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All Matter is Sentient.


All Matter is Sentient. sen"tient (snshnt, -sh-nt) adj. 1. Having sense perception; conscious: "The living knew themselves just sentient puppets on God's stage" (T.E. Lawrence). 2. Experiencing sensation or feeling. [Latin sentins, sentient-, present participle of sentre, to feel; see sent- in Indo-European roots.] sentient"ly adv. The American Heritage" Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright "2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by...

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The Earth orbits the Sun


Early scientists once held the geocentric position that the Sun orbited the earth. Later, Darwin introduced the heliocentric model, Earth rotating the sun. This model was excepted and the other discarded and thought prehistoric and pretty much as stupid as the Earth being flat. My question: What PROOF do you have to confirm the heliocentric model? Because I have proof that completely debunks it. And please mention the pendulum....

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0.9999 (repeating) = 1


Normally debates are about opinions. This is about fact. I maintain that 0.9999 (going on forever) is the same thing mathematically, and realistically as 1. I expect my opponent to have an understanding of math, such as basic algebra, and rules of infinity. First round is for acceptance AND posting arguments. For the sake of simplicity, the term 0.999... will mean 0.999 repeating. FAIR WARNING: This is a mathematical fact. The evidence is on my side. If you choose to accept this argument, you...

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Are aliens real. Use your thinking good. There is one actually here on earth and I know her she has showed me everything. What's your opinion...

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Math Debate #1


The title's pretty self-explanatory. Because I'm a whole lot better at mathematics than debating, and there's really nothing math-related here, I'd like to start perhaps the first math debate in all of DDO. Here are the rules.Oh wait, first, I'd like to tell you to do something: Hold your tongue with your fingers and say "I like to math debate." If you know what I mean...anyway:The first round is always acceptance only...

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E.T. Exists!!!


My contention is that it is probable that there are no intelligent beings in the universe except on earth. It is so probable, in fact, that I will say "E.T. does not exist", provided this claim be taken as "there is no evidence E.T. exists, and E.T. is not likely to exist, either. My argument will be divided into two sections. The first of which is to silence the conspiracy nuts. The Pro need not respond to it, unless they want to it. It is merely to set the scene. The second section is my ac...

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Everything or 100% Existence and, Life the subset of Everything is a Machine.


We live in our home. Our home is 100% Finite Existence or World or Universe or Everything. This Everything collectively known as Single Entire World or just World is a Machine. World is a Machine. Life is a subset of this Machine. Life is a Machine. Entire World is one Changing World. Changes are localized or can be said to have Frames of reference. So one World has many events or different parts changing or having different clocks. Everything is a variation or picture or ev...

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We cant imagine "aliens" as long as there is no clue.


The first round is only to accept the debate. This debate can also go a bit of topic, if needed. I would like to say that its unpredictable how aliens look like and why aliens wouldn't do "invasions, attack, parasitizing..." My opponent should explain why he/she believes that we are related to them, that they are invading us or any other "ET" topic in this way....

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Given the available data, denying the theory of evolution is completely unreasonable


This debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you want to debate. Some clarifications: - I will have most (if not all) of the BoP, but my opponent should feel free to present any arguments he/she deems useful, either against evolution or in favor of an alternate theory. - The first round is for acceptance and I would like my opponent to present his/her position very quickly. - My first argument will be mostly copy pasted from one of my earlier debate, so don't be surprised...

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Evolution is a religion, not a science


I believe that even though Evolution is presented as a science, and taught in public schools today as that, it is actually a religion. Starting at the beginning of Evolution this is list of reasons that I believe supports my case, and my opponent will be arguing against. 1. "The big bang theory states that at some time in the distant past there was nothing. A process known as vacuum fluctuation created what astrophysicists call a singularity. From that singularity, which was about the size of...

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