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Gay marriage should not be permitted


PrefaceThis is only my 2nd debate on gay marriage, the first of which I lost. Please be gentle =) Full TopicIn a just society, gay marriages would not be permitted.TermsJust - based on what is morally or ethically right and/or fairGay marriage - a legally binding union conferring on two same-sex partners the same legal rights, stat...

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Debunking the Old Testament is not Debunking Jesus as Messiah


Atheists constantly use the word "debunked" when referring to the Bible. I would say most if not all "debunking" claims are from the Old Testament. Furthermore, I challenge someone to prove that "debunking" the Old Testament proves "debunking" of Jesus as Messiah. To make the argument clear, let's say debunking the Old Testament is not debunking Jesus as Messiah. I pick the pro position since this is my argumement....

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Resolved: God Exists


*This debate is closed. Please leave a message in the comments to apply.*IntroductionThis debate is about the existence of a monotheistic God. If you wish to accept this debate, please leave a message in t...

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It would benefit heterosexuals and public health if gays were shipped to an isolated location


It would benefit heterosexuals if we isolate gays from society and placed them in a nice, isolated area where they can develop their own government and laws free of homophobia. This will greatly reduce STD infections and eliminate STD epidemics among heterosexuals. That way, heterosexuals would be much better off. This idea could possibly eradicate some STDs altogether among heterosexuals. Homophobia would be non-existent in the gay world...We coul...

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The Social Contract and Moral Obligations


PrefaceIt's been a sizeable amount of time since I last debated, and I really want to get back into it, esp. now that the campaign is over and things are settling down. This is one of two challenges I am issuing, and I think it should afford some interesting discussion. I find the topic to be cool, somewhat of a departure from a lot of the common topics used on DDO, and I think it will provide an basis for an engaging discourse! To accept, you must h...

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Legalization of Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage should definitely be legalized for many positive reasons. Firstly, our era has evolved so much with accepting black people and removing the slavery laws. But how have so many places around the world not legalized gay marriage? All humans should be able to love and feel attached to people regardless of sex. Marriage is defined as a commitment between a man and a woman but should we really let these definitions take control over basic human rights? No! Why do people keep referring t...

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Fancy Polite English Gentlemen Insult Battle


Alright here's how this works: Each round, not including the first round, both sides will post TWO insults that although they may not be vicious or sting, they would be the kind of insults you would expect from a Fancy Polite English Gentlemen. Example: "You mother is so uncultured that she cannot tell the difference between a Caviar spoon, and an Iced Tea Spoon!" ^ You post two each round starting in round 2. Voters pick whoever has the FANCIEST insults overall, fanciest being defined a...

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Getting a piercing is self-mutilation


People take fashion very seriously. Piercings won't improve your physical appearance, considering it could improve the style you're going for, how far is society willing to go? Piercing holes in your skin purposely is pretty harsh already, you've been given a body and you're supposed to take care of it and leave it the way it has been given. A piercing isn't going to make you any skinnier, prettier and its definitely not going to get you a boyfriend/girlfriend. My grand-mother previously owned...

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Scott Walker


Hello, hello. I decided to create this debate after the "lovely" Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has announced his run for president of the United States in 2016. This debate, however, has nothing do with his presidential bid.As a Wisconsinite myself, I have gotten a taste of what happens under Walker's "leadership", and I am very excited to begin this debate.

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I can and I will out insult anyone


I'm going to insert my steel cap far up your asss, it will eventually protrude out of your ears, until you seek refuge under your mothers dress , to the amusement of all possible readers of this flame war . Son, I'm going to smash you into oblivion, leaving you conflagrated into nothing but dust and ash to trample on, because you're an arsehole with sh1tty brains . Your " intelligence " peaks below that of a domestic turkey, which happens to be the dumbest animal to ever roam planet eart...

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