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Protective Edge was justified, and was conducted with professionalism


I will argue in this debate that Protective Edge (name of the latest Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip, and, to a lesser extent, in the West Bank) was justified, and was also conducted with professionalism and moderation . First round for acceptance Second round for the argumentation Third round for rebuttal and counter-argumentation Last round for conclusion...

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Should we track down former Nazis?


I understand what these people did. World war 2 had ended in 1945. That was 70 years ago. A couple hundred years ago we killed thousands of American Indians because we invaded their land and put them to work. The people that did it are still called heroes today. No one would have hunted them down if they were alive. These people were just following their gut. Some of them were good people as well. They snuck bread to dying children or were doctors in the infirmaries. They helped people. All the...

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Don't you think the Boston Bombing was over hyped?


First of all, I understand and acknowledge that the Boston bombing was a terrible event which never should have occurred. But don't you ever stop and think that a big deal is being made out of something substantially smaller? People were even thinking this could be compared to 9/11. On the same day 42 people die in an earthquake in Iraq. But does that receive even a tenth of what the Boston bombings received. No. This can't be defended....

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Sony Take Responsibility for your Actions


I don't understand why Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton decided make a movie Threatening the life of North Korea Leader Kim Jong- Un thinking that it would funny. First of all its against the law to threaten the life of another human being especially Kim Jong- Un the leader of another country that the United States does not have a good relationship with. I don't condone the that course of action Kim Jong - Un has taken to retaliate but what would you do if your life was threaten....

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Darren Wilson was in the right


The fact of the matter with this case is that Michael Brown has no argument for his defense. I'm not saying that it isn't horrible to lose a family member, but when someone assaults an officer of the law, you cannot pull an about-face and say that the officer was in the wrong. Here are the facts, -13 shots were fired at Brown, only a small number actually hit. -Blood and DNA from Brown were found on officer Wilson's weapon and pant leg, as well as inside the squad car, supporting the argu...

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Should new users get a free 3 error pass


Well this is my first debate so please help me get better....

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Sabah and Sarwak should secede from Malaysia and become independent nations


Hello everyone, I have a really good debate challenge oppurtunity for you :). I have been reading that the predominatly Christian Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarwak have warned they might secede if Malaysia implements Hudud (Malaysian version of Shariah law) across it's states. In other words, if a harsh new set of laws is implemented, these 2 states will leave Malaysia and become 2 seperate independent nations. They have their own flag, governemnt, and generally, a set of laws. I would l...

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In defense of evil part 1: The Unabomber was justified in his actions.


Definitions; Justified: to prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable The word reasonable is highly subjective so for the purposes of this debate , I will be arguing that the Unabomber was just or right. When I say the Unabomber's actions I'm specifically referring to the ones that made headlines before his real name was known by the public. If you don't qualify to accept this tournament but can show you will be a worthy oppon...

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U.S. Aid to Pakistan should be continued


The United States has provided more than $20 billion in aid to Pakistan in recent years. Recently a move was made in the Senate to terminate aid, but the cut off was blocked. [1.] It's an issue that cuts across Party lines, with promine...

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Should gay & lesbian marriages be legalized in India?


Today India is a powerful country in various fields, but still there are various issues related to same sex marriages. Recently, the Supreme Court of India ruled homosexuality to be a criminal offence . MY CASE :- Gay or a lesbian does not change the fact that they are human and they have equal rights too. though, sometimes it may be shocking for one to meet such a personality at first, but later it will subside and we will get used to it. we must not look down upon people such because they...

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