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who wants to have a rap battle?


ANY one is ready to have a rap battle....

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the olympic games are no longer the friendship games


the olympic games were NEVER the friendship games! people usually only go there to try to become the best or keep thier positition as the best. in the history of the olympics no one has ever said" oh it's O.K you can have my gold medal i don't want it". people only compete to be the best. now in Beijing people are competing and are not going thier worst but thier best....

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Character max


This debate is referring to whether or not there should be a max character limit, or not. I will be standing in opposition to this. I believe there should not be a character debate for the following reasons (more may be brought up later in the debate). 1. Not enough argumentation space 2. It limits the flow of creativity for debaters 3. There is no good reason for there to be a character max. NOT ENOUGH SPACE I don't know about the rest of the DDO community, but I personally h...

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Heath Ledger is this Generation's James Dean


The passing of one of the most versatile and talented actors, Heath Ledger, shocked me more then any death since Cobain. I think it might have to do with that I, along with many others, have grew up with this guy and seen him produce hits and flops. And he had so much potential. Well what I am saying is this man, Heath Ledger, will live on like James Dean and River Phoenix, to a lesser extent and become immortal. RIP Heath...

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curb your enthusiasm is better than Seinfeld


I believe curb your enthusiasm is the greatest show in the history of television, but that is not the topic of this debate. Instead, I'm arguing that it is better than Larry David's other show, Seinfeld. This is a two-round debate. Here are the reasons curb your enthusiasm is superior to its more-popular cousin: 1. Larry David is awesome and Jerry Seinfeld is annoying and lame: Larry David was the brains behind the Seinfeld show. The character of "Jerry" is actually a composite of the real...

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"Make Love Not Warcraft" (Pro) vs. "Manbearpig" (Con)


Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses in the field of cartoon animation. South Park has delivered many episodes that define our generation, but there is some controversy to which is the best episode. In many discussions of this topic, the top two episodes mentioned are "Make Love Not Warcraft" and "Manbearpig." I stand strongly in the fact that "Make Love Not Warcraft" is the greater episode for the following reasons: a)Never, in the history of television, has there been a more accurate...

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I am way cooler than you


You are by far way cooler than I. Not only are you in a rocking band but you dont challenge people to stupid debates. Making you truly cooler than I. Also the Name couldnt hurt your coolness....

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New debate.org website (version 3) will probably not be online till June 2008!


Oh noez! I am very sad right now, this is so much longer than I ever wanted to wait. Disclaimer: I am in favor of the above topic in the sense that I believe it to be true not that I actually like the idea....

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Voting is based on preconceived bias rather than substantive debate


In the short time that I've been here, I see that there is one major problem with Debate.org. The issue that I see has to do with how votes are accrued, and how it is ambiguous as to what is being voted for. Lets make a hypothetical scenario so you might understand what I am talking about better. Let us say there is an argument on Capitalism. And let's say that the person against capitalism makes some great points. Lets say that she is eloquent, thorough, articulate, etc, and details all the...

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Firefly was one of the best shows on Fox and shouldn't have been cancelled.


Let me just thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate and I wish him/her the best of luck. Also, to win, my opponent has to convince me and/or the general public that Firefly deserved to be cancelled and/or is a shitty show in general. First, Firefly was a show on Fox a while back and it was by far my favorite show pretty much of all time. I have my reasons for this, and I intend to prove each one of them in turn. One: Acting First of all the acting is phenomenal. Nathan Fi...

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