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The Death Penalty should be Abolished in the United States of America


Resolution: Resolved, the Death Penalty should be Abolished in the USA.Definitions: Death Penalty: the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.The round structure is as follows:1. Acceptance2. Opening Arguments3. Rebuttals to opening arguments4. Defence from rebuttals to opening arguments [no new arguments in the final...

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Resolved: The United States of America should abolish the Death Penalty


=Resolution=This debate will be about whether the United States should abolish the Death Penalty. "The death penalty, i.e. capital punishment, is "execution of an offender sentenced to d...

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Whether the United States should abolish the Death Penalty?


Before I begin, I would like to thank for hosting this debate, as well as whoever accepts my challenge. This will be tough, and I thank you for providing me with a challenge. I hope that I challenge you, and together we might both become better debaters. Intro: All my arguments will be presented in round 2. Rules: No profanity (thanks), no Ad Hominems (personal attacks), no fallacies (they will be pointed out), and have fun. Please present your arguments in round two, and leave...

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Resolved: The United States Should Abolish the Death Penalty


Select winner. 2k. I am going to literally copy and paste Roy's stuff cause it fits well. "The death penalty, i.e. capital punishment, is "execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense." [1.] Currently 32 states and the Federal government have a death penalty. [2.]. ... In this debate I will argue that a death penalty should be maintained as part of the U.S...

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That we should abolish the death penalty


My argument will rest on two premises. Firstly that the death penalty doesn't work as a deterrent and secondly that its too immoral to use even if it did. I will use this first speech to outline the former and my second speech to explain the latter. To assume the death penalty will deter anyone assumes they are thinking rationally which most who people who commit serious crimes often are not. Broadly people who commit violent crimes can be grouped into four categories. Those who act in the he...

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Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?


Rules: 1. First Round is for acceptance only 2. Not forfeiting 3. Be respectful, site your sources or post the links at the end of each round, make clear, valid points. 4. No trolling. Format: Round 1: Acceptance of debate Round 2: Intro into your argument, offer a broad outline of your main points with sources you plan to use outright. Round 3: Counter-Argument/Further main points, use this round to further your main points or in order to argue against my main points. (Post any add...

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Death Penalty


Full resolution: The death penalty is an ideal form of punishment for particular criminal cases. My stance on the Death Penalty: While I support rehabilitation in as many cases as possible, there are some cases where the Death Penalty is the best option. I only believe that the DP (Death Penalty) will be of absolutly no value when we have the option of completely (with 100% certainty) brainwashing criminals to esentually make them into "new" people. Now, in order for this debate to really...

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The Death Penalty should be abolished


First round acceptance only, valid points, with facts that have been proved and preferably sourced. First round presenting points, second round is rebuttals, and third round is conclusion....

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The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished


The Resolution:"Resolved: The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished."Details: --Specific to the US/Federal GovernmentDefinitions:Death Penalty -- Capital Punishment, or punishment by death for a crime [1] [2]. Should --must, ought [3]Abolished -- to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void My Position:...

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The death penalty should be legal in all US states.


For some, the death penalty could be less worse than jail. The death penalty is only used when absolutely needed, and sometimes it is the only rational/moral option. Even if a criminal was released from the death penalty/jail, it would be very hard for them to make a living. The death penalty can be painless. The death penalty provides disclosure for victims. If the death penalty is not in use, then America will end up spending more money trying to contain criminals from the...

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