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The Harry Potter book series is better than the Twilight book series.


First round is for acceptance and questions by Con that will be answered in the comments section before the debate begins in round 2....

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I was inspired by this debate between cheesy and tulle [1] and so I want to have a rap battle. These are the rules:1. Must be a video of yourself rapping (audio only won't cut it, sorry)2. It can be original work or a cover, it doesn't really matter3. Video must be over 1 minute, but try to keep it less than 3 4. 1 video per round (so each of us will post 2 videos total) 5. It can be a whole song or just a verse, so long as it's within the time...

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Rap Battle.


This here is a rap battle, kids. The objective for each side is simply to make a rap, not too short but not too long, that attacks the other person. Because we're simply writing our raps, beats won't really be an issue, so the battle will essentially be more poetic than fully hip-hop like. The criteria used for judging should simply be the quality of the wordplay, taking into account creativity of the rhymes, references to outside things, etc. Flow–meaning rhythm, and the syllabic structu...

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Muse: The Best Band Ever!


About a year or two ago I was first introduced to Muse and I immediatley began to like them. It was like something that i had never heard before. I loved Muse so much that everytime I wanted to listen to something it just wasn't the same. Everytime I listened to something other than Muse it was uncomparable to Muse and I had to listen to Muse Right away. Muse is made up of Matthew Bellamy (guitarist/vocals), Dominic Howard (Drummer), and Chris Wolstenholme (Bassist/backup vocals). First I want...

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"Famer's Story-writing debate tournament Round#1 Buddamoose VS TUF


"Welcome to the second story-writing debate tournament. The rules and voting guidelines will be provided here: S&G will be awarded as usual Conduct will only be awarded to the side that forfeits least (cursing within the story is allowed as this is a story) Arguments will be awarded for the side providing the more interesting continuation of the story. Sources will be awarded to the side with better writing techniques and displays a better ability with writing a story. Both sid...

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Drawing challenge


Ok, this is a drawing challenge. I am looking for a good opponent.Me and my opponent must present their own art piece within 1 day.The materials can only be pencil (non colour) and graphite related.The art piece therefore cannot be digital. The art piece may be only of our my opponent's and my creation.1st round is not acceptance, my opponent must present his own art piece first in the 1st round. I shall then present my art piece in the 2nd ro...

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Video Rap Battle: Lickdafoot vs. Jhate


Okay, let's try this again!...

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Rap Battle.


My opponent can start in R1 if he or she wants. There is a somewhat loose line limit—try to keep it below twenty lines. What constitutes a line isn't too rigid, but don't be ridiculous, meaning don't try to stick loads of words into a line and call it one line. Likewise, if you want to put a couple of words on a separate line to enhance the verse's feel or something, that doesn't have to count as a line. Voters, remember, quality over quantity, although I suspect there won't be trouble makin...

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STALINGRAD was the most important battle of World War II!


I hope nobody will complain about me making another one of these debates. I will argue that Stalingrad was the most important battle of WWII in terms of effecting the outcome of the war. My opponent will choose a battle that he/she believes was more important than Stalingrad and show how it was more important than the battle of Stalingrad. Round 1 is for acceptance and stating which battle you think is more important than Stalingrad. 4 rounds with 8,000 characters per round. Good luck!...

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Kurt Cobain is overated as a musician because of his early death.


Kurt Cobain's stature as a musical icon has been heightened by his early death. Many other bands drew the kind of attention and were as important as Nirvana. His skills as a guitarists were mediocre and he was arguably the second most talented member of his own band. Nirvana's following during the early nineties has been matched by many other bands and was surpassed by Pearl Jam who never got the kind of respect that Nirvana did because all of the members of the band are still living. In shor...

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