be right or wrong Secularism - actions and thinking that are derived from a non-religious standpoint. Whoever decide...

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(MiG Tournament) Physical laws must conform to preconceptions of what is logical


This debate is part of round 5 of Man-Is-Good's Debate Tournament.SynopsisRoyLatham and I just finished another tournament debate over the implications of the KCA, which you can reference here: this debate, we argued over whether or not something that is mathematically possible can be considered to therefore be physically p...

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food is dumb life is werid


that foood is really dumb and my mom died and life id werid cuz like a girl who likes someone elsed so yea life is werid and my life should be on fleak...

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Is it Reasonable to Believe in a Creator?


Hello to everyone! Since I am a Christian, I normally hear people talk about how "it is unreasonable to believe in a creator of the universe". Otherwise known as "creationism", I'm up for a good thought provoking debate regarding this issue I will not be arguing for a "specific" creator (I.e Yahweh, Allah, etc..) but if it is in fact, reasonable to believe that the overall encompassing definition of God: ( "the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped...

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The Normative Contingency Thesis (NCT) is a compelling objection to Moral Realism.


I've finally decided to open this up to any and all challengers. Everyone knows me, my argument, and my method. All that's missing is someone to take up the fight. As a consequence of this openness, Con may begin presenting arguments for realism/against the NCT in Round 1, or may choose merely to accept and defer argumentation until Round 2. I leave that decision to my opponent, who may not be penalized for opting t...

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Creationism and Evolution are BOTH right.


Now here me out; For over 150+ years, Creationist and Evolutionist have bitterly argued with each other over which philosophy is right. Creationist believe in an all-mighty god who made everything. Evolutionist believe that we as a human race and as life itself evolved from lower life forms. Each side has their strengths and flaws. I myself used to be a heavy believer in the Evolution side. However, I have began to rethink my philosophy. Its always been a matter of black or white in this long...

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Morality cannot logically exist without God


Without God, it is impossible to have an objective moral standard. An atheist has no logical justification for a belief in right and wrong or to criticise anything on the basis of morality. If there is no God, human being a worthless. Life is no more valuable than non life. Rape is justified and encouraged if it produces offspring and helps to out breed your competitors. If evolution is true: sociopaths are the most well adapted people to reality. People should aspire to ridding themselve...

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Resolved: A just society requires the recognition of animal rights.


First round will be for acceptance, following rounds for debate. Obviously, this is the current LD resolution. Let's try to debate it that way. Sources are important, but not overwhelmingly important. Logic, reason, etc. should be the grounds for compelling arguments. Kritiks are fine, so long as you do not willfully misinterpret the resolution or wage an assault on the dictionary. In our efforts we ought to mutually endeavor to test the strengths of our ideas, rather than quibble over phraseolo...

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