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Should Cell Phones be Used In School?


I believe phones are very essential due to many reasons. Phones can help us learn without disrupting class. Students seem to feel more comfortable with cell phones at their sides. There are also many learning apps that can help make everything a more hands-on experience. You can take it home for help without breaking your back with 20 pound books. Students may use them in case of emergencies. Also, (I just HAVE to say this) I believe that students should be able to use them appropriately in thei...

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Is Ebola a good thing


Ebola is a good thing, because it eliminates the weak. if your immune system is so weak that your body is literally disintegrating than we obviously don't want your terrible genes out there. it is like natural selection, we only want the strongest people to make it to the future. if the weak are around tasks will be failed and all in all the human race could be put at risk because someone is incapable of doing a designated task. That is why Ebola is a good thing....

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Theism is Logical


Due to my previous challenger not accepting the debates he stated he would so we can continue this debate l'll be opening this debate for other challengers, post in comments if you wish to participate in this debate, till then this debate is impossible to accept. --------------------------------- Type of debate, logic, sources are allowed but not required. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: opening arguments Round 3: counter rebuttals against round 2. Round 4: final counter rebuttals against arg...

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Should hats be worn in school?


I think that hats should be allowed....

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People are too dependent on technology.


Technology is a great thing which has led mankind from hunter gatherers roaming from place to place into the dominant species of the planet. However as technology has advanced we as a society in general have lost the need for basic survival skills and knowledge. How often is that when people get lost or stranded for any considerable length of time that they perish? Granted today as a result of technology people aren't often lost or stranded for long but when they are they more often than not lac...

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When someone is in pain and is in the clutches of a terminal sickness how much do they really want to go on. If you are dying of brain cancer and you don't want your family to see you melting into nothingness would you really just continue on even though you had less than six months to live. Put yourself in their shoes, no we don't mean the elderly we mean the young people who don't want to waste away and be in pain for the last years of their life. Of course strict laws would help to limit the...

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Why are teen moms hated on so much?


I'm 17 and pregnant with my first child. I hate the fact that I get judged and bashed for it. My parents treat me like a child and like I'm not capable of being a good mother because of my age. I have a job. I go to school. I'm buying half of my babies clothes. I'm taking care of all my responsibilities, like an adult. I have always been mature for my age so I don't feel like I have to grow up faster because I'm pregnant. I feel like a normal teenager. Having a baby is such a growing experience...

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The Soviet Union was the primary reason for the Allies victory in the Second World War


I'll fill this out later. Please post comments if you are interested....

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Should women carry handguns?


Women should stop the chances that they will become the victim of a violent crime, and start carrying handguns to protect themselves. Why should a woman have to endure a rape or worse die at the hands of the growing number of violent offenders, just waiting for her around nearly every corner. Another side to this is that one sane person could save countless lives, in the right situation....

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Europe is Superior to the U.S


Interest may be shown in comments. First round acceptance. Note to any potential takers that I am ar...

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