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Europe should stop accepting Syrian refugees


This is my first debate, so I'm kind of confused, anyways. I believe that Europe should stop accepting Syrian refugees. This can be proven through statistics. Last year, Europe accepted about one million refugees, and since then, there have been numerous terrorist attacks, all of which had something to with Islam. The refugees are also about ninety percent able bodied men, which is incredibly suspicious. Besides, when the USA had a civil war, our men didn't run away to other countries, they stoo...

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Don't you think the Boston Bombing was over hyped?


First of all, I understand and acknowledge that the Boston bombing was a terrible event which never should have occurred. But don't you ever stop and think that a big deal is being made out of something substantially smaller? People were even thinking this could be compared to 9/11. On the same day 42 people die in an earthquake in Iraq. But does that receive even a tenth of what the Boston bombings received. No. This can't be defended....

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The urgent issue of the modern society. Are you for or against abortion?


Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, over 58 million unborn children have been killed, more than the entire population of Spain. That's 155 babies per hour. About 1 every 24 seconds. God"s plan for them will be ruined forever. Can we remain indifferent to such immense human slaughter? NO. So please let's discuss this question in more details. I personally completely agree with the words of Megan Clancy, who claims: "There are women who are raped and become pregnant; the problem is that th...

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Are dress codes sexist


,Dress codes are mainly geared towards girls. Dress codes are unfair to girls""and underestimate boys' maturity. It suggests that school"s priority is to create an ideal learning environment for guys, while ignoring factors that may help girls learn. Boys should learn how to control themselves at a young age. The problem is not of girls dress and sometimes, but rarely, guys. Also, in a time where so many girls dislike the way they look, which is in middle or high school, schools should not e...

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Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, et al are more dangerous to the USA than ISIS


Black Lives Matter (BLM), New Black Panters, and other leftist black groups and community organizers and "leaders" are more dangerous to the USA than ISIS. I am not looking for a semantic debate of what "et al" stands for. Their are many of these leftist black community organizations that are very dangerous and I attempt to prove that they are more dangerous to the USA than ISIS. Ground rules: ISIS - may be extended to radicalized muslims who are not formally in ISIS but take on a radicalize...

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U.S. Aid to Pakistan should be continued


The United States has provided more than $20 billion in aid to Pakistan in recent years. Recently a move was made in the Senate to terminate aid, but the cut off was blocked. [1.] It's an issue that cuts across Party lines, with promine...

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The Lack of Time Between the 2nd Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki Was Against International Humanitarian Law


I will be arguing that the lack of time between the 1st and 2nd atomic bomb WAS against IHL (International Humanitarian Law) Definitions: I don't think that definitions are need for this debate round but if you believe there is, post it in the comments and I will provide a definition as well as a source as soon as I can. Rules: 1.) Round One is for acceptance 2.) A forfeit of concession will not be allowed 3.) All arguments and sources shall be posted in the round. If challenger does...

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Resolved: The average intelligence of a Fox News Anchor is = or < the average intelligence of a rock


The resolution is pretty straightforward, Pro must argue why the average Fox News anchorman is about as smart as a rock or less than that of a rock, while the con must argue that Fox News anchormen are capable of intellectual thought, reasoning, and logical conclusions based on evidence. First round is acceptance only :D...

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The Cincinnati Zoo is allowed to shoot the gorilla to preserve a human life.


This is referring to the shooting of an endangered gorilla to protect the boy. I believe that the zoo did what was necessary to save the child's life, even though it is tragic that the gorilla died. I thank my opponent for joining this debate, and I will be eager to debate him/her. Rules: 1. No forfeiting. 2. No swear words....

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"Media is the nervous system of a democracy. If it's not functioning well, the democracy can't function." -- Jeff Cohen Despite it's criticism, Wikileaks is one of the most responsible tools of journalism in our generation. It's important to understand just how important of a role the media plays in our society. News organizations are responsible for shaping the way we view political candidates, many of whom we will never get to meet or observe directly. They are the ones we elect into off...

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