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The Earth is spherical and the Flat Earth hypothesis is false


It is a widely accepted fact that the Earth, and all planetary objects are spherical (even though they may not be perfect spheres), and yet Flat Earth believers insist that the Earth is a flat cuboid travelling through space with a Sun and moon with a diameter of 32 km above it and provides absolutely no evidence for their ridiculous claims while disregarding the countless amounts of evidence we have for a spherical Earth as government lies. Flat Earth believers simply reject evidence such as...

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Man Made Climate Change Is Fake


Please stick to only the man-made part of this argument. I am not denying the world is heating or any possible effects of that. I am saying that man does not cause it. Also, quoting a consensus is NOT science. I want to hear your argument, not some random scientists. Science is based off of hard facts and evidence to support claims, not a consensus of random scientists whether they studied climate or not. Here are my reasons: 1.There is NO way to test whether Co2 is the most contributing...

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Earth: Spherical vs Flat


Recently I've come across a lot of flat-Earthers for some reason on the internet recently. The burden of proof is on both parties as I set up the debate so that both parties are making an affirmative claim. Pro is spherical Earth model, which is me, and Con is flat Earth model, my opponent.FOUR ROUNDS:1st Round: Acceptance/Opening statements2nd Round: Opening arguments3rd Round: Rebuttals/More arguments4th Round: More rebuttals/Closing statements...

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Resolved: The United States Government Should Colonize Mars By 2033.


Hello. I am glad to be participating in this tournament and I hope that this will be a good debate. For Round 1, I will explain the rules and you will accept the debate. For Round 2, we will place down our arguments, and for Round 3, we will place down our rebuttals. For Round 4, we place any final arguments and rebuttals. Good luck, and may the better debater win!...

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The development of space travel should be primarily entrusted to private corporations.


This debate is part of bsh1's tourney and represents Round 1 between Cobalt and ThinkBig. The resolution and sides were agreed upon by both parties. Round Structure: Round 1 - Acceptance/Statement of Position Round 2 - Opening Arguments Round 3 - Rebuttals [No new arguments] Round 4 - Rebuttals/Closing Statements [No new arguments] The Burden of Proof is shared. I look forward to this debate....

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Global Warming is Man-Made


==Clarification== I will be arguing that mankind IS the cause of global warming, my opponent will be arguing that mankind is NOT the main driver of modern climate change. My opponent, therefore, is arguing that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is incorrect. This is pretty straightforward. Abbreviations which might be used: AGW -- Anthropogenic global warming CR -- cosmic ray[s] TSI -- Total solar irradiation MWP -- Medieval Warm Period SSN -- Sun spot number PDO --...

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Creationism (Pro) vs Evolution (Con)


Full resolution: The Creation Model is a more viable explaination for the complexity and diversity of living things than the Evolutionairy Model.Definitions:The Evolutionairy Model:

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There is most likely an intelligent creator of the universe


Okay Tejretics chose these judges for the most part, I just agreed. I finally found time to put some effort and energy into debating. I'm sick of seeing the God debates and even sicker of seeing people who actually specialize in nothing but God debates. With that being said, one of you guys with no life and way too much free time who spend all day debating the same topic over and over are welcome to apply in the comments. I'll accept the best opponents, from those who specialize in this ty...

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Relying upon science alone is faulty, as it cannot prove anything.


First, just some ground rules:TOPICALITY:Both sides must stay on subject. If someone strays away from topic, it is grounds for forfeit.STRUCTURE:Round 1: Acceptance only. No arguments in this round.Round 2: Openings. No evidence may be brought forward in this round, just give an overview of where your argument will go. You need not rebut the opposing side's opening either.Round 3: Constructives. Evidence is allowed here. Constructives can be r...

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its good to say no before you argue....

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