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Soccer is more physical/popular than Football


Everyone always says that Football is way more physical than Soccer, but that is not true in many ways. First I want you to think about it like this. Football players wear a lot of padding all over there body and yes take some hard hits, but soccer gets the same amount if not strong amounts of hits to the body and they only have shin guards. Football player get hit and will be down for a little while before getting up but I know people ( me included) who played soccer with broken bones and would...

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Messi is better than Ronaldo


Messi is better than ronaldo for a number of reasons. Messi is younger than Ronaldo therefore he has more stamina in the field and also messi has on multiple championships in the past, more than Ronaldo. Also in the 2014 world cup Messi has scored more goals. Ronaldo has an injury right now so therefore in the present Messi is better....

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Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning


Debate structure: round 1: accept round 2: opening arguments (no rebuttal) round 3: rebuttal round 4: summary and why you won Rules: -any point in there career. -can not use scandals or anything outside game to help your side (deflate gate, advertising, etc)...

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Girls should not be allowed to play in boys' sports leagues or on boys' teams.


TopicGirls should not be allowed to play in boys' sports leagues or on a team in these leagues.Debate LayoutRound 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Opening argument, no rebuttal by Con (as Pro has no opportunity for rebuttal)Round 3: Rebuttals, no...

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Professional athletes using Performance-Enhancing drugs


In todays world the temptation to use performance-enhancing drugs is too great for too many athletes. Performance-enhancing drugs are self explanatory, it is a drug to enhance physical performance. Usually associated with professional athletes striving for perfection. There are many risks that come with taking performance-enhancements there are many types of PEDs, all of which are illegal. The United States Anti-Doping agency should keep performance-enhancing drugs illegal to keep professional a...

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McDonalds(pro) or chipotle(con)?


Chipoltle is better for 3 reasons 1.quality of food 2.customizable food 3.McDonalds marketing targets specifically children, chipotle does not....

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Manchester United have the best list of players play for them than any other club in the world


Well this is new for me a Sports Debate. I will be deabating that out of all clubs in the world Manchester United has the best all time roster. For those that don't know what that means that means all the players that have ever played for a club is there all time roster, and i will be debating that Manchester United have the best group of players. 1. Round 1 will be acceptance as well as telling me what football (european) team you have chosen. 2. Round 2 will be making a case as to why your...

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do you think anyone can dance?


No, not everyone can dance. I should know because I am a Rockette. Dance is the most physically demanding sport of all time (this will be argued later). I went and read some of the opinions on the debate "Is dance a sport?" and I was one opinion that stuck out to me. This person said that all dancers do, EVERYTHING that dancers do can be learned in one month, but NEWSFLASH we train for years(I'm talking like decades) to be a professional dancer. many things such as a double pirouette take about...

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Jameis Winston should NOT enter the NFL Draft


Personally I don't think that Jameis is ready for the pros. He's been in the spotlight for negative things lately, he just needs to work on building his character to have a stronger image. Also, he needs to finish college and get a good education....

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Anderson Silva did not throw his fight with Chris Weidman


I am hoping to argue with another MMA afficionado over Anderson Silva's stunning loss to Chris Weidman via KO. I have recently seen several commentors speculating that Silva threw the fight to get a bigger rematch. I will be arguing that this is not the case. Obviously there is no concrete evidence, so we will be left to hypothetical examinations of pre and post fight behavior. Burden of proof is on Con to present arguments for Silva intentionally losing the fight. Voters should vote based...

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