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You do not need Religion to have morals.


I will argue that we do not need religion to have morals, as in properly decide right or wrong. I have recently done some work on it at Sec School so interested to see peoples arguments. It might take a while as im busy so bear with....

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Islam promotes lying and killing disbelievers


David and I had a discussion in the comments of an old debate and that is why I am challenging him to a debate on this topic: Islam protes lying (deception) and the killing of disbelievers.Since the Islam is a very wide subject, I suggest we limit the debate to these two points (deception and Jihad) and do not expand the scope of this debate to other topics related to Islam.The debate will be as follows:Round 1 AcceptanceRound 2 Initial argumentsRou...

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Jesus is God by nature


This debate challenge is strictly not for Atheists/ Agnostics but only for those who are Christians by calling especially the Unitarians. This calls for the use of the Bible per se as the source of both arguments and rebuttals. This is my debate challenge: JESUS IS GOD BY NATURE. Jesus Christ is God by nature because of one singular reason and that's His being the Son of God.

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God doesn't exist.


My argument is that God doesn't exist. I advise my opponent(preferably Christian) to present evidence for their beliefs. If they present enough sufficient evidence -- although highly unlikely -- I will gladly change my position. I also advise my opponent to go first. Thank you for debating. The rounds will not be as specific as other debates. It is just providing proof of God's existence....

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Jerusalem is the Jewish Holy Capital


Its importance to Christianity should be noted, too. Since the re-establishment of Israel one claim from the Islamic (namely Palestinian) community is that Jerusalem is in fact their Holy City, and that it's the place Muhammad descended to heaven from. Such claims are baseless for the following reasons that I will outline in my opening argument. Con must be able to argue my statement(s) and provide supported examples of Jerusalem being an Islamic Holy Capital. First round acceptance....

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The infringement of personal zones in church lead to a biased and emotional response to the gospel.


It is a known fact that each individual has what is called the personal/ intimate zone. It is also known that the reason why large numbers of protester often turn violent, even though they only intend to protest peacefully, is that an entry into a personal zone leads to an emotional response and at most anger. Churches (especially Pentecostals) have a similar setup to the protest situation. Large numbers of people are in the church and interfering with each others zones. Surely it fits in to...

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Muslim? Why not a Christian?


I'm an endearer of God, our creator, God of Abraham, and of Muhammad. But I am also a Christian. As a Christian I don't understand why anyone can be anything different. I have spoken to many people, but now, I have the opportunity to speak to a faithful youth. Islam or Christianity. Which is correct in itself, and which is flawed in it's practice. [WARNING: SPIRITUALLY CONTRAVERCIAL ,{MAY UPSET FATHERS}]...

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Does Islam incite followers to commit genocide, terrorism, and violence?


The 'First Round' of this debate will be my formal challenge to my opponent to debate the issue of whether or not Muslims incite genocide against Non-Muslims (especially the Jewish people). Other issues would be violence and terrorism as it relates to Islam. My opponent is free to make and opening argument or simply accept the challenge. The winner should be apparent at the end of these 5 rounds based on the evidence....

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God created the universe


I am taking the stance that God created the universe. Good luck!...

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Why, Gay/Lesbian People Should Not Get Married


Why gay/lesbian people should not be allowed to be married, I think gay/lesbian should not be allowed to be married because the god made Adam and Eve not, Adam and Steve. If God wanted two boys to be married then he would have said they can be married. But God said that he wanted man and woman to be married....

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