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Obama should be impeached


Obama simply has to be the worst president the United states has ever seen, Clinton and Nixon were both impeached for lying, but don't we as humans all make mistakes? Looking at Obama, we see he has driven the economy in the dirt even after we thought it couldn't get any worse after George W. Bush's reign. Wouldn't it seem logical to impeach a president that has thrown this country into a massive recession, and given the USA a bad name? I strongly believe there should be a ballot immediately for...

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Israel is the One to Blame for the Gaza-Israel Conflict (2)


There will be 5 rounds, with a max of 5,000 characters. You will get 24 hours to rebut my argument, and the voting period is 10 days. You will be 'Pro Palestinian' and I will be 'Pro Israel' Rounds: (1) Acceptance (2) Opening Statement (3) Rebuttals (4) Rebuttals (5) Conclusion Thanks for your time and good luck Pro....

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Our Current Mandatory Taxation System is Immoral


First round is for acceptance only. Definitions: Taxation: "A means by which governments finance their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities." Immoral: "Not conforming to accepted standards of morality." Mandatory: "Required by law or mandate; compulsory."...

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Tier Tournament 2 [Top], R2: Let Anyone Work Anywhere


Thank you to phantom for accepting this debate! It's an honor to get this opportunity, as phantom is one of the first debaters on this site whose arguments really stood out to me, specifically in the previous Tier Tournament. I hope and believe that this debate should provide a solid challenge to us both. The topic as it stands, "Let anyone work anywhere," is something I feel the need to clarify. First, I'd like to expand the topic to its full length. Full topic: There should be no law in...

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Gun Control


The belief that enforcing stricter gun laws on those who use guns for good(gun owners who protect themselves, their families, and potentially prevent crimes) will keep guns off the streets(from those who buy guns off the black market rather than a gun store " obviously requiring no permit, no background check, etc) is very foolish. If this method were actually effective, then illegal drugs would not be an issue. Vilifying gun owners by imposing gun restrictions make it tougher for registered, l...

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New Zealand should change their national anthem


After watching the Commonwealth Games and hearing New Zealand's national anthem many times, I realised more and more that it does not reflect our country, mainly in religious ways. Even the title, 'God Defend New Zealand', I believe, does not represent our country properly. Not even 45% of our country is Christian, and this has been decreasing for at least the past 20 years. More than half of our country isn't even religious, so why are there so many references to god in our national anthem? I t...

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Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel.


The first round of this debate will be accepting your agrument. Pro side is arguing that Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel, and the Con side will be arguing that Hamas does indeed have a right to shoot rockets into Israel.Express your interest in this debate in the comment section. I shall choose a opponent.First Round! Start by Accepting your premise!...

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The Fouding Fathers (U.S.) Didn't Care about the Constitution


The debate at stake is to discuss if our founding fathers truly valued the document that they created. In my argument I will show how our founding fathers violated the very Constitution that they signed, the very document that patriots died for, only to be discarded by our founders in the name of power and American White Supremacy. If our founders were alive today (maybe except Jefferson) they'd turn over in their graves at the sight of our modern day tolerance. Round 1 will be acceptance,...

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Would the United States Be Better Off Without the Deep South?


Rules: Round 1: Acceptance, no arguments Round 2/3: Arguments and rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements, no new arguments Failure to adhere to these rules results in a loss of points for conduct. Definitions: The Deep South: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/35/Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg/300px-Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg.png I argue that the United States as a whole would benefit from a separation with The Deep South....

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WODC: Voluntary Abortion should be legal


IntroductionThis debate is part of the larztheloser's World Online Debate Cup.ResolutionPro's contention is that Voluntary Abortion should be legal.

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