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Solipsism is entailed by logical extension of Idealism


Definitions1) Solipsism: The self is the only existing entity.2) Idealism: The only reality that exists is a mental reality, ie. no physical reality.3) Entailed by logical extension: followed to it's natural consequence.I've chosen these definitions to reflect common usage of the terms, technicalities will not be entertained. In...

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God Exists.


Burden of proof is on the believer. Definitions: God: "Creator and ruler of the universe, a being omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, and eternal." Exists: " To have objective reality or being." The believer will be arguing that God (any God) exists in objective reality, I will be arguing that he doesn't. Rules: 1. No forfeiting 2. No ad hominems Only accept if you accept the definitions and terms of the debate. Message me if interested....

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There Are Good Secular Reasons to Disallow Same-Sex Marriage


HonestDiscussioner and I have agreed on terms. I will launch immediately into my opening statement.~The state regulates marriage for a reason. It dispenses benefits for a reason. Understanding what this reason is will tell us what criteria are and are not relevant to marriage, and thus whether any rights are being denied. If the state excludes same-sex couples from entering into legal marriages on the basis of criteria relevant to the public purpose of marri...

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Animals should be given equal rights to humans


This debate will have a few topics related to it. Not only philosophy, but health and ecology too. I understand that some societies rely on hunting gathering to this day and they cant survive without meat. But why societies that can can survive without it continue doing all that to them? I believe that animals deserve equal amount of rights as we are. We have no right to adapt the supremacist view that they are above us. Here is a list of things we do to them, which they dont deserve:...

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Homosexual Acts are Immoral


TERMSResolved: Homosexual Acts Are ImmoralRounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash Definitions: By "homosexual acts" I refer to sexual acts between members of the sa...

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Assuming there is no god, morality is subjective and laws are unnecessary


As an atheist, I do not believe in a god. Since I don’t believe in a god, I don’t believe in any kind of objective morality. Since I don't believe in objective morality, I don't believe there‘s any purpose in having laws to enforce one morality over another. Con will need to prove either a) there is an objective morality that doesn't come from a god, or b) laws are necessary. Definitions: God...

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Special Relativity Is False


The following syllogism demonstrates the absurdity and impossibility of Special Relativity (c = 186,282 miles per second): Premise 1: Special Relativity says photons always travel at c relative to an inertial frame.

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God exists.


The proposition is that God exists. Pro will be defending the proposition that God exists, while Con will be arguing that Pro has not established that God exists.By accepting this debate, Pro accepts that they have the burden to do two things:1. Provide a coherent and reasonable definition of God2. Provide cogent arguments or evidence for the existence of GodI will explain what each of these mean.Requirement 1

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Killing Baby Girls Is Wrong, and by Extension, Abortion in General Is Also Wrong


Preamble: Many babies are killed in the womb because of age bias or gender bias. Make every day International Women's Day " stop killing unborn women based on age bias and personal convenience. Protect women and girls of all ages. Babies have the same unique personal characteristics we have: Fingerprints, DNA, virtues and flaws, thoughts, pains and pleasures, emotions, and gender. Formal Argument: Abortion in general is morally wrong. P1: Female Feticide is the specific pra...

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Morality is indisputable.


Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the view that morality is indisputable. In order to qualify for this challenge, you must have completed at least 1 debate. (IFF) morality requires principles (AND) principles require truth (AND) truth requires fact (AND) fact requires indisputability (THEN) morality cannot be disputable. (IFF) morality is disputable then it does not logically qualify as morality per its own definition (and may be more precisely...

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