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Should philosophy be carried as an optional class in most highschools?


(I am a freshman in high school, this is my first debate so sorry if I don't do such a great job.) Philosophy is a great class for thinking about humanity, politics, real life, and much more. In colleges, it has been proven that those who took philosophy actually had more discipline and...

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Is Abortion Immoral?


Resolved: Abortion is immoral. My goal as Pro is to prove that abortion is immoral. My opponent may try to prove that abortion is not immoral. This debate isn't about whether abortion has or can have benefits - rather, whether it is immoral or not. By accepting this debate, my opponent agrees to the following definitions: Immoral: Not conforming to accepted standards of morality. Morality: Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. A...

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Who created God?


"Who created God?" Is a popular argument made by Atheists to attempt to disprove God's omnipotence. I strongly disagree and will argue that God (philosophically) does not need a Creator. Happy debating!...

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do rights actually exist?


Hello everyone, this debate will be about whether the idea of rights actually exists. When I say rights, I mean things like rights to property, arms, expression, and anything else mentioned in the bill of rights and other such things. I will be taking the position that such things do not exist, and are merely "spooks of the mind" as Max Stirner would call them. Before I give my evidence for such things, let me clear up a misconception readers of this debate will probably formulate, which is:...

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God DOES exits, but not in the way you think it does


Hello my friends! This statement should be a surprise, taking into account that it comes from an agnostic. Do I believe in an anthropomorphic, sentimental being who created us all out of benevolence? No. But things get deeper. Although I currently have a PhD in Algebraic Topology philosophy always fascinated me as well. Through many years of intense research and thought I found my Holy Grail - positivism. But not in the sense of baroque positivism, oh no, something MUCH MUCH better came to my...

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The mandela effect


The mandela effect is nothing but reverse psychology and people that fall for this is suckers and believe everything that they read...

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A world without negative actions would negate positive ones.


First off, this is my first debate so just want to say thanks to the creators of this site. Ok, I read another debate on here asking a similar question and the winning argument was basically "There are different levels of happiness, so someone can always be happy and content but this does not mean they are always ecstatic or overjoyed. i.e to get an A on a test wouldn't bring the same happiness as winning a million on the lottery" But what I was left thinking was does this then not mean...

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Killing Baby Girls Is Wrong, and by Extension, Abortion in General Is Also Wrong


Preamble: Many babies are killed in the womb because of age bias or gender bias. Make every day International Women's Day " stop killing unborn women based on age bias and personal convenience. Protect women and girls of all ages. Babies have the same unique personal characteristics we have: Fingerprints, DNA, virtues and flaws, thoughts, pains and pleasures, emotions, and gender. Formal Argument: Abortion in general is morally wrong. P1: Female Feticide is the specific pra...

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Ayn Rand was correct that self sacrifice (and even it's idea) destroys societies.


No new arguments or soucing in the last round....

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Animals should be given equal rights to humans


This debate will have a few topics related to it. Not only philosophy, but health and ecology too. I understand that some societies rely on hunting gathering to this day and they cant survive without meat. But why societies that can can survive without it continue doing all that to them? I believe that animals deserve equal amount of rights as we are. We have no right to adapt the supremacist view that they are above us. Here is a list of things we do to them, which they dont deserve:...

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