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Technology vs Old School


Old School vs Technology. I think that Old School is better because you don't have to pay as much money. Old School you only need a Dictionary, a Calculator, a Binder, a Pencil, a Pen, a Highlighter, pack of colored pencils, pack of crayons, and a pack of Markers....

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Should all schools have a electronic tool(laptop,tablet,etc)


I think every school in the U.S should have a electronic tool(laptop,tablet,etc)...

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If there ever were sentient AIs should they be given 'human' or even greater rights?


The opponent should be able to rationally explain why she/he thinks AI shouldn't be given 'human' rights. First round is formulation of the stance on the issue....

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should cyberbullying be taken seriously


Cyber bullying should not be taken seriously because its not worth the energy. bullying someone over the internet is not bullying. Bullying is when someone beats the snot out of you and stealing your money while shoving you in a locker. Not someone who types into some computer miles from you saying "U R DUM LOL". Think of all the people with no friends, family, or anything and they still fight and live to they're very last breath to stay alive. Think of all the teenagers in a place like Africa w...

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Technology, is it advancing too quickly?


Technology is changing too quickly, and us humans don't have time to adapt....

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should we colonize mars


Why not colonize Mars? People are dying- we cannot afford to cross our fingers and hope that we will escape the mass extinction that has been predicted. The out comes predicted are 1. global flooding- by 2100, the statue of liberty will be up to it's armpits in water. And that's only the start- all the ice wouldn't have fully melted yet. 2. increased carbon dioxide levels will mean that global warming will be as deadly as ever, and that temperatures are going to be too high for us to live in....

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Nuclear Power


IntroSome time ago I was discussing nuclear power and noted that I am not a big fan of it. Think offered to debate me on this topic in responses to my comments, so, here we are. We will be using the current LD topic for this debate. Please note that the topic is written such that Pro is arguing against nuclear power rather than for nuclear power. Thus, I am taking a stance against nuclear power.I have nominated the following judges, some at the sugge...

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Android phones are better then Apple's


Ok so I am an experienced person in this technology and stuff and I am fortunate enough to use both kind of phones (Android ones mostly) So the reason I am with the Android phones is because they are customizable and are literally very simple to use, iphones too are easy to use but then not every one can get used to this iphone!! I mean Android is very much change able, for example look at HTC they customized Android for their phones look at Cyangogen, they made there name by modifying android i...

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Are video games overpriced?


Video games are fun, and I do play them myself, but when I see my cash going away, most of the time 59.99 USD, for a disk with software on it, I realize that, dang, I am paying a lot for this. I know not all video games have that 59.99 price tag, but the majority of them do. Gear nuke says,"The average gamer in the US spends around $80 on video games per year, this can include packaged content in the form of console or PC games and Digital content in the form of full game purchases, DLC and...

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Has the introduction of the Internet helped or hindered us


The Internet has brought we as a people closer together since it's introduction. Because of the Internet communication across the world and across languages have been made possible in an instant, the opportunities for education that the Internet has brought are endless giving the option for equal education for all just clicks away. Families are able to be closer, friends can remain friends, even across the world all because of the Internet. We are able to share ideas and works to better them and...

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