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vi_spex competition


Whoever can acy more like vi_spex= winner=truthsense is a nut =crusttruth is truth is winner, winner=inside crust=truthtruth is inside senseCon turn ...

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Battle Rap: Cody v Lannan


You wanted it, Lannan, so here it is. Three rounds for content, text only, no-holds-barred on obscenity or explicitness of lyrics. You may begin in this round, forfeiting in the last round, or let me begin in R2 and post your own submissions in every succeeding round. If you would like to request modifications, send me a private message....

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Singing Contest


Hello and welcome to this singing contest! I'll begin my singing with this first round as my opponent may do the same or just accept. (I will be using Smule to post my songs that I will sing whether acepella or with music) Please any song or songs you choose nothing vulgar or profane. Please keep it clean and appropriate and of course HAVE FUN! :) (And you may sing in whatever way acepella or with music). Best wishes to my opponent!...

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Guitar Competition of Awesomeness


Format1: Acceptance, Clarifications2-4: Guitar Shredding BadasseryRules1. Each of your rounds must be a different genre (e.g. Rock, Classical, Bluegrass). Our rounds function independently in this regard.

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Should art be taught in schools?


Should art be taught in school? Why, what a wonderful question. Of course, I would say yes. Obviously. But there is more to art than just jumping around looking like a maniac (and just for your reference, that does not happen). I dance six days a week and I can honestly say life has been moving to my bad side, I wake up gloomy and not happy at all. But I remember that I once got A's and B's and now I have A+, and no, I don't have time to study so I remember things and I move along. Art can a...

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Rap Battle


So I haven't done one of these in a while, but I wish to take part in some lyrical banter, some articulate attacks, some flinging of foolish flow, some word whips. Whatever way you say it, I don't judge. I just want to rap! RULES FOR ACCEPTING: You must have been a member for at least 2 months. You must have participated in at least 3 debates. You must have rap skills. So lets go! I don't go easy! Someone accept this shizzzzz!...

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should 16 year old be allowed to get tattoos?


I greet the house at large I will define the motion on point form 16 year old is a minor citizen whom in simple terms is a teenager.tattoos are a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin changing the pigment. The skin is a very sensitive part of our body as it covers the whole body. The dermis is the third layer of the skin when the ink is injected there it moves there changing the second and the first layer that is where the colour start refle...

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Rap Battle


This debate will be a rap battle. Note, the purpose of a rap battle is to insult the other person so reporting the other is counted as a forfiet.RulesNo ForfietsCussin' isn't poor conduct it is actually encourage.Please do not drag in other members from this site into the rap battle.1st round is acceptance.If any rules are violated then all 7 points go to the opponent no questions asked....

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Music Competition Debate


This debate should be impossible to accept. If anyone finds a way to accept this debate without my permission they will therefore forfeit the debate and all 7 points will go to me.This debate is.... DADADA! A Musical competition! Here are the rules:1. First round is for accep...

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Art debate


HaiiI've been doing a bit of sketching lately, and i was thinking, hey, how awesome should it be to do an art debate?!So I did this. As of right now, i made it pretty much impossible to accept. If you would like to debate me, please comment or PM me, and I'll decide....Structure:First round, acceptance. Second round, people. Third round, animals. Last round, anything you wanna do. Rules:1) if you forfeit, win automatically goes to other person<...

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