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Abortion is murder


Voting ELO 2,000 minimum. First round, acceptance only. You troll, you lose. You flake, you lose. Last round, rebuttals only. No new arguments. All citations to sources must be within the debate. No citations to sources in the comments. All citations to sources must be online only and working links must be provided so that the source may be examined by the opponent. No offline sources may be used as they cannot be scrutinized with reasonable ease. All citations to sources mu...

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Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders Rap Battle, 600th Debate Spectacular


Welcome everyone to my 600th and final debate here on DDO. I have been wanting to retire from debating on this site for some time as many people probably don't care that much about, so I earmarked this, #600, to be my final debate. To celebrate the landmark occasion I have decided to host a political rap battle with the one and only Airmax1227, since only he has both the rap battle skills and the worthiness to throw down in this, my 600th and final debate I'm Imabench and I will be repre...

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Bernie Sanders Would Hurt America If Elected


My argument: Bernie Sanders would severly hurt America if elected in 2016.DISCLAIMER: My viewpoint in no way implies any support for any of the alternative/opposing candidates, or any support for a Democratic or Republican nomination. This debate strictly adheres to the policies of Sanders; at no point should this [debate] turn into one regarding any other candidates' policies. Economic and social issues will be discussed. ...

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The Nabisco-Russia Conspiracy is True


In this argument, I will attempt to prove that Russian Chancellor Vledimir Putin, known for his efforts to restore greatness to Russia, and his government are clandestinely working with the American corporation Nabisco. The idea seems absolutely absurd, which is why it has managed to fly under the radar until recently. However, there is an abundance of evidence for this conspiracy. According to the New York Times, "RJR [Nabisco], while also known for such food brands as Ritz crackers and Oreo...

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Resolved: The United States of America should abolish the Death Penalty


=Resolution=This debate will be about whether the United States should abolish the Death Penalty. "The death penalty, i.e. capital punishment, is "execution of an offender sentenced to d...

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ted Cruz should not be able to run as president.


The constitution clearly states that 'no person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of the United states' Why is cruz still running?...

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Bernie Sander's policies will not benefit the country.


Round 1-Acceptance, Round 2- Cases, Round 3- Rebuttals, Round 4-Defense I will attack Sander's policies, while my opponent defends them....

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American Gun Control


Gun control, defined as the banning of fire arms, is unconstitutional. The Second Amendment clearly states that it is "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they inserted this into the Bill of Rights. We need to be able to legally defend ourselves. People who feel that they are above the law, essentially criminals, will go to any means to see their goals come to pass. That could mean obtaining guns on the Blac...

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Should America put more restrictions on Immigration?


It"s no doubt that in the world today there are people less fortunate than ourselves. In the United States we"re privileged to live in such a peaceful country. In countries such as Syria, families and people alike have to worry about the threat that is ISIS. We hear about these things in the media of how war-torn and dangerous other countries conditions are, but we truly never have lived or experienced these things. Restricting Legal Immigration even further will complicate the system even furth...

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The School System is Sexist (Against Boys)


The school system, in the United States, is sexist against males. Picture this: A school gymnasium full of high school students, their parents, teachers, and the principal. The principal finishes announcing the Honor Roll students and is now preparing for the big award, AKA the Top Ten of each grade. She starts with the freshmen. "Amanda, Arianna, Kayla, Vanessa, Lauren, Elizabeth, Sarah, Adrienne...etc." Notice anything in common? Yes, all ten are girls. The top 5% of the class is full of fem...

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