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Is death penalty justified?


I believe that Death Penalty is totally justified for reasons which I wish to share in the next round of this debate. As far as I have observed, the first round of a debate is usually an "acceptance" round. Anyway, death penalty is something which is very important in the smooth functioning of a nation. I am really sorry but I'll be giving my arguments on this point (along with examples) only in the next round....

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Death Penalty


The death penalty has been increasing the Death toll over the world. This penalty has mostly been given to murderers, though th executioner then will himself be a murder, and he will go on and on and on until humantiy is extinct. Also why kill two people for only one murder? To add on many of us value our nations heroes though theey killed other people illegaly....

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The USFG should ban the death penalty in all 50 states.


Resolve: The USFG should ban the death penalty in all 50 states. a) definitions Death Penalty: To be sentenced and put to death by the state. aka capital punishment b) burden analysis: As pro, I accept the burden of proof to affirm the resolution 4 rounds/72 hours/ 4,000 characters Thanks Lannan13 for this debate....

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The death penalty should NOT be allowed


Hello and thank you for joining my debate I will be arguing in favor of not allowing the death penalty in the United States.This is how the debate will be layed out:1st round: Acceptence only (anything more will be an automatic forfeit)!2nd round: Opening argument / statement3rd round: first round of counterarguments4th round: Final counterarguments and closeing statementAny violation to the setup will result in an automatic forfe...

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The Death Penalty


I am arguing that the death penalty should be abolished. The death penalty has been used since ancient history. Since then, the justice system has improved but it can not be perfect. Many a time the death penalty has resulted in false execution. Another problem is that juries are less willing to convict if they know the suspect will die, leading to the release of the actual criminal. It also costs more and is morally wrong....

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Death Penalty


Full resolution: The death penalty is an ideal form of punishment for particular criminal cases. My stance on the Death Penalty: While I support rehabilitation in as many cases as possible, there are some cases where the Death Penalty is the best option. I only believe that the DP (Death Penalty) will be of absolutly no value when we have the option of completely (with 100% certainty) brainwashing criminals to esentually make them into "new" people. Now, in order for this debate to really...

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Death Penalty- (Brief, Quick, Debate)


Death is truly an unusually severe punishment. Unusual in it's pain, unusual in it's suffering, it's finality, and it's enormity. Because of the nature of the death penalty, it treats those humans who are on death row as non humans toyed with and discarded. No matter what the crime, death should never be the choice. If anything, the worse punishment should be a life sentence. Rather than death, we should im...

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the death penalty is wrong


good luck all I hope you have fun do not start debating untill the second round. that is why there is 4 rounds...

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Resolved: The Death Penalty Should be Abolished


== Definitions == Death Penalty: "Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime." -- Although this debate is about the US, examples from other countries can be used, all dat cool stuff. == Structure == R1: Pro can either accept or write his arguments. R2: Arguments (or rebuttals depending as to how Pro wants to go) R3: Rebuttals R4: Rebuttals a...

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The Death Penalty Should be Ended for ALL Cases


Hello. I will be arguing that the United States of America should end the death penalty for all criminal cases. The rounds will go as follows: 1. Acceptance of challenge. Please do not include evidence to support your case. 2. Your case. This is where you will enter all of your supporting evidence. 3. Rebuttal. This is where you can discuss the opponent's case. 4. Final concluding arguments. Good luck, and may the best debater win....

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