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JFK was murdered, it's not some conspiracy theory


JFK was assassinated by the CIA, there are so many facts that prove this was not some conspiracy and the work of one patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Sure they say he did it but I don't buy it. The CIA assassinated JFK, you don't think so, then lets debate it...

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I do think that abortion should be allowed but for the purposes of a good debate, I shall be playing devil's advocate. Since life begins at conception, abortion is akin to murder as it is the act of taking a human's life. Why should people be given the death penalty in America for just one murder, when doctors are forced to do it as part of their job many times, and are not even put on trial? Round 1. Basic statements Round 2. Main argument Round 3. Rebuttals...

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why eogs are dumb and not needed


hi im Kylie hope u have a good time debating this topic this is the first time i wont playderize. EOG`S ARE STUPID BECAUSE WHY TAKE 4 HOURS DOING SOMETHING STUPID WHEN U CAN HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL....

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Social media was/is terrible for humanity


Rules: 1 - No bad language 2 - Sources are ok , but don't use wikipedia 3 - No forfeiting rounds 4 - Structure : R1 - Con Presents opening arguments R2 - The both of us present arguments R3 - Pro presents final argument / CON ASKS QUESTIONS to Pro (Maximum 5 questions) R4 - Con Responds to the questions and ASKS QUESTIONS to Con / Pro replies These are the rules, good luck, you may argument right away, as said in rule 4...

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God does not exist (probably)


This is a debate in which pro (me) has to prove that God does not exist (probably) where God is defined as God: the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. The god does not necessarily have to be the Judeo-Christian god but must give some sort of moral direction (ie cannot be a god who has not seen or done anything since the beginning of time). Thanks, I hope this will be a great debate....

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Interracial Dating Destroys Diversity - Interracial Dating is Wrong


People being at liberty to choose which partner they'd like, does not mean it is ethically or morally right; it simply means that by law, they are at liberty to choose which partner they'd like. Furthermore, just as two dyes - when mixed - create one dye at the expense of both dyes, interracial dating does the same. The very thing that interracial dating seeks to promote, which is diversity, it destroys. Such is to say, if one's reason behind dating outside of their race is an attraction to a di...

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Rape should be made legal as long as the man wears a condom.


I fully understand that my stance is controversial, but recently there have been many incidents where men have been falsely accused of raping women and have served long sentences for this. The very fact that women are abusing the law to harm men is sickening and for that we should legalise rape to protect our men. Being falsely sent to prison for rape will destroy a persons life and they could go to prison for many years. However if a fat chick gets raped she might actually enjoy it. It's cle...

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Rap Battle


Rap battle challenge to TheDragon5. Rules 16 bars Go Hard First round is acceptance. Rest are rapping rounds...

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Assuming there is no god, morality is subjective and laws are unnecessary


As an atheist, I do not believe in a god. Since I don’t believe in a god, I don’t believe in any kind of objective morality. Since I don't believe in objective morality, I don't believe there‘s any purpose in having laws to enforce one morality over another. Con will need to prove either a) there is an objective morality that doesn't come from a god, or b) laws are necessary. Definitions: God...

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It is better to believe in the God of the Bible than to be an Atheist


My position is as follows: If I believe in God and it turns out God did not exist then I don't have to face any accountability for my disbelief. If I am right that the Christian God does exist then eternal awards awaits me when I die and still do not have to face any accountability and do not have to face any judgment. If the atheist is right and there is no God and no afterlife then he or she will not have to face any accountability for not believing in God. Should the atheist be wrong he/s...

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