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Anyone but Obama in 2012


In I would never ever vote for Obama. I rather vote for romney or even rick perry than obama in 2012. I use this page as proof. The people that says anyone but obama gets most thumbs up and more thumbs up means your right. that means Hitler or even bieber> obama....

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Should Obama be kick out of offers


Obama did nuthing for owere cuntry. He made obama cair that hert michigen famlies Im one of them. He is also got rid of nasas space man traval no amariken ben to space for 7 years becuas of him were are sufring. All obama cars about is munny He is hearting our millitary we youst to be the best now were not. He is trying to get rid of ouwer millitary.

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Do you think U.S President Barack Obama is the first black president?


I do not believe Barack Obama is black, I believe he is biracial, due to him having a white mother and a father from Africa....

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Should President Obama really give WMDs to North Korea?


In recent news it has been shown that there are possibilities that President of the USA Barak Obama may be siding with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. It is Rumored that Obama may be giving WMDs and or the needed components of MWDs to North Korea. I feel that is this is a good decision. Giving North Korea MWDs would give them the power to actually stand up for themselves, which is something they haven't really been doing. Another Positive to the USA giving necessary components for MWDs to North Kore...

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Obama is worse than Gorge W. Bush


Hi, I want to argue that Obama is worse than Gorge W. Bush and I will list the following reasons: 1. Obama ordered drone strike on unarmed civilians(American citizens) without a court order or any statement. 2. Obama expanded the patriot act which is to spy on anyone even though, the Iraq war is over. 3. In Obama's first term he has increase America's debt twice amount of the Bush Administration combined in 2 terms. 4. Obama takes way to many personal vacations and these money come from...

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Obama is the hottest president ever


Let's take a look at 2008 President Obama. What a hottie! Good hair color, nice face, height and that amazing personality. (oh yessss) What more does one need? Compare him to Bush or even JFK...Clinton, I mean come on, none compares to Obama. What a spiffy man. Michelle is one lucky gal....

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should obama be able to stay in office after everything he has done to the United States


after everything that Obama has done to our country such as mess with our health care and derive the less fortunet but yet we still want to let him stay since he has been in office the United States has went under more than we already were. we know have ebola on American soil and which is supposed to be illegal because ebola patients are supposed to but on a ship in the middle of the ocean or underground in a contanmint center where they are not our soil we know have it in our hostpital let that...

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President Obama is good for the US


President Obama is a good president for the United States of America. He has shown a will for Bi-partisanship that no other president has examplified before. I am a strong conservative and i expected 4-8 years of pure liberal rule. I have been corrected and amazed at Obama's push for Bi-partisanship. Almost every president before him have claimed they were bi-partisan, but obama is the FIRST to put it into action. 1st example: obama appoints Robert Gates as his Secretary of Defense. Robert Gates...

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Barack Obama is, overall, a worse President than George W. Bush


I, like most, have been watching the news recently: all of the tea partiers, all of the libs, dems, republicans, conservatives, the whole nine yards. And all I see are two sides of the political spectrum shouting that each other are wrong for x, y, and z. Words have been thrown around like socialism, Marxism, un-constitutional, fascism, un-American, so on and so forth. Those insults were directed at both sides of the aisle. Glenn Beck is saying Obama comes from a Marxist family, but then there's...

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Barack Obama is an Idiot.


Today's debate is about whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is an idiot. 1. Acceptance 2. Main Definitions/Presentation of Main Argument 3 & 4. Rebuttals 5. Resolution/Closing Argument Hint: Definitions can be used in other rounds besides R1 Rules- No semantics No trolling No profanity No vulgarity Violating any of the rules results in immediate termination of the debate....

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