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Women Have The Right to Contraceptives


Hello, TheOpinionist, I have recently come across your debate on this issue with someone else, and noticed they put up a very weak fight in discussing the subject. I would like to fill in their position in a hopefully more effective way in saying that women having access to contraceptives should logically be a basic human right. I apologize for the impromptu debate challenge, and you don't have to take this debate into a...

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Lannan13's 400th Debate! Resolved: The Iranian Nuclear Deal is a "mistake."


This debate is currently unacceptable. If you find a way to accept this without my permission you shall forfeit all 7 points. If you wish to debate, please apply in the comments section. Rules1st Round is acceptance.2nd Round is for Opening Arguments, NO rebuttals.3rd Round is for Rebuttals.4th Round is for Rebuttals and Conclusions.No semanticsNo Trolling.No KritcsThe Following users are prohibite...

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This house believe that animals have rights


There will be four rounds in this debate. The first round is for acceptance. You just have to say "I accept". Please do not start your arguments until the second round. If you have any questions about the debate, say in the first round. I will answer through either the second round or the comments. The second round will only be for arguments. No rebuttals will be allowed until the third round. The third round is for rebuttals, and for extra explanations for your current arguments. No new...

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Right to Individual Privacy be valued above the National Security


The Terms for this debate round be the LD debate round. 1. 1AC 2.C/X 3. 1NC 4.C/X 5. 1AR 6. 1NR 7. 1NC 8. voting period. No using Wikipedia as a credible source. Do you accept these terms? Aff: Fundamental Rights Why should we live in a nation that values protection above our rights? We shouldn"t live in a nation that values protection above our rights as citizens. We need our fundamental rights to secure our individual privacy. I am Resolved that When in Conflict the R...

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Gay marriage should not be permitted


PrefaceThis is only my 2nd debate on gay marriage, the first of which I lost. Please be gentle =) Full TopicIn a just society, gay marriages would not be permitted.TermsJust - based on what is morally or ethically right and/or fairGay marriage - a legally binding union conferring on two same-sex partners the same legal rights, stat...

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The intentional ban on hunting whales shoud be lifted


First of all I would like to thank anyone who accepts this debate, as it is my first, and also anyone who is willing to judge. I will define intentional as deliberately done, ban as a Marine Mammal Protection Act, whales as the marine species of mammal, and lifted as repealed or waived. The weighing mechanism for this round is going to be indigenous culture; the judge should vote for the team that best represents the Natives of America's voice within this round, because it allows for an under...

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The Iran Nuclear Deal


Okay! so the iran nuclear deal is something that has been a big deal in Politics lately first round will be for confirmation, I'll be debating on why the Iran Nuclear deal being passed is bad...

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Abolition of the Death Penalty


PrefaceThis is a "plan" topic on the abolition of the death penalty in the United States. As such, Pro shall propose a plan that involves: (1) the abolition of the death penalty, and (2) an alternative to such punishment. Con shall defend some form of capital punishment, and is allowed to propose a counterplan to minimize/remove the harms of the current system involving capital punishment.This debate is impossible to accept. If you accept witho...

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The Death Penalty


I am arguing that the death penalty should be abolished. The death penalty has been used since ancient history. Since then, the justice system has improved but it can not be perfect. Many a time the death penalty has resulted in false execution. Another problem is that juries are less willing to convict if they know the suspect will die, leading to the release of the actual criminal. It also costs more and is morally wrong....

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Isreal(pro) vs Palestine(con)


Debate Rules: 1st Round: For accepting the debate 2nd Round: Opening Statement 3rd Round: Rebuttal 4th Round: Conclusion...

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