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Social media does more harm than good


I believe that social media does more harm than good for our society. It is supposedly makes us more connect; however, I argue that it actually is making us more anti-social....

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Should Incest be legalized?


LGBT has finally been recognized, took ages to even allow the general public to accept it but eventually such was done, maybe now it is time to think about those who have suppressed feelings for their loved ones as well. Let this be a debate to stimulate everyone's minds on this one particularly "taboo" matter. Let's keep it friendly and tolerant and allow everyone who wants to participate to talk with facts and logic. Examples are always welcome. Regards...

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Debate: It is preferable Hillary Clinton is elected rather than Donald Trump


This debate is impossible to accept. Apply in the comments if you want to debate this with me and I will send the challenge to whichever one of the applicants I prefer. Resolution: On balance, it is preferable that Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States in the 2016 election rather than Donald Trump.Kritiks are not allowed and Con ought to present arguments in R1 and waive R4 and no new arguments in final round of argumentation....

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Skepsikyma is the most articulate member on ddo


First round is acceptance only....

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Localize Education- get rid of the Department of Education and Common Core


Localizing education can allow all 50 states to have different education plans. With 50 different plans they can all learn from each other to constantly have advancing education in the United States of America. Federal education provides a one size fits all methods, which doesn't work. The 10th amendment of the Constitution says that any power not given to the federal government is given to the states. Education is not mentioned in the Constitution so it should be a state issue. Common core is u...

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The god of the bible does not exist in reality.


When the following question is raised, "Does god exist in reality?", it can cause so much confusion. Primarily because the term "god" by itself is ambiguous and does not have a definition that everyone shares and agrees upon. But if you refer to a source that could provide a central definition for such entity, then it helps clarify such question more clearly. A good example that could be used as a common source to identify a particular god and it's unique properties would be the bible: "Do...

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On balance, human nature is more selfish than altruistic.


Hello! This debate was my contribution to bsh1's Open Debate Topics List (, so I thought I might try it out.Definitions:Human nature: The psychological and social qualities that characteriz...

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The United States should adopt a negative income tax.


This is a debate for the second round of the DDOlympics Team Tournament. Bob13 and ShabShoral are on the instigating team, with TN05 and warren42 on the opposing side.The first round is acceptance. The next two rounds will be for arguments, rebuttals, and defense, then conclusions in the final round.Since TN05 and Warren will be be arguing for a negative income tax, they will post a definition in the first round.Additional rules

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Music Battle


This is a "music battle," where each debater puts their selected songs or pieces of music, and the judges post RFD's on who has the the most beautiful music. There must only be one piece/song per round, and debaters are free to say a few words on why they think their song is great. Debaters are also welcome to comment on why they like/dislike their opponent's piece, or anything relating to their opponent's pieces. In each round (except this one), debaters must (1) post a link to their...

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Ps4 Is better than the Xbox One


I believe that the Ps4 is a lot better than the Xbox One. First off, the Ps4 includes a lot of capabilities that the Xbox One does not. For example, the Xbox does not have a recorder and you have to go out and buy a screen capture. Unlike the Xbox, The Playstation does. With this you can record Live Streams, record basic videos, or just record clips. It is really a great thing. Sadly, the frames per second is not the best and could be better. This is only round one and I will continue this in th...

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