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Gender Identity is determined primarily by nurture, rather than nature.


52% of teenagers do not identify as exclusively heterosexual. (according to a report by the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group) 35% of Millennials fall in the same category, and the percentage keeps declining as you move to older generations. This is because gender identity is not primarily caused by nature, but by things like upbringing, your environment, and your education. I stand in affirmation of the following resolution: Gender identity is caused more by nurture rather than nature. We wil...

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should the parents districk to children


I think that, parents should districk to their children. Cause, parents don`t districk their childrens , maybe, they`ll robbers or others..................

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are girls shorter than boys


girls are shorter than boys because of genetics...

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Is Israel Apartheid?


Israel is not an Apartheid. It just isn't I have no idea where people get the information that it is, but movements like BDS just aren't correct....

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That migration has done more good than harm


Debate should be impossible to accept, apply in comments. I'll pick on sunday. Framework: R1: Con opening args R2: Pro rebuttal and opening args, Con rebuttal and further args R3: Pro rebuttal and further args, Con rebuttal and further args R4: Pro rebuttal, Con rebuttal Failure to abide will result in a full forfeit. Definitions: immigration: the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. No kritiks, semantics or trolling. Try and keep racism out of it....

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Do Career Choices in India getting changed.


Indian since its Independence i.e. 1947 are passionate for jobs in government sectors. People in our surroundings talk about changing trends and shows examples of young generation in making career in Gymnast, Racing Car, Pilot etc But, these are very few in numbers and such unconventional career options were also available earlier. More than 60% parents of India still want their wards to join government sectors like Civil Services , Banking & Indian Army...

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Fat people Are worse than Hitler (Peace be with him)


Con will be taking the side of fat people, while I will be taking the side of Hitler.Obviously comparing fat people to Hitler is a little bit offensive towards Hitler, but keep in mind that Hitler killed quite a few Jews, so arguably Hitler was not as good of a person as you may previously have thought. Hitler was a murder, despite having valid reasons for his actions. One could argue that fat people are also...

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In warfare their is a double standard on men.


There is a double standard on men in warfare. Men have to be drafted, and expected to fight in the war. Men are usually the one to die, and the women get raped. Now most of all you will probably rather get raped, than to die. This misandry has to end, why do women get raped and get off scot free while a man has to die....

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