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Donald Trump is bad


Donald Trump in my opinion is a very horrible president and will cause many problems in the future of the world and America itself it's too late but I personally do not like him and he is racist and will cause bigger wars with ISIS I am American half American and Half Lebanese but I supported Hillary and I am Muslim but I am a naturally born American with a passport....

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It is better to believe in the God of the Bible than to be an Atheist


My position is as follows: If I believe in God and it turns out God did not exist then I don't have to face any accountability for my disbelief. If I am right that the Christian God does exist then eternal awards awaits me when I die and still do not have to face any accountability and do not have to face any judgment. If the atheist is right and there is no God and no afterlife then he or she will not have to face any accountability for not believing in God. Should the atheist be wrong he/s...

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Is the Mandela effect evidence of supernatural activity? Or is it just bad memory?


I have specific memories of events in history that are now shown to be false or changed. Everyone does. I would like my opponent to show that these events are just not being remembered correctly, by a LOT of people. Below is a questionnaire, please answer, from memory only, all of these in the comments section, and say yes or no whether you choose to accept the debate. I will choose my opponent based on their answers, No cheating! Anyone may answer the questions in the comments section, but most...

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Evolution is proven fact. Prove the biblical god exists. That BOP is always upon believers


Evolution is proven factAntibiotic resistant microbes is 100% confirmation and certification and proven fact that evolution is taking place right here in the here and the now. Antibiotic resistant microbes are evolvin...

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Overpopulation exists and is a problem


I believe overpopulation is currently a big problem. With our current technology we are unable to provide for and sustain such enormous amount of people, while maintaining the health and renewable resources/ species that are on the planet. Round 1: Accept and state your view on overpopulation. Round 2: Give an argument for or against overpopulation. Round 3: rebuttals/closing arguments....

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Science leaves no room for free will.


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting my challenge. I will be arguing for the Con, in this debate. I do not think that science leaves no room for free will. To begin I will clarify a few definitions. I propose the use of the Webster definitions of the terms. Free Will: "voluntary choice or decision " Science: "a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study the science of theology" Round 1 will be acceptance and clarification of definitions: Round 2 will be the...

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How do atheists rationally know truth from fiction?


Atheists love to live under the delusion that they are the guardians of rationality. But how can they hold this title when they cannot even articulate a rational way to know truth from fiction. If they cannot do this, they are literally ignorant and the ignorant cannot guard anything. So, what atheist can give me a rational way atheists know truth from fiction? Answering this question is the sole purpose for this debate. If you are unable or unwilling to answer this question, do not respond...

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Muslims should all be deported


Because of yet another terrorist attack in New York yesterday I propose. Muslims should all be deported to Asia and Middle East from Europe and North America. Europe and North America have been Christian societies for 2000 years in Europe and 300 years in North America, the values, beliefs and traditions are all Christian based. Now all of a sudden we have the Muslim people in Europe and North America, and we have bombs going off, we have terrorist attacks in Boston, Now York San Bernandino, we...

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Nothing Is a Fact.


Nothing is a fact. Anybody with an opinion will not believe me, because all that there can be; is opinion. You may reference anything you'd like, post any source you'd like. Anything you wish to say, you may say. Everything is up for debate. All subjects and topics are relevant. What is your point of view? Hit me with your best shot....

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Does God exist?


I used about 5000 characters in my first round on my last debate so I'm going to try to be a bit less intimidating this time. I don't think that God exists. I used to be a Christian but now, I just think, there's no evidence, how can I just blindly believe in a God? We can never truly know if a God exists, but evidence would help, and there's no reason for me to believe it otherwise. I need you to believe that God does exist, for you to debate me on this....

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