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Jesus was a dangerous, deranged individual


Today, Jesus is often depicted as the personification of the perfect human being in western society. He is celebrated as an individual we should all aspire to become more like, since he was apparently an advocate for all humankind and requested a more peaceful world from those he came in contact with. But if you look closely at his depiction in the now-highly edited and notoriously contradictory New Testament, you can detect the real character of Jesus, by what he said, how he acted, and what he...

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This house believes in Utilitarianism over its rivals.


Hello, welcome to the debate.The debate is simply as the resolution stands. No squirreling of terminology to change the intended purpose of debate, the division of labour is mostly on myself (though my opponent should present a counterplan).The round structures should be as followed:R1 - Acceptance and any opening remarks.R2 - An explanation of your ethical system. There should not be serious engagement with the opposition's argument, though i...

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God Most Likely Exists


This is a debate between me and whoever accepts first. I will be arguing that God most likely doesn't exist. God: the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. You may start in the first round. Format will then be simple presentation, then refutation. For an equal number of rounds, Pro must leave their last round blank....

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Opinions can be wrong


Round one is for acceptance only, and all new arguments in the last round will be ignored by voters. This debate is 6,000 characters maximum per argument. Good luck!...

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Homosexual acts are immoral


Pro will offer their opening arguments in support of the resolution in R1 and will not post in R4 so as to maintain equality in case length.===Definitions===Homosexual acts refer to consensual sex acts between two or more members of the same sex. To keep the debate focused I will obviously not be defending male on male or female on female rape. I will only be defending consensual gay sex against the charges of immorality.

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument


Thank you, contradiction, for agreeing to debate Kalām cosmological argument. In this debate, I shall show how the KCA is a poor argument and really holds no water. In the first round, I will allow contradiction to post his arguments. ROUNDS 1) Opening arguments from contradiction 2) First rebuttals 3) Second rebuttals 4) Closing arguments/fourth rebuttals. Good luck and I am looking forward to am engaging debate....

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God Can Gain Knowledge While Being Omniscient


The burden of proof will be shared. I will be arguing that there is no explicit contradiction in God gaining knowledge while still being omniscient by definition, like some may think. My opponent will argue it is a contradiction for God to gain knowledge if he is omniscient, because if God knows all there is to know already, then he cannot know more. God For...

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On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview


Accept in comments. If you accept without my permission, you will suffer a full forfeitFull Resolution - On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview TermsOn Balance - With all things considered or being taken into accountAdopt - Take up or start to use or followEthical Egoi...

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Is God really the god guy and the Devil the bad guy, or vice versa?


Round 1: Debater's views Round 2: Why we believe our positions Round 3:Final arguments Hello, I am looking for a casual debate about religion, specifically Christianity, and philosophy. Ever since I thought about it when I was a child, I have been bugged by an extremely deep question about God and Satan. What if the bible was a lie and simply propaganda. God was actually evil and the Devil was actually the good guy who has been framed? I am looking for a casual debate with someone and I wou...

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Could we consider as philosophers non academic people (eg. Rappers, Artists, Poets, etc)?


So the other day I had this argument with a friend and pretty much I was the one considering street artists, rappers, etc the modern philosophers and that we could compare such people with Plato, Aristotle,etc to a certain extend. To support my argument I would just say that since a philosopher doesn't need an academic background (mandatory) and since that kind of people tend to have that kind of moments of questioning life and existence, they may well come up with certain philosophical aspe...

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