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The US Should Build a Death Star


*Leave message to accept this debate*Full Resolution: The United States Government should opt to build a Death Star with comparable capabilities and specifications to the Death Star depicted in George Lucas' Star Wars series.Definitions:Death Star: (See Link) [http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Star_II]Should: For the greater benefit of the US civiliansFormat: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Arguments/Rebuttals Round 3: Arguments/Rebuttals Round 4: Rebuttals/Conc...

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Rebellion and revolution is possible in America today


This isn't really an argument to me, but rather a method of figuring out the problems of this topic and how to solve them. A debate format being perfect for the task. I'll be attempting to prove that rebellion and revolution are possible in America today. Con's job would be to disprove that it is possible by asserting counter arguments & debunking my claims, and summarizing why it isn't possible. I'm not looking to boost my score, I could care less. I'm looking for a good argument, and...

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On balance, a ban on civilian firearm ownership would be beneficial to the United States


DK and I have been planning to do this debate for a couple weeks now. Standard debate rules apply; first round for acceptance, no new arguments in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc. I doubt any of that will be a problem, here. A quick note on the resolution-- the debate will NOT be revolving around the implementation of a gun ban; it will be about whether or not the effects of a gun ban which has already been implemented are positive. I look forward to an excellent debate :D...

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A Duel Should Settle The Ukraine War


Hey everyone, I have a very good debate topic that I think everyone will enjoy and follow very closely in the days ahead. The Luhansk People's Republic leader-aka a separatist leader in eastern Ukraine in the ongoing war has proposed a solution to the conflict. He suggests that the Ukraine president duel him for the overall result of the conflict. The Ukraine president gets to choose the time, place, and weapon. The LPR leader is even willing to have it filmed on live TV to make sure it is a fai...

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Should there be an amendment to ban abortion


Should there be an amendment to ban abortion in my opinion yes there should. If you wish to debate this in an intelligent manner, here is the structure Round 1: acceptance and brief intro to why you believe what you believe Round 2: Opening Statement(more in-depth then Rond 1) Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Same as Round 3 Round 5: Closing Statements....

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Government is bad?


The government is proving to be a wrong to us all. They like to spy on us through google, our phone conversations, and verizon etc. Now lets talk about the gun debate. The reason the government wants to ban guns is so when when they want to fire out against there own people we will be helpless. Like rats in a cage. Soon the government will burst through your doors and look around your house for guns. Is that really what you want our future to be like? Because I sure don't....

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Obama is a member of the Illuminati


Barrack Obama, though he may or may not have won the 2008 presidential election without their help, has been influenced by the Illuminati to a point such that one is unable to distinguish between him and the Anti-Christ. He has been a member of the Illuminati since at least 2010, and the influence by this organization on the President of the United States has been palpable. Before the debate begins, I would like to define the word "Illuminati" The Illuminati is a 6,000 member organization,...

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Perosonal privacy should be suspended when related to matters of national security


National security protects our ability to practice our rights...

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Economics of Christianity


Pro will be arguing that the Bible supports Communism. Con will be arguing that the Bible supports Capitalism.The purpose is to attempt to use the Bible to support your side and not the other. Thank you Wylted for accepting this debate and good luck to you!72 hours/4 rounds/8,000 charactersRound 1 acceptanceNo new arguments in final round....

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Darren Wilson should not be charged with murderer.


First of all what happened on August 9 2014 was a tragedy. A young man lost his life before he had a chance to turn it around. I believe that Darren Wilson is innocent. Evidence shows that Wilson shot Brown at close range in the hand as Brown reached for his gun. Because if this injury Brown could not have had his hands up in surrender position meaning he was charging Wilson. Remember Dorion Jonson lied about Brown being shot in the back when 3 autopsies show he was shot in the front. Dorion i...

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