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Individuals Ought to Help Those in Need


PrefaceI have wanted to debate Romanii for some time. As an up-and-coming member, he often undersells his own skills. I think this will be a great debate, and I look forward to a deserving challenge for this, my 70th debate on DDO.TopicIndividuals ought to Help those in NeedDefinitions and TermsIndividuals - specific persons. For example, I am an individual, but the group...

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Informing People of the End


Situation: an asteroid is heading for the Earth. There is nothing that mankind can do about it and the fate of the Earth is sealed. The world has three months left until complete destruction. The debate: Pro: argues that the government should tell the people of their findings as soon as they found out the news. Con: argues that the government should never tell the people of their fate. First Round acceptance only. This should be an interesting debate....

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Animals are sentient


I recently had a short argument with another DDO member on whether or not animals are sentient. I will be taking the position that animals are not sentient and that we are the only sentient beings on earth. Rules for the debate: 1) no trolling 2) no forfeiting 3) no plagiarizing 4) try to keep this from being a religious debate, although it is closely linked to religious ideals I don't want it from being a God vs Atheism debate. 5) If you break these rules it is an automatic forfeit. 6...

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An individual should be a drug addict.


Hola, this debate is of course about whether or not one should be a drug addict. This sounds pretty obvious but I contend the resolution is true. The burden will be shared, assuming I can prove this is ever true, I win. This will have to do with the individual.I will be speaking As If I am a drug addict to prove my point, you must prove to me that I should not be a drug addict. That is the point, nothing more. Please tell me if you want to debate me in the comments.D...

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Morality Is Subjective


Resolution Morality Is Subjective Definitions Morality: The differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad" (or wrong). Subjective: The perspective that assesses the moral quality of...

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This House Believes that the Social Contract is a viable political theory


The debate is as simple as it stands. My opponent should spell out the social contract theory in his first round (instead of using it solely for acceptance). The social contract I refer to is the one used in political philosophy - the concept of the social contract as a form of legitimizing the state. I look forward to whoever accepts this debate for a rigorous competition. Note the debate has a smaller character limit than most - 4000 characters maximum....

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Abortion is morally acceptable


I know there's been about a million of these debates but I haven't often debated the issue and would like some practice :) First round is for acceptance and for anything you would like to say before the debate. To clarify on what I am arguing, I am arguing that, if the mother's life is not in danger, abortion is morally wrong....

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Is there a meaning to life?


Debate will be settled as soANY ARGUEMENT GOES!!! 1rst round- Acceptance2nd round- Arguement3rd-4rth Round-Rebuttle5th round- Conclusion failure to comply to these rules by either side will result in forfeit ...

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Atheism ideology does not provide good morals.


This debate will be based around the idea that atheism does not provide a good moral design. Moral- being about good living and acting....

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Is The Biblical God Morally Better Than Humans


Round 1 is simply introductions and rather or not my opponent accepts my challenge. I have challenged Toxifrost to a religious/philosophical debate and at the moment I'm currently awaiting his answer. Personally, I'm a Christian and a firm believer in the Bible. I will try to argue that the biblical God is morally better (even morally superior) than us humans. I hope this argument remains civil and not turn into a contest of insults or popularity contest, meaning that if I lose it is because...

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