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Science is not objective.


Outline: (1) Introduction and rules (2) Undisputed definitions (3) Disputed definitions (4) Key support for resolution (5) Reinforcements (6) Common counter arguments (7) Round 1 closing statement (8) Sources (1) Introduction and rules Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the debate resolution, "Science is not objective." (r.1) Please observe the principle of charity during the course of this debate.[1] (r.2) Please do not attempt to unfairly...

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Veganism is a moral obligation


Round 1: Debate Acceptance Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Rebuttal 1 Round 4: Rebuttal 2/Conclusion Definitions: Veganism - a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Moral Obligation - something that we ought to do in order to be consistent with our moral beliefs I will be arguing in favor of the proposition that veganism is a moral obligation....

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Is faith healing immoral?


I believe that faith healing is an immoral practice; it is demonstrably based on falsehoods, such as the idea that western medicine is flawed, and that the solution is based on faith. despite this, on its own, this fact does not make it immoral. The immorality comes from when you charge someone money for a result that you know they will never gain. This makes it a fraud. Especially if you take money off of the terminally ill....

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Morality is indisputable.


Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the view that morality is indisputable. In order to qualify for this challenge, you must have completed at least 1 debate. (IFF) morality requires principles (AND) principles require truth (AND) truth requires fact (AND) fact requires indisputability (THEN) morality cannot be disputable. (IFF) morality is disputable then it does not logically qualify as morality per its own definition (and may be more precisely...

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When Searching for Truth, Compiling conclusive deductions is more effective than Debating.


Illustration: If you wanted to know if a dollar bill was counterfeit, you have 2 basic options: 1- Learn many of the forms of counterfeit bills out there. This would mean you would have to learn many types of counterfeit, perhaps all of them to be conclude with certainty whether the bill is either Counterfeit or Genuine. However, as examining all counterfeit is nearly impossible, as there are countless forms of counterfeit even for a simple dollar bill, it is more efficient to: 2- Study th...

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Science leaves no room for free will.


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting my challenge. I will be arguing for the Con, in this debate. I do not think that science leaves no room for free will. To begin I will clarify a few definitions. I propose the use of the Webster definitions of the terms. Free Will: "voluntary choice or decision " Science: "a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study the science of theology" Round 1 will be acceptance and clarification of definitions: Round 2 will be the...

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All Propositions Are True


Consider the proposition p = "A rectangle is a square." Since some rectangles are squares, a rectangle is a square. Thus, p is true. Since some rectangles are not squares, a rectangle is not a square. Thus, p is not true. So by Conjunction Introduction, p is true and p is not true. But that is a contradiction. Since every proposition follows from a contradiction by the Principle of Explosion, the proposition "all propositions are true" is true. Therefore, all propositions are true....

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Beauty is only skin deep.


Beauty is not skin deep because there is more to a thing than its outward appearance. It is better if we all are able to see that inner beauty, like belle, in beauty and beast....

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Secular Morality (Pro) vs. Reigious Morality (Con)


This debate has 2 resolutions, 1 for each side, whoever proves their resolution wins. Pro must prove that Religious Morality is fallacious, and that there is an objective way to judge human behavior. Con must prove that Secular Morality is fallacious, and that there is no objective way to measure human behavior aside from a religious text.

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The Problem Of Evil Is Sound


God is defined as the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent cause of all contingent being. P1: If gratuitous suffering probably exists, then God probably does not exist P2: Gratuitous suffering probably exists C: Therefore, God probably does not exist --- I will be arguing that the premises are most plausibly true; the first round is for acceptance....

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