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Death penalty is never justified, under any circumstance


I thank wrirchcirw for agreeing to debate this resolution. This debate is mostly a culmination of some things I’ve been reading up on local news, and my reaction to them. For the purpose of the debate, I’ll be arguing that Death penalty is never justified.Some definitions before we get started:Death penalty- also referred to as capital punishment. Execution of an offender sentenced to death...

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Death Penalty


You say imprisonment is the best route to take, but the death penalty is for INHUMANE crimes. I'm sorry but if it is unjustly to be put to death for murdering, raping, spying, terrorizing; how are those not inhumane as well? Also in prison, prisoners can access books, television, calling and visiting their loved ones, better health coverage than most unemployed Americans and three meals a day. Yes, what a punishment that is....

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Death Penalty


Resolution: The Death Penalty should remain a sentencing option in the United States. First Round will be for Acceptance. If there are any questions, please ask them before joining....

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Should America have the death penalty?


America should not have the death penalty because the death penalty system in the US is applied in an unfair and unjust manner against people,largely dependent on how much money they have, the skill of their attorneys, race of the victim and where the crime took place. People of color are far more likely to be executed than white people, especially if the victim is white.The death penalty is a waste of taxpayer funds and has no public safety benefit. The vast majority of law enforcement professi...

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The Death Penalty should be kept and enforced.


Now let's keep it simple.This is just for practice.For the first two rounds let's state our points and the third the rebuttals. I shall state my argument.The Death penalty should be kept and in fact enforced.Let me tell you why.As we all know every crime should face its punishments.People should pay for what they've done.Yes,even now with the death penalty being enforced in certain countries and states people are still committing crimes worthy of the death penalty.However,they who commit those...

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Using the Threat of the Death Penalty to Ensure a Guilty Plea is Ok


One common argument for the continuing existence of the Death Penalty is the idea that lawyers can threaten to pursue the Death Penalty, and thus scare the defendant into pleading guilty to a life sentence (or other lesser sentence) instead. I believe that this violates the intentions of our law system, and this argument should not be considered in a Death Penalty debate. <...

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Death Penalty


Full resolution: The death penalty is an ideal form of punishment for particular criminal cases. My stance on the Death Penalty: While I support rehabilitation in as many cases as possible, there are some cases where the Death Penalty is the best option. I only believe that the DP (Death Penalty) will be of absolutly no value when we have the option of completely (with 100% certainty) brainwashing criminals to esentually make them into "new" people. Now, in order for this debate to really...

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Should the death penalty be re-introduced to Britain?


Well, our last debate panned, so here's a more serious topic to indulge in: capital punishment. I will be arguing the against, you the pro. First round is acceptance. Second round lays out opening arguments. Third and fourth are for counter-arguments. Final round is for closing comments....

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The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished


The Resolution:"Resolved: The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished."Details: --Specific to the US/Federal GovernmentDefinitions:Death Penalty -- Capital Punishment, or punishment by death for a crime [1] [2]. Should --must, ought [3]Abolished -- to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void My Position:...

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On balance, Death Penalty as a punishment has a negative impact on the society


I’d like to thank my opponent for agreeing to debate this resolution. I hope we both have an enriching debate. I am going to argue that on balance, death penalty has a negative impact on the society. i.e the presumed improvement in law and order is not offset by the social costs of the decision. Let us start by taking a case which I believe would be universally abhorrent. Assume a person A kills innocent girls/ women by luring them into his villa. And t...

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