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"Batman the Dark Knight" was better than "Batman the Dark Knight Rises"


First round acceptance & rules 2nd round list argument 3rd round rebuttals 4th round further rebuttals 5th round conclusion Better meaning more desirable, satisfactory, or effective Any insults or trolling will lead to forfeiture of the debate. I will be arguing that Batman The Dark Night was better than Batman The Dark Night Rises. My opponent will be arguing that Batman The Dark Night Rises was better than Batman The Dark Night....

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Show Style Band: Are the Dancers Needed?


Recently, my bae sent me a video of his school's marching band. My school's band is awesome and all of my friends are stereotypical band nerds and I was in band for a long time. Whatever. Basically, my school's band is like a cross between show style and core style band. His band is classified as "Show Band" and they go all out with their dancing and their performance. But then there are like these dancers???? And they're ridiculously slutty and they're so irrelevant and not important. Dancers...

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My Life Sucks More Than My Opponent's


My motion is that I, MassiveDump, have a suckier life than he, jdog2016.Telling the truth is not required.I am providing round one to be for jdog to accept this challenge, and arguments will begin in round two.If anybody cares... probably not... ...

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rap battle


First round is acceptance. There will be five judges (hopefully if they accept the nomination). And voting is "select a winner". So its not a seven point system. The judges just select a winner. And don't worry the judges are the best at rapping. I saw your rap battle and I think that your pretty good. So good luck to you if you accept. I think itll be quite the battle....

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You Choose The Resolution


= Introduction = Whoever accepts should offer three different debate topics in the first round. I will chose one of the three, and we'll debate it starting in round two. Con may offer No resolutional analysis, framework, definitions or arguments in round one. Nothing may be posted aside from Con's three resolutions and a short Greeting. It will be my right to interpret the resolutions the way I want to, and Con should not violate my right to interpret the resolution by offering ad...

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In general, violence in video games has not caused real-world violence.


As lannan13 requested, I have changed the resolution to: In general, violence in video games has not caused real-world violence.I look forward to a great debate!!First round is acceptance. ...

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Whitebeard vs. Madara


Full Resolution – Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) would probably beat Madara Uchiha in a fight. As Pro, I affirm the resolution and will argue that it is more probable that Whitebeard would win in a fight against Madara Uchiha. Rules: 1. Both characters will be at full health and will have no injuries at the start of the fight. 2. Madara will not be in...

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JyotiPatel Should consider marrying Sashil.


The title says it all and this IS a serious debate. ;)Since I am affirming this resolution I will be bearing the entirety of the Burden of proof and my adversary only has to negate/neutralize my assertions.Round 1 will be for acceptance only!!Arguments...

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Could a woodchuck chuck a lot of wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well I mean the name says it all.A wood chuck is a wood chuckin mother chucker. There ain't nothing else to say about it....

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No One Has Ever Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to Do Look More Like


For the longest, people have decided to for believe that someone has been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. But I has find this statement are irrelevant.Let's take for a closer at then this and am decide for yourself: 1. I Can't Even ScienceYou've gotta be kidding me. I try to went as far even once, as had my friends all go. Logically, can't I go even decide to go want do look mo...

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