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The U.S. should build a fence on its southern border in order to reduce illegal immigration.


I think a border fence would be excellent in keeping illegals out of the U.S. There are already several cities in the U.S. where fences are put up (San Diego, Nogales, El Paso.) All have reduced illegal immigration. The problem is we don't have enough Border Patrol and a fence on the southern border would help immensely. Here are my reasons: 1. The fence will be hard to penetrate. This is a main controversy of the...anti-border fence people. What good is 6-foot high chicken wire? Well first,...

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Resolved: United States policy on illegal immigration should focus on attrition through enforcement


Resolved: United States policy on illegal immigration should focus on attrition through enforcement rather than amnesty....

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Illegal immigration is bad


Illegal immigrants are detrimental to our society because they hurt our economy and take jobs. They cost the federal government a lot of money each year. They also take jobs away from American workers. Because of their sheer numbers illegal immigrants put a great strain on the American economy. It costs the government billions of dollars a year to house these illegal immigrants, and because they don't pay taxes we never get a single cent of that money returned to our government. They also cos...

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Illegal Immigration


I hear people saying illegal immigration helps our economy. I however, have to disagree with that. These are some facts about illegal aliens: - The cost of illegals in K-12 grades is over 13 billion and growing every second. - There are over 21 million illegal aliens in this country. - There are over 4 million children of illegals in public schools. - There are 667,781 illegal immigrant fugitives. - There are 355,077 illegal immigrants incarcerated. The cost of these incarcerat...

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The solution to illegal immigration requires enforcement of our current laws


Some argue that the status quo is de facto amnesty because it is extremely impractical to round up at least 12 million illegal immigrants and deport them. Those who say that are right as far as their reason, but off in saying that the status quo is de facto amnesty. Here's what we could do to solve the problem, and it would require nothing more than modest enforcement of our current laws: 1. Finish the fence across the whole border 2. Beef up manpower security at the border 3. Deport those...

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Illegal Immigration


Whether it's through the underground tunnels from Mexico to Arizona or the ocean trek from Cuba to Florida, illegal immigration happens and should be stopped. There is a reason why we have a thorough process to issue an immigrant his/her U.S. citizenship. Everyone can relate and understand analogies, or so I hope, so that's where I'll start. We all have stood in line at a grocery store, gas station, etc. and we know what it feels like to wait for our turn to pay-out. Sometimes the line...

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Stopping Illegal Immigration


In America right now there are aproximately 12 million illegal immigrants. Now my posistion on this topic is that there should be some sort of military force guarding our borders rather than a bunch of volunteers called the Border Patrol. If we had some National Guard troops or active Army troops on the border Illegal Immigration will almost drop to zero. Our Boder Patrol is tired, civilians, and they just can't get the job done with the limited resources they have. T.J. Bonner of the Nation...

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Illegal Immigration


First off, let me just say that I am not "pro-illegal immigration" in the sense that I support people moving here without documentation. Rather, I am for reform that encourages immigration and does not intimidate those who want to better themselves and thier lives. As an Arizonan, I am right at the center of the illegal immigration debate. I have gotten to know some of the people whom have immigrated here both legally and illegally. In my experience, I have found that immigrants of all kinds,...

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Illegal immigration has ruined the US economy


Simply put: the US economy "used" to be the greatest in the world because the people were paid well, and spent their money on businesses who made great profits, and could in turn pay their employees well, etc. People come here (and I am totally not against them personally, lots of people would do the same thing) to make better money than they do where they come from, and send it home to their families. Well first of all, they send it elsewhere and don't put it back in the US economy (point 2...

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Illegal Immigration: Should we deport all illegal immigrants we find in the U.S.


Contrary to common belief illegal immigration is more of a problem than many people think. More than 15 million illegals are in the U.S. right now and more are coming. Illegal immigrants put a strain on tax dollars and take jobs from hard working legal americans. Our country is not a free sample cart sitting in the middle of the supermarket that is life you can't just come on in a try some of it....

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