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Death Penalty


Well I brought Allegra to this site for this reason alone, so hopefully it'll be fun. I know there's loads of debates regarding the Death Penalty already, but I figured let's have another because there can never be enough of anything. So I'll pass this on to Allegra to explain to everyone why the death penalty is so amazing! Thanks ;)...

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Death Penalty should be done away with


My opponent (Whoever chooses to accept) and I will be debating about whether or not the death penalty should be done away with. I am in favor that it should be. My opponent, whoever it will be, will not be.Anyone who wishes to debate me on this topic must follow these set of guidelines: You must follow common guidelines, such as plagiarism. A few jokes in between are acceptable, but other than that, take the debate seriously. Both sides...

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Death Penalty should be Abolished in all States


I believe the death penalty should be abolished. I think that killing someone is never the solution, no matter what crime they've committed. People might say that a murder should receive the death penalty because the punishment is equal to the crime, but "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind". There are alternative punishments that I believe still serve justice but promote a more forgiving and merciful attitude in society....

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Should we keep the death penalty?


I believe that we should keep the death penalty. I feel that people who have committed crimes against humanity, don't deserve to live. They certainly are not worth the $168,00 dollars that we spend on them per year in prisons. That's why I think we should keep the death penalty and I expect a lively debate with my opponent! Thank you....

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Should the Death Penalty be legal or illegal?


This is for a school project, I just want to see some opinions....

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The Death Penalty--With a Twist!


PrefaceI thank Kbub for agreeing to debate me on this! I think it is an interesting take on the Death Penalty debate, in that it seeks to evaluate the philosophy behind it, rather than becoming muddled in the practical concerns of its implementation. I would ask, however, that all arguments be topical to the resolution, and that we stick to the issue at hand (i.e. no Kritiks, theory, etc.). I ask this only because I am genuinely interested in debatin...

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The death penalty is the best way to punish criminals convicted of capital crimes


Warning: This will be a strictly factual debate. If you accept and don't use facts, but morals and religion you automatically lose.RULES:1. If you or I forefit, we automatically lose. 2. If you bring morals and religion into the debate you automatically lose.3. If opponent doesn't propose any counter definitions, then they must accept my definitions.4. If either side brings up new evidence in round four, than that side loses.Other then th...

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The Death Penalty for the guilty


Right, I'll be going against why there should be no death penalty for the guilty.1)Firstly, it goes agaisnt the very law of Right to protection of life, by awarding a person the death penalty, we ourselves are violating the law and a violation of law is not acceptable2) Its does not teach the guilty anything, if you look at it. The death penalty, the person just dies there is no learning and no going through pain and realizing the mistake they've made, wehreas...

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Death Penalty


Full resolution: The death penalty is an ideal form of punishment for particular criminal cases. My stance on the Death Penalty: While I support rehabilitation in as many cases as possible, there are some cases where the Death Penalty is the best option. I only believe that the DP (Death Penalty) will be of absolutly no value when we have the option of completely (with 100% certainty) brainwashing criminals to esentually make them into "new" people. Now, in order for this debate to really...

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Public Burning at Stake should be used as a Death Penalty


*You need at least 20 debates to accept this debate* Full Resolution: "In a country which already employs the death penalty, burning at stake should be used as a death penalty" This debate regards only the methodology of executing a death penalty, rather than the question of issuing a death penalty itself. Definitions: Burning at Stake: An execution performed by binding a convict to a wooden stake and setting fire to said stake[1] Format: 48h, 3 rounds, 8,000 characters Round 1: A...

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