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The only role of government is to protect persons and property from force.


The proposition in question involves a very influential and important topic. I will argue the libertarian/classical liberal position that the only place for government is to protect a person's rights to self ownership, thereby protecting his person, and to the fruits of his labour, thereby protecting his property. My opponent will argue that government has some other role i.e. universal healthcare or minimum wage. Good luck to my opponent....

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Christianity is akin to Fascism


Christianity is akin to Fascism Definition of terms: 1 Christianity: "the religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ"(1) 2 Akin: "similar or related"(2) 3 Fascism: "a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government"(3) 4 Rounds, 10,000 characters, 72hr Round 1 acceptance Round(s)2-3 Arguments and Rebuttals Round 4 Rebuttals and closing statem...

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The United States is Ready for a Female President


Resolve: The United States is Ready for a Female President Clarification: I would not have any personal issue with having a female presi...

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We should keep out illegal immagrants and secure our border


I believe that illegal immigrants should be kept out of our country. They hurt our economy and are an overall bad thing for us. I know that they are just trying to get a better life, but what makes them better then the people that are doing the same thing, except that they are waiting in line? The illegal immigrants just cheat and budge ahead of everyone. They don't pay taxes, and they get to be on our welfare system. This overpowers the balance between people who pay taxes, and people who don't...

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gay marriage should be legal


I believe gay marriage should be legal everywhere. Most arguments against gay marriage are ridiculous. Yes, the Bible is against it, but what if your atheist and the bible has no part of your life? The dumbest one I've heard is that if gay marriage is legal more people will become gay and society will collapse. 10% of the world is gay and it's stayed that way for a LONG time. Gay marriage is actually a good example for your kids. It takes a lot of courage for two girls or boys to be proud they a...

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Was attacking the Japanese with the Atomic Bomb a good idea?


Attacking the Japanese was the right thing to do in the circumstances of WW2. If American had invaded Japan instead, close to 1,000,000 lives would have been lost. The Atomic Bomb saved about 600,000 of those lives. The Japanese would not surrender in this war. They were raised to fight to the death for their country. There are many accounts of Japanese suicide bomber that killed themselves for their country and to kill American soldiers. There is video footage of a man throwing his three childr...

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Abortion should be legal


I've wanted to debate this topic for a while now, and my opponent has shown some interest in it on the forums, so I thought this would be a good debate. Since the resolution is very straightforward I don't think an acceptance round is needed. Con may use their text space however they want to. Opening arguments: 1) Uncertainty about the beginning of life The scientific answer to the question of whether life begins at conception, at birth, or at some other point during a pregnancy is not...

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TT2 Expert Final: U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs


First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate bsh1 on making it this far in the tournament. Much as he has achieved this before, and even won before, I think it's a massive achievement with all of the fantastic competition we've had. Second, I am again honored to be debating a venerated veteran of the site. I have a lot of respect for bsh1 and his debating prowess, something I know he'll bring in spades to this debate. I hope I am up to the challenge, but most importantly, no matter how this ends...

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Prohibition is needed


Alchohol is not good...

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Health plans should cover contraception, and here is why.


No need to wait, just jump right in. All I ask is that you address each of my points according to the number I gave it. 1. Contraception improves the health of women by allowing them to prevent pregnancy. 2. Childbirth is much more expensive than contraception. 3. No matter how you feel about abortion, people do have the right to choose what to do with their bodies as long as they do not hurt anyone. 4. Contraception saves money by allowing a person to avoid the cost of pregnancy, childbirth, re...

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