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Restricting social network services in the Middle East is a desirable policy


Many countries in the Middle East are stopping social network services such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These countries are prohibiting communication sites such as the Internet for political or religious reasons. I think it is not a good policy to stop social network services. This is a violation of freedom of expression, one of the universal rights that people will pursue. Also, the reason for prohibiting social network services is to prevent spreading the thoughts of corrupt government...

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This house supports the Dakota Access Pipeline.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding DAPL. Most of it surrounds the land the pipeline will be built on. The neighboring Native American reservation is concerned because it borders their water source and an old burial ground. Unfortunately the land has already been destroyed. As such it should be put to good use. !st I bring to you the simple economic benefit. It is very costly to transport oil by rail and diesel as we do know. Building the pipeline will drastically decrease the cost of dome...

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The Las Vegas shooting was a hoax


I've done quite a bit of research on the subject and would like to point out that this was the worst false flag since Sandy Hook. Anyone who believes what the media is forcing down our throats, we need to have a talk. Nobody but the patsy died....

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Should girls be allowed to join girl scouts


There is, in fact, a reason why boy scouts has the name boy scouts. In what way do girls see the word GIRL in BOY scouts. Boy scouts is meant for BOYS. Listen to me girls, DONT JOIN BOYSCOUTS... JOIN! GIRL SCOUTS AND FIX IT!!!! If girl scouts is boring then FIX IT dont ruin boyscouts....

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ABM is a positive movement in DDO


This will be a short debate on whether or not ABM should be allowed in DDO. I will take the position of Pro. I do believe that ABM should not be banned on DDO, and should be allowed to continue its (rather outrageous) practices. ...

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prisoners and should they be able to vote


prisoners should not be able to vote. They lost there rights to vote when there done something wrong and they went to prison but I know they have done there time in prison but yeh...

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Don't you think the Boston Bombing was over hyped?


First of all, I understand and acknowledge that the Boston bombing was a terrible event which never should have occurred. But don't you ever stop and think that a big deal is being made out of something substantially smaller? People were even thinking this could be compared to 9/11. On the same day 42 people die in an earthquake in Iraq. But does that receive even a tenth of what the Boston bombings received. No. This can't be defended....

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Women should have the same rights as men.


Women should have equal rights as men, as it says in the Constitution that everyone is made equal. Many women around the world can't even go to Wal-Mart without their husband's permission, for pete's sake. They're forced to marry strangers, and at a very young age. This is outrageous and people need to give women the freedoms they rightly deserve....

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Europe should stop accepting Syrian refugees


This is my first debate, so I'm kind of confused, anyways. I believe that Europe should stop accepting Syrian refugees. This can be proven through statistics. Last year, Europe accepted about one million refugees, and since then, there have been numerous terrorist attacks, all of which had something to with Islam. The refugees are also about ninety percent able bodied men, which is incredibly suspicious. Besides, when the USA had a civil war, our men didn't run away to other countries, they stoo...

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U.S. Aid to Pakistan should be continued


The United States has provided more than $20 billion in aid to Pakistan in recent years. Recently a move was made in the Senate to terminate aid, but the cut off was blocked. [1.] It's an issue that cuts across Party lines, with promine...

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