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Evolution, does it make sense?


Does evolution make sense? Well i hardly have an answer now but ill draw up some facts and stories then ill conclude my thoughts.The religion of Evolution The more people I encounter who subscribe to evolution as a plausible explanation for the beginning of the human species, the more I see common ground between atheists and the religious. The underlying aspect is the vehement defense of their beliefs, and the need to debunk outside ideologies in order to prove that they are right. There are...

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911 WAS an inside job ..........


denier of truth blade runnner needs to be schooled ....

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God does NOT exist!!!


God does not exist!! There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of any gods existing!!! I am open to the possibility that God exists, but you cannot deny THERE IS NO HARD EVIDENCE!!!If God DID exist, he would be the most disgusting being imaginable!!!! Give me HARD EVIDENCE GOD EXISSTS OR ELSE HE DOES NOT!!! ...

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Via Intelligent Design, an infinitely-inteligent, creator god cannot be logically justified


Via Intelligent Design, an infinitely-inteligent, creator god cannot be logically justifiedDefinitions Intelligent Design: is an argument for the existence of god or, more generally, for an intell...

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Evolution is a complete fabrication without a shred of evidence


I would first like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate, and the audience for their time and participation. This debate is a challenge to the member DATCMOTO who asserted in this thread: That "Evolution is a complete fabrication without a shred of evidence". I would assume that DATCMOTO is a man of his word and means what he says. If this is the case, then I would like to challenge this assertion. I personally believe that th...

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Atheism says there is no God, therefore it is not possible to win Pascal's Wager.


I would like an atheist to argue that it is possible to win Pascal's Wager and remain an atheist at the same time, but it seems to me that an atheist would not argue this way as it allows for the possibility that God is there and atheism excludes that possibility.. A non-atheist can argue this debate against my position. Please give a sample argument in the comments before I allow you to accept this challenge. If you need a dictionary to define words or if you need a web page link to define o...

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The user known as Danielle used dishonest tactics in her same-sex parenting debate.


Many people on this site know about me and Danielle's same-sex parenting debate, in which she won by a large margin and I accused her of using dishonest arguments (lawyering, strawmen, etc) in order to gain victory.In case you haven't, here's the link: []I...

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Grammar makes little difference to a phrase's meaning and clarity


I will be arguing pro, that correct grammar and spelling make little difference to a phrase's coherency. I will take the burden of proof in this debate. Definitions: 1) Little - Small in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude). <--- in this case its definition will be that of its degree usage. 2) Meaning - What is meant by something. 3) Clarity - The quality of being clear, in particular. The quali...

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It is rational to place faith in the invisible pink unicorn.


You start the debate: You can not add anything in the last round. The rule is simple you must defend this being a valid argument for the Invisible Pink Unicorn. I will say it is not. Since you agreed with this fo god, you should have no problem with this for the invisible pink unicorn.My opponent declares that appealing to faith when committing to the reality of Invisible Pink Unicorn, regardless of religious affiliation, is irrational and fallacious. I intend to show that, quit...

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Germans should not be offended when they get called "Nazi" (I think it's a compliment)


First round is for acceptance but here's a little intro by me: if I was a German I would take the Nazi remark as a compliment. For one, at least that country didn't go around conquering the world the way the Brits and Scandinavian countries did. (And don't even get me started on the way Denmark mistreats Greenland.)As I always say Hitler was much better than these two guys I put who are equal to each other in terms of being a total douche

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