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This House believes that sports stars should have a maximum salary.


Round 1 is for acceptance. New arguments can be introduced in rounds 2 and 3. Round 4 is reserved for rebuttals, extension of arguments and a final wrapping up. Round 5 is for reply. Sources do not have to be cited for this debate. I would like to thank my opponent in advance and look forward to a engaging, civilized debate....

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Zionist-Jewish Networks Should Be Considered as Some of the Most Probable Perpetrators of 9/11


Investigations into the collapse of the World Trade Center, the beneficiaries of 9/11, and other issues surrounding this event have demonstrated, clearly, the overwhelming flaws contained within the "official narrative". A much more plausible theory is that Zionist and Zionist-Jewish networks, who were directly involved in the companies and institutions surrounding nearly every major aspect of 9/11, were probably involved in the attacks in order to bring US troops into war against Israel's enemi...

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Black women in America don't try to look white. American white women try to look black.


Con has to prove that black women cosmetically do try to look white women. Con also has to prove that white women cosmetically DON'T try to look like black women. Cosmetically meaning physically. This isn't a debate on how anyone acts, only on how they look. Both Pro and Con are not implying that all black women or all white women act the same way. This should be an interesting and possibly humorous debate. Good luck to the Con. First round is acceptance, second is argument, third is rebuttal...

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Ban Trade With China


This is a debate of whether or not trade with China should be banned. The parameters are to be set for trading with the US and trading is limited in definition to being only for tangible elements or items not including intellectual items. This was a class debate. I won, but my friend (who was my opponent) wants me to debate on DDO to be his "rematch." First round is acceptance....

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Zoophilia/Bestiality should be legal and is not inherently immoral


(A) Explaining the Resolution The resolution has proven itself vulnerable to misunderstanding or misrepresentation in the past therefore I will spell out exactly what it means.

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should gay marriage be legalized


gay marriage is not right prove me wrong first round is acceptance...

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Does a father have as much responsibility in raising his child as the mother?


First round is acceptance....

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The gay people are NOT trying to take over the world.


In this debate, I will be arguing that the gay people are not trying to take over the world, so first off, why am I making this debate, well, some people actually think, or say, that the gay people are trying to take over the world, doesn't make sense to you? Good, that means you haven't drank the coolaid, yet. Let's get started. How are the gay people going to be United for one cause under a militia, I never heard of the gay militia, so who is going to organize this, how is this fantasy figure...

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prostitusion is morrally wrong


Prostitution is wrong because it is fornication; all fornication is bad because it destroys society but especially prostitution. Prostitution is a degrading profession; women who get into it are extremely unlikely to get out. Prostitutes in movies are seen as sweet women who only need the right guy to pull them out of the mess they are in but as stated in Modus Operandi this is not the behavior of prostitutes. As I stated before fornication has a negative effect on society. In the 60s divorce ra...

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Federal funding of abstinence-only sex education should cease


Before I begin, I would to clarify the purpose of this debate. This is not a debate about whether or not schools should be teaching sex education. This debate deals with the fact that schools DO teach sex education. My position in this debate is as stated above: federal funding for abstinence-only sex education should cease. My reasons for this position are as follows: 1. Most abstinence-only curricula contain errors and distortions of fact, and therefore contradict the purpose of educatio...

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