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All Jews are not Israelis


Some people believe that all Jews are Israelis. I may not be a Jew nor an Israeli, but I do believe the terms are different. If you call yourself a Muslim, does that mean you are an Arabian? No, it means that you believe in Islam. If you call yourself a Hindu, does that mean you are Indian? No, it means that you believe in Hinduism. If you call yourself Christian, does that mean you are a Greek (as Greece has the highest percentage of the population which is Christian)? No, it means that you bel...

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Dan Brown's portrayal of Christian history in "The Da Vinci Code" is inaccurate.


My argument is that the various historical claims that Dan Brown makes in his fictional novel, "The Da Vinci Code," are inaccurate. The claims include: "Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and they had children." "The Vatican suppressed science and truth in order to gain power." "Da Vinci was a closet atheist and intentionally tried to undermine the Church." ...and other such claims. In the first round, my opponent should choose one or two claims above or another claim that he or s...

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Evolution, Atheism


Many people have talked about this, saying what they think and how the Universe/world was created. Atheist's and evolutionists say that the Earth created itself, they have stated why and how it was created. Of course, if you have heard of God, and Jesus, and have heard both stories, why deny the existence of God? A family member that was really close died? You don't want to believe in God? First tell me why you don't want to know God and why you don't believe that God created the world. The numb...

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The Christian God exists (4)


This is a debate about whether or not the Christian god exists. I will be refuting arguments from my opponent, who will have the burden of proving that the Christian god is real. Rounds 1-4 are all for claims, rebuttals, and counter-rebuttals. Since I would not be able to refute my opponent's fourth-round claims, I request that they write "no round" in the fourth round of the debate. You can use any type of evidence, or you could simply use logic and reasoning to make your arguments....

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God's love for humanity is questionable


I will start in round 2. This is an acceptance round. Premise; The biblical God does not love you unconditionally, therefore 'His' love for humanity is questionable. I challenge lifemeansgodisgood to this debate. I am not here to convert you, only to discuss. I am not an atheist, I am an agnostic. So please, join me in the dinner table conversation. I wait for your reply....

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Biblical Creationism is Incorrect


Biblical Creationism is false. It has effectively no scientific backing, multiple contradictions, and moreover is not found in the Bible. Rounds: 1st: Acceptance only. 2nd: Opening arguments only. 3rd: Both rebuttals and new arguments. 4th: Rebuttals only. 5th: Summaries only....

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Via Intelligent Design, an infinitely-inteligent, creator god cannot be logically justified


Via Intelligent Design, an infinitely-inteligent, creator god cannot be logically justifiedDefinitions Intelligent Design: is an argument for the existence of god or, more generally, for an intell...

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God does not Consider Homosexuality a Sin


This debate presupposes that God is real. For the purpose of voting, please treat God's existence as a hypothetical scenario if you question the validity of His existence. Truth_seeker and I have decided to debate this, and he will accept burden of proof (message me if you want me to adjust the debate in some way). Definitions: --God: The Christian God referred to in the Old Testament and the New Testament. --Homosexuality: Relating to sexual intercourse between same-sex people --Si...

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/Users/tomlang/Desktop/GO AHEAD, DRINK THE KOOL-AID!.rtf/Users/tomlang/Desktop/COLONEL COLT IS A GOOD FRIEND IN A FIGHT.rtf/Users/tomlang/Desktop/PLAY GOD.rtf Dear gods, Those who know, don't say Those who say, don't know Enough said? Sincerely, Lao Tse...

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The Christian God As Described In the Bible Does Not Exist


Rules Round 1: No arguments. Just acceptance. Round 2/3: Arguments and rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements. No new arguments No "god of the gaps" arguments allowed. Any violation of the rules results in conduct points going to the other debater. Mutual violation results in a tie for conduct. Definitions: God of the gaps: If science can't explain it, god did it. Exist: To be real I look forward to a good debate. If you cannot accept it, it is because you have not complet...

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