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Euthanasia Should be Legal in Medical Practice


As the title of the debate would imply, the purpose of this argument is to discuss whether or not euthanasia should be legal in medical practices. I am against this (attacking it), and thus I would expect my opponent to argue in favor of it. The first round of five is solely for acceptance, and each person will have three whole days to respond before forfeiture of the round. May the smartest man win!...

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Abortion is Morally okay


To my opponent: Please keep this respectful and calm. I don't want to offend anyone, my goal is to understand your position more thoroughly...that said, let's go. My position on abortion is that it is morally wrong. I'd like to start by addressing a few common arguments made by pro-choicers. 1. We're pro-choice, not pro-death. Basically, we're in favor of everyone deciding for themselves rather than there being a strict definition of what you can and can't do. a) I'm not saying you ha...

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Rematch: Truth_seeker vs. JasperFrancisShickadance


so i slipped up on some of my other battles, we're doing this again. I suppose Jasper wants to mix Christian lyrics in this, so ok. Rap battle will be judged on the following: 1) Bars 2) Aggression 3) Lyrics 4) Originality 5) Rhyme schemes 6) Jokes 7) Intimidation 8) Personals 9) Disses 10) Rebuttals 11) Lyrical cleverness 12) Word-play 13) Complexity I'll go first In life, there's many paths, but here, it's John 14:6, there's only one way If Jasper misbehaves, i'll s...

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State University should provide no cost education for qualifying students?


State Universities should provide no cost undergraduate education for qualifying interested applicants who meet ACT, SAT standards and have at least a 3.25 GPA . It is mandatory, once in college, to have and maintain a 3.2 GPA average and be a US citizen to continue receiving no cost education. (Not free, no cost education). To stop immigrants from coming to America just to get a no cost education we can encourage them to get no cost education, in exchange of them becoming an US citizen and join...

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Resolved: Ireland does not exist.


Thank you to Mikal for wanting to debate me. A troll debate has been needed between us for a long time now. This is the moment of glory. -First round will be acceptance, even though there's an understood acceptance. -Second round will be for opening arguments only (no rebuttals) -Third round will be for rebuttals only (new arguments against old arguments are fine, but no new supporting arguments for your side). -Fourth round is for final rebuttals (no new arguments at all, but expansion of...

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TTT: Smoking is Overall, Cool.


This is for The Troll Tournament, found here: taking a puff out of a cigarette. It does not necessarily have to be just one puff, a few puffs, 100 puffs, are all smoking.I will not define anything else in the resolution, and neither will my opponent, because my opponent must only use round one for acceptance.My opponent must troll in this debate.It is fun debating unbeatables, I hope I have a good debate with this one....

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Legalizing Gay marriage


I would first like to say I do not hate Homosexuality, but neither do I approve of it. I respect their choices, but can never approve of the relationship. With that out of the way, I would say that gay marriage, although understandable, should not be legalize and can lead to a bad precedent on society. If we allow gay marriage what's to say that incest shouldn't be illegal, or pedophilia, or in extreme settings bestiality and necrophilia. To me gay marriage can be the first step on rewriting...

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Does god affect what happens on earth? (assuming god exists)


Our first round will be a lively introduction in which we shall establish nothing. Second to fourth is the point making seeion And the last is the closing round where we will say bye bye and move with our lives....

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Asians and whites are smarter than blacks and hispanics on average.


I will be argueing pro for whites and asians are smarter than hispanics and blacks on average in iq and general intelligence...

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All drugs should be legal


All drugs, including hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine should be either legalized or decriminalized by the government for recreational and medicinal uses. Everyone has the right to their own consciousness and should be free to recreationally use substances as they please....

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