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Is homework good for students


Homework is something most students dread. It is time consuming and often very very difficult. Many kids have after school programs and that can get in the way of having time for homework, students may be up all night sometimes not even getting any sleep which can result in a drop in grades and overall performance, in school to just being social. Homework causes a lot of stress as well and stress has been proven to kill more people then pneumonitis in a year. Homework can cause more than physica...

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Apple Is Better Than Android


Apple is one of the best phone products ever. Android includes many different phones, so apple is awesome. Apple has siri, and has a home button the size of your thumb. Apple phone products are constantly getting better, so apple will be superior. The first round is only acceptance. Round 2 is for arguments. Round 3 is for rebuttals. Round 4 is for conclusion. The best of luck to my opponent, hope you have a good debate with me.......

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Should Standardized Tests Be Abolished?


Standerdized Tests should definetly be abolsished they are needless stress for students and teachers alike....

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Farming animals should be illegal


I am for animal farming being illegal purely because of the detrimental environmental effects. It is the largest contributor towards global warming and environmental companies aren't doing anything about it. Due to animal agriculture, by 2050, Co2 emissions will have increased by 80%. It's destroying our planet and I can't understand why people are okay with this just because meat is 'tasty'. The amount of water that goes into a making one burger is 6000 litres. Think about how ridiculous the co...

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Rock/Metal is the Devils Music


Did you know, that nearly every single musical act that was around since the 1950s, was of the devil? That's right demons! Musical acts such as Metallica, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden, were all created by the influence of Satan, and are the Devil's Spawn. In fact, even Christian bands such as Casting Crowns and Third Day, are of the devil. Music was not created to please the world, and make evil atheists and satanists happy. It was meant to Glorify God. Anyone who listens to the devil's music, is n...

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Anarchism is not as flawed as people claim it is.


People get "anarchism" and "anarchy" confused a lot, but the fact is, they aren't mildly similar, other than they have the same Greek roots, "an", or without, and "arkhos", leader. "Without a leader". This indicated the first real problem in our society, our leaders have convinced us that without them we would go into chaos. Anarkhos-->anarchy. Regardless of whether this is right or wrong, this is a plain example of t...

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Rap Battle 17


Rap Lobby waiting/elevator music... Future: Mask Off: Instrumental Rap Battle 17 here. I've lost a few since 13, and it's kind of pissing me off already. So it's time for a comeback. Fvck the bjtch who goes up against me. 3 rounds, 16 bars each, be sure to go hard and Don't break the rules....

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Islam is a civilized religion


This is a debate challenge to Cassie on a forum post she made. The resolution is "Islam is a civilized religion"The definitions for the debate are as follows(1) Islam - the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regard...

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Should Languages be taught in school


Should Languages be taught in school well I vote yes! It helps them prepare for when they are older. For example, it Helps them get into a better college. Another example is, It helps them become better thinkers and better learners. One text even said, it gives the Cultural awareness of others! Another Reason might be that it's easier to learn at a younger age. For example, One parent wants to understand kid but cant because school is teaching at a young age so the children will remember foreign...

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Should Schools have to do the pledge of allegiance


Schools should not be having students saying the pledge of allegiance because it is not only completely unnecessary but it is annoying. No one wants to stand there and recite the words that mean you are subjecting yourself to the government and in that time you could be working on getting ahead. Kids in my class have turned it into a joke, and my teachers don't get why we do it and just rush to get it done...

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