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Assault weapons should be banned.


Before I begin, I would like to clarify that the opponent may not just rely on the right to bear arms, but must explain why the should have that right. I will now proceed to my argument. Contention 1: America no longer has the need to protect itself from a tyrannical government, one of the original purposes of the second amendments. Contention 2: There is no practical use for assault weapons. Contention 3: Gun Control effectively reduces the amount of gun violence....

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The words "under God" should not be taken out of the Pledge.


I, Pro, concede and imply that "under God" should not be taken out of the American pledge of Allegiance. It is truly a matter of if you believe God is our Creator or not, but our founding Fathers did and this is something to be respected. The nation should not take the chance or risk it because, if the God many presidents and citizens of the USA believe in is real, then we should continue to put our trust in Him. It should not make atheists mad if those words are in the Pledge or on money becaus...

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The Sea of Japan should be named "East Sea"


First round is to accept; there are three rounds for debating. Please use sources and please DO NOT FORFEIT. Good luck!!!...

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Capitalism is more moral than socialism


Resolved: Capitalism is more moral than socialism Definitions: Capitalism: is a free market economic system based on private ownership and entrepreneurship. The investment of capital, and production, distribution, income, and prices are determined not by government (as in socialism) but through the operation of a competitive market where decisions are voluntary and private rather than regulated and mandated by government (see law of supply and demand). Socialism: advocates state owner...

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Resolved: A state ought to have a government.


This debate should be impossible to accept. If you wish to accept this debate then you must say so in the comments section. If you find a way to accept without me knowing then you will automatically forfeit the debate. RulesFirst round is acceptance and definitions only.Second Round is Contentions only, no rebuttles.Round 3 is rebuttles.Round 4 is Rebuttles and conclusions.No SemanticsNo swearing.Government-...

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Should we Ban Religion from our Government?


I believer that we should ban religion from our Government so we can stop religious Justification and religious turmoil amongst ourselves and actually get work done in both the Senate and the House of Representatives....

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Is Government Necessary?


Is Government necessary? The answer to that question is no. People are independent beings that can hold their own weight and do not need to listen to others to be told what they need to do in life. Government to most is a "necessity" and to others it is a power that some want to abolish. Why waste time to listen to people complain that they don"t like elected officials? Government is not needed and there are many things to show why....

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Corruption is because of political leaders or citizens


it is because of citizens ,if citizens are right means all the leaders will be good because leaders are citizens...

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The bible does not support governmental socialism


Many folks believe that the bible supports socialism. Jimmy Carter is a good example. This is far from the truth in my opinion, but I want to explore this further with someone who disagrees with me. Look forward to the debate. Pro The bible does not support governmental socialism Format: Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 2: State proposition only (no rebuttal) Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Defense - Address the opponent's rebuttal Round 5: Closing statements If you haven't given...

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flat fees, not flat taxes, r the truly conservative approach


flat fees, not flat taxes, are the truly conservative approach conservatives often push for flat taxes. a set percentage of one's income. but, why not just say that eveyone has to pay the same amount? why tax the richer more just because they make more income? and if this casues more tax to be paid overall on the poor, so be it? these are all the arguments made when it comes down to progressive taxes v flat taxes. we could just extend the arguments to flat fees v flat taxes...

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