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Religion is good or bad for society


The argument will be over whether religion is good or bad for society, whether it hurts or benefits civilization. My opponent may choose which side he/she would like to argue....

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Debate: Churches ought to pay taxes


Full resolution: Churches ought to pay taxesThe debate is impossible to accept, apply in the comments if you are interested and I will send the challenge to the applicant of my choosing. First round is acceptance only. No new arguments in the final round. Kritiks aren't allowed. Taxes on churches would mean regular property taxes and commercial income taxes. Basically they lose their tax exempt status....

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God Exists (Cosmological Argument)


In this debate I will be contending for the theistic worldview at the exclusion of the atheistic worldview. Although I am a Christian, I am not here arguing for Christian particulars. The Cosmological Argument is perhaps the strongest of the arguments for God"s existence. Its premises enjoy both philosophical and scientific backing, and its conclusion is certain. If this argument works, then it is logically impossible that God doesn"t exist. This is very strong language, and it is meant to b...

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Are Islam and Islamic culture immoral?


Immoral = Evil/violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics (e.g. human rights). Islamic culture = The cultural practices common to historically Islamic people. Rules: 1. Provide evidence for your counter-arguments. 2. Please refrain from using ad hominem arguments and/or logical fallacies. 3. The first round is for the rules/agreeing to the debate, the second for the ope...

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Atheism is a sad approach to life


The existence of the Lord has been debated for all times, and is not something I consider worthy of discussion. I know what I believe and I accept everyone else believing whatever they want. However, I am interested in the debate about life fulfilment, and if a life can be complete and happy without a relationship to the Lord. This question is the foundation of a group of other subjects; such as the duty of missionary work and our call to spread happiness to others who is yet to get to know...

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Sharia Law is immoral.


Round 1: Acceptance and Opening Arguments. Round 2: Rebuttals. Round 3: Rebuttals and Closing Arguments. Good luck to the opponent. Sharia Law is Immoral Anti-Sharia Argument #1 " Women. Sharia Law is extremely anti-woman. It states that it is illegal for a woman to leave the house against the will of her husband. It allows husbands to beat their wives under any circumstance. If this is not anti-woman, I don"t know what is. Anti-Sharia Argument #2 " Non-Muslims and Jihad. "Fighting i...

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Morality comes from evolution processes in society, not from the biblical God, Yahweh.


The god in the Bible is in no way a moral god at all in today's standards. I have herd the argument "If there is no god than there is no reason to be moral", but the Bible is more then enough proof that this is not true. Actually, if you are a follower of the Bible and take scripture as literal "truth", than the opposite is true, at least in American standards of morality. However, places in Middle East, like Sadi Arabia, may fail to see anything wrong, morally, with the Bible. I would like...

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The World Would Be Much Better Without Religion


I am generally interested in the answer. I have decided to choose Con because I think the world would not be much different than now. I would argue that many of the common reasons cited against religion may not be accurate. I do think there is often strong views held on both sides that do not move the debate forward. I am not arguing that religion never does wrong but that the negative impact on the world may be overly exaggerated and some of the good downplayed or ignored. If you can cite actua...

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shuold kahoot be used in congess


according to kahoot is the devils payground. I am a CHRISTAIN so I believe all congressmen ANBD WOMNAN should be CHRISTAIN TOO. SO I SAY DONT EVEN KAHOOT IN CONGRESS...

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Does God Exist?


For a word to be added to the dictionary, its primary intentional reference has to be found by the editors. An intentional reference is simply what is intended to be referred to when people use a term; it is a more descriptive way to say the definition for a word. If I were in another country where I didn't know the language very well, and I heard an unfamiliar term, I would want for the dictionaries in that language to explain what is intended to be summarized by that word. Extension is the qua...

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