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Should Hillary Clinton win?


So...Hillary and Donald is one of the many question many politics are arguing about. The question I'm asking myself is, why Trump? Like really. He is a rich man with surgically put on hair who has absolutely no political experience whatsoever, and is frankly only running for president, for a boost in his business and for more money which he really doesn't need more of. Another disappointment I have found with Trump, is that he has had at least 3 wives who have all been at least 20 years younger...

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School Uniforms


School uniforms have been around for many years. I believe it's time to drop the uniforms, and allow students to wear as they wish. Many supporters of this highly-debated topic say that school uniforms keep students, especially the ladies, modest. I don't see how a short skirt is keeping the girls modest, and isn't that what the regular public school dress code is for? Keeping their students dressing appropriately? School uniforms are doing nothing to benefit the education system. Making...

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An Economy Based on Profit-Maximizing Companies is Unsustainable and Bad for the Common Man


In a capitalistic society such as one that many of our members are located in, one can observe the effects of our main industries operating under a profit-maximizing model. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate here. Pro (me) will have to prove: 1. This model is unsustainable 2. This is bad for average Joe Con (you) will have to prove: 1. This model is sustainable 2. This is good for average Joe Round 1 is for acceptance only. Round 2 is for opening arguments. Round 3 is f...

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Who should be next POTUS? Trump (Pro).....Clinton(Con)


Hello! This will be my first debate in a while due to school. I will argue for Mr. Donald J. Trump and against Hillary because I solemnly believe that she will be a disaster for the United States. This debate is for Pro's and Con's of both candidates, so I expect Con to argue why Hillary is good, not just why Trump is bad. The format of this debate is as follows: Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 2: Arguments....NO REBUTTALS Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Conclusion Good Luck to my opponen...

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Has Britain lost its traditional heritage?


I feel like Britain is in the process of losing its traditional heritage due to immigration more and more different races of people are immigrating into Britain and bringing their heritage with them which is nullifying the British heritage in Britain...

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Should Plastic Bags be Banned?


I'm taking the stance for the con side. The argument is; I think we should not banned plastic bags. Go ahead and place your first argument. Good luck!!! ...

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Olive Garden Is Overrated


I think that Olive Garden is overrated and the quality of the food doesn't match up with the cost. Their Alfredo tastes and looks like it was reheated in a microwave and just overall nothing seems fresh....

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Humanity cannot progress any further as a species.


Humanity as a species has reached its climax. I don't believe that any further progress can be made by us, since we have begun to regress as a society while many of us have not even reached the same standard of living as our developed contemporaries. The upward trend of technological growth will I think, crash and burn us in the end. And even as original and unique ideas are being silenced by loud outcries of old and broken ideologies, so too am I beginning to think that all of our great achieve...

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Human beings are superior to animals


Humanity in general has often struck me as being incredibly arrogant in almost everything we do. We assume our intelligence and ingenuity gives us the right to meddle with anything and everything that's within our grasp. We have this elevated view of ourselves in regard to nature. This notion that we have surpassed the lowly beast and are inherently "better", superior creatures that can lord over nature as we see fit. However, take the human being out of an ecosystem and nature thrives. Take...

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Should Probable cause be alright in School K-12


Hey, can someone please accept this so I won't be bored. And please respond with an sophisticated response relating to the topic....

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