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The Christian God was not justified in instrumenting mass-killings in the Old Testament.


1st round is for acceptance. I've made this debate impossible to accept, so comment if you would like to accept it. The Bible documents numerous accounts where the Christian God caused, ordered, and/or instrumented mass-killings and essentially genocides. My position will attempt to prove that these instances were unjustified while Con's position should be that every single one of them is justified. Definition of justified: Having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason. ht...

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Marijuana is harmless and is safer to use long-term than alcohol or tobacco.


First round - pro's initial argumentsSecond round- rebuttals and argumentsThird round - rebuttals and argumentsFourth round - rebuttals, no new arguments may be introducedThis is an open debate, if you feel strongly that marijuana has minimal adverse effects then go ahead and accept. You may present your arguments first round, no need for acceptance....

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All Jews are not Israelis


Some people believe that all Jews are Israelis. I may not be a Jew nor an Israeli, but I do believe the terms are different. If you call yourself a Muslim, does that mean you are an Arabian? No, it means that you believe in Islam. If you call yourself a Hindu, does that mean you are Indian? No, it means that you believe in Hinduism. If you call yourself Christian, does that mean you are a Greek (as Greece has the highest percentage of the population which is Christian)? No, it means that you bel...

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The Catholic Church is and has been a force for good in the world


Round 1. Acceptance of debate terms Round 2-4: Rebuttals Round 5: Closing statement. No rebuttals and no new arguments. For this introductory round I will present my position and the necessary terms for this debate. I wont offer any arguments as to why Catholic Church is not a force for good, just present the terms and succinctly explain what I am going to argue in favor off. My stance on this debate is, that when viewing the Catholic Church historically and presently, I find that when g...

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Does good and evil exist?/Examining scenarios to prove statement


This is my first debate, and I decided to start with the topic of whether good and evil exist, using a certain scenario as a jumping point. I am arguing that good and evil do exist. The scenario that I would like to present is the following: If I was talking to someone about something trivial and then suddenly took a gun and shot the person in the head because I felt like it (and for no other reason; the conversation had nothing to do with it), this would be considered evil because I woul...

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Lannan13's 250th Debate Resolved: The United States Marine Corps should continue to exist.


This is Lannan13's 250th debate over the existance of the United States Marine Corps. I'd like to thank Wylted ahead of time for accepting this debate.RulesFirst round is acceptance and definitions.Round 2 is Contentions, no rebuttles.Round 3 is Contentions and rebuttles.Round 4 is rebuttles and conclusions.No semanticsNo Trolling.Marine Corps- a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces trained...

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HINDI should not be used in India for its development.


Hindi might be the official language or national language of India but my question is why Hindi when we use 90 % only English in almost all the various industries , companies, etc . W use the UK English text in most of the daily life and moreover English is regarded as the global language but still Hindi is our national language. Why? if you say that's because most states of India speak Hindi then I believe there are 10 times more people in India who speak English. now the world calls for...

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KONAMI's Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (Pro) vs Electronic Art's FIFA 13(Coc)


Which is the best? Electronic Arts's Fifa 13 or KONAMI's Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 ? Let's Debate! Round 1 - Description (Argument) Round 2 - Graphics Round 3 - Gameplay / Controls / Tactics and Strategy Round 4 - Game Modes Round 5 - Real (Players/teams/etc.) Data and Other...

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In the best society we could realistically hope to have, money would be abolished.


Only good debaters here please. First round acceptance....

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The Hunger Games games Adaption was better than Divergent


(ONLY THE MOVIE) The Hunger Games was better than Divergent! 1. The characters actually have fun. The Hunger Games is really one long relentless slog through war, misery, poverty, and celibacy. Katniss and Peeta go from their bleak, gray home to the hellscape of the Arena, with a quick stop in the Capitol to feel horrified by and superior to its partying, colorful denizens. When Tris leaves her gray but kind of happy home to run with the wild boys and girls of Dauntless, you can feel her thril...

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