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I don't need to prove your religion is false you need to prove it is true.


I have no reason to believe that your god is real. There are so many different gods, and its not possible for all of them to be real but it is possible for none of them to be. faith is not a reason it is the suspension of reason so belief can be preserved. I'm asking for clear evidence for the existence of god because if you want others to believe your radical claims you require radical evidence. Bertrand Russell's teapot analogy illustrates this argument very well and it goes as follows "If...

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Minecraft makes children sex slaves and destroys our economy


Minecraft is not really a video game. It is amazingly much worse than that. It is as if Satan, Second Lifeand The Sims all had a huge sex orgy and Minecraft was the bastard child that came out of it. They even have a specific variant called "Lava Survival" in which children falsely learn it is possible to escape from Hell! The horror that is Minecraft: Defying God by promoting genetic manipulation! First of all Minecraft shows us what the world will look like once the evolutionists finall...

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The Christian god exists and rules over the universe


My opponent must be a Christian that believes in every word of the bible. They must construct one strong evidence-based argument that objectively proves the existence of god. If my opponent or I disagree with one another (which we most likely will) we must post a refute/defence. I will not post any points as to why being an atheist is best as we do not have the burden of proof. If my opponent agrees with me I win, if I agree with them they win, if we disagree the voters are suggested to look for...

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God exists


Resolution - god existsDefinitions:God - omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, eternal, conscious being that actively intervenes into our world, listens to our prayers, judges us after we die. Basically it's god of the Bible or Quran.

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Are Atheists Able to Know Reality from Delusion?


Atheists love to live under the delusion that they are the guardians of rationality. But how can they hold this title when they cannot even articulate a rational way to know truth from fiction. If they cannot do this, they are literally ignorant and the ignorant cannot guard anything. So, what atheist can give me a rational way atheists know truth from fiction? Answering this question is the sole purpose for this debate. If you are unable or unwilling to answer this question, do not respond t...

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Ban Islam


This is continuation of a debate I was in with @Vi_Spex. Since He/she is not accepting challenges, I kindly ask that only @Vi_Spex accept this debate. Anyone else who does automatically forfeits this debate. @Vi_Spex can start the argument in first round if he/she wants....

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Does God Exist?


God - the creator and ruler of the universe; worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes Rules- 1.) No forfeiting 2.) No swearing 3.) Stay on track 4.) Be civil and respectable 5.) No new arguments in the last round 6.) No "K's" on any topics 7.) Include citations at the end of the text Violation of these rules will result in the loss of my opponent Structure: 1st round is acceptance only No new arguments in the last round I want to thank my opponent in advance...

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Atheist evolution vs creationism.


Atheist evolution vs Creationism. I will take the atheist evolution point of view, my opponent the creationism side.StructureR1 Acceptance & definitionsR2 ArgumentsR3 RebuttalsR4 DefenseBurden of proof Burden of proof will be shared equally. This is because I am making the affrimative claim and the instiagator, yet am arguing for what is normally accepted in the scientific community. Therefore,...

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Should Christians Masturbate?


well i don't know give me your opinion...

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human rights is superior to religious laws.


a human rights vs. religious laws and rights debate. I will be pro and supporting the human rights. 1st round for acceptance 2nd round for status quo and stance, 3rd round for arguments and extensions 4th round for rebuttals and further arguments/stance 5th round for final rebuttals and conclusions of the debate...

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