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Resolved: Hitler vs Justin Bieber


After doing thorough research I have failed to find a single debate that addresses the issue of who is more evil, Hitler or Justin Bieber? This is an issue that millions of people ask themselves every day, and it is apalling that this topic has not been debated here on DDO. After making this discovery I realized that as the head troll of the site it is my sworn duty to bring this legendary debate ready to happen into fruition, and I will be...

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Israel is on the short end of the stick


The full resolution of the debate is "Israel has clearly violated human rights and is unjustified in its actions." Juvanya has been adamant in upholding zionist doctrines and beliefs on facebook, and, after several days, he has refused to change his beliefs. No one is really judging the debates, though. Maybe here, the voting will provide for some sort of metric by which we determine who wins. _____ Rules: _____ 1) Round 1 will have no argumentation whatsoever; if my opponent has any al...

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Same-sex marriage should be federally legal in the USA.


***** "legal" definition: of, based on, or concerned with the law ***** I first begin my argument with a religious pretext. The following are citations from the US Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." -First Amendment "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." -Tenth Amendmen...

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Obama will not be our next President


Obama will not be our next President. I have three arguments for this stance on this debate. 1.RACE-Unfortunately America is not ready for a African American President. Racism is not far enough in our past yet. I am a Union member. Out of the twenty seven people I work with there are three Republicans, including myself. The "dems" I work with were split, twenty for Clinton, four for Obama. When Clinton lost the nomination twenty of the "Dems" said they would NOT vote for Obama. Race was the m...

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Are republicans just stuck up christians with too much money?


Republicans, where to start. This debate is sensitive subject with me. My whole family is Republican and christian. I guess you could call me a rebel. I am confused about God and I am a democrat. I think that republicans are extremley close minded and dont ever allow anything new or different in the country. George Bush for example came from a wealthy family and look how sucky the country is right now!! I would like to know why republicans are so against gay marriage. Oh wait I already know that...

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In terms of quality of life, a flat tax places an unfair, substantially heavier burden on the poor.


This is mostly a hypothetical debate. However, I will present numbers which Con is more than welcome to question.In this debate we will be looking at relatively modern Western Societies and specifically the United States (although I think this would easily apply to modern European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, etc.). This stipulation is particularly important when defining the minimum cost of living (since one could say that in 3rd world countries the cost of living...

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Individualism is societally destructive


I've made this impossible for anyone to accept, if anyone wants to debate this comment or PM me.Individualism is defined by Merriam Webster as: "a doctrine that the interests of the individual are or ought to be ethically paramount"Destruction is synonymous with ruinous. My advocacy will essentially be that the individualism that has sweeped the world, particularly the West, since the enlightenment is responsible for many of society's current...

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The US Constitution Legislates Morality


I am curious to see how anyone can argue that any law does not legislate morality. To this end, I made the statement that the Constitution legislates morality, a point to which CON contested.Resolution:The US Constitution Legislates Morality(i.e., the purpose of the Constitution is to legislate morality - obviously the...

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U.S. Ctizens Have And Ought To Have The Right To Bear And Keep Arms


In this debate, my opponent and I will argue the accuracy of the resolution (The people of the United States have and ought to have the right to bear and keep arms) as it relates to U.S. law. Rules:1.) The first round for Con is: acceptance and a positive argument.2.) As I am the holder of the burden of proof, it stands to reason that Con will not make any positive arguments (on...

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President Obama is bad 4 the US


I am in strong affirmation that, President Obama is bad 4 the United States of America. President obama is a hypocrite he cast blame on big spenders saying there to blame 4 the economic situation. Then he has a 6 million dollar party when he takes office. He will not salute the flag of the united states cause he says there is no opportunity in America but after 2 generations the obamas have come from nothing to the most influential black family in the world. Obama has little experience and his s...

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