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Should the government obey the law our founding fathers set before them?


I come from a very patriotic Christian back ground, born in a naval hospital of the USMC, my father merited many medals from the Vietnam war!! I was raised by the truth of America and what America stands for!!! And why I am here!! This has been happening a lot, our RIGHTS are being taking away, left and right, under our feet without the knowledge from this government!! This is supposed to be a TRUE American nation that from the beginning, IS based upon Christianity!! The government loves to cont...

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Should Euthanasia be legalized in the U.S?


The first round will be acceptance for this debate. There is no preference on who challenges me, as long as we both have fun debating with each other.Definitions:Euthanasia: The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries.Legalized: Make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law.

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As an atheist there is no objective morality.


I used to subscribe to utilitarianism but then discovered the naturalistic fallacy. This being that just because humans feel pleasure and pain it does not follow that we should act according to this fact. What is the point of doing so? Why should we care about others pain in the first place? Please convince me that an objective morality as an atheist, exists....

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Death Penalty


PrefaceThis is a debate between Lexus and myself on the death penalty. There are 72 hours to post each argument, with a maximum of 10,000 characters per argument. I request that Lexus accept this debate as soon as possible. A minimum Elo of 2,000 is required to vote on this debate. Full TopicThe United States should retain a death penalty.TermsAll definitions influenced by Wik...

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Is universal healthcare a right in the United States of America?


This round will be mostly acceptance (meaning NO DEBATING) Round 2 will be arguments Round 3 will be counter arguments and new arguments Round 4 will be counter arguments of arguments presented in round 3 Round 5 will be final statements (doesn't need backup) 1.ALL points MUST be backed with at least 3 agreeing sources 2.Wikipedia is not an acceptable source 3.Internet videos are acceptable sources AS LONG AS the source is verified (with the little checkbox that says verified on YouTube...

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single payer health care is optimal health care system


single payer health care is optimal health care system i am borrowing this debate from else where. please use this link to find working links in this debate The right single payer system would cover everyone, while yielding better results, and saving money. BETTER RESULTS WHILE SAVING MONEY: we spend more per capita, and get less health care results back... than any other country in...

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Border Fence


PrefaceI'm going to keep this debate running for a week or two in the challenge period. Please contact me if you are interested. The border fence is a topic I've been wanting to debate for a while, so I look forward to a stellar discussion.I have made this debate impossible to accept. If you would like to accept this debate, please tell me so in the comments section. If you accept this debate without my permission, you immediate...

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Ps4 is better than the Xbox One


First Round: Acceptance Second Round: Argument Third Round: Rebuttals Fourth Round: Further Febuttals and/or Conclusion...

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Should you compare the mass farming of animals and their treatment to the holocaust


As con, I will be arguing that the farming of animals cannot be compared to the holocaust. Here is the debate format: Round 1 : Acceptance (optional introduction to your argument) Round 2 : Main points and justifications Round 3: Contradictions Round 4: Conclusion Thank you to whoever accepts this debate....

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Gay marriage and Catholics


Catholics should not support gay marriage because of the belief that God created man and woman to be made one and procreate. It is also not pro-life to believe in gay marriage because of that procreation piece. This is not saying that being gay is a sin because it's not. This is just saying that redefining the meaning of marriage is wrong. In the Catholic Church, marriage has a different definition than society today. Since God created marriage, it is not correct for any Catholic in society toda...

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