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Teen Debaters


I believe that Teenagers should have their opinion voiced just as much as adults do. Adults make the majority of the decisions but intelligent debaters such as myself are still only in their teens and have no idea how to voice the opinions to the government and/or higher debate teams. I, as a debaterfeel we should have a group designed for teen debaters to have their opinion voiced on popular topics on the news. We CAN help in world problems. If you'd give us a chance....

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speed is the best power up


The first round is acceptance, and the rest is the debate. I debatesRfun leave this debate open to anyone who chooses to argue that speed IS the best power-up....

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Mandatory Summer Classes for Students Taking AP/Honors Classes


Parameters:72 hours are given to complete your argument with a maximum of 10,000 characters, and a 2 week voting period is given, as to provide ample time for anybody viewing it to vote. There will be 5 rounds to this argument.Structure:Round 1 : Rules and opening statementRound 1 : Opening statement and Pro/Con initiation

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Noor Mateen, wife of Omar Mateen should be arrested.


Noor Mateen should be arrested for being an accomplice to the shooter. She drove him to the nightclub to help him scope it out. She knew when he was going to do it and didn't notify the police to save all those people's lives. She could've prevented this from happening....

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Is feminism a force for good in America?


Full resolution: In America, is modern feminism and social justice a force for good in America? Rules: 1) DO NOT accept this debate if you will just argue that feminism is just for gender equality. 2) No trolling, semantics, kritkiks, and so on 3) Follow the structure 4) Jf you must forfeit, let us know beforehand 5) Only accept if you will won't quit after a round or two 6) In round 1, five a one sentence arguement explaining your side 7) BoP is shared Structure: Round 1: A one se...

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Should Race Be An Option Put On Job Resume and School Test?


We've all had a time in out lives where we had to bubble in our race on school test or select race on job resumes that gave us no choice otherwise but my question for you today is should such practices be ban if so /no not Why?...

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More Guns are Not the Answer to Stopping Gun Violence


More guns is will not decrease gun violence, it will increase it. Multiple studies have shown this to be true. Before you post any statistics or studies, please make sure they are fair comparisons. For example, in comparing gun violence in two locations, we must account for the differences in amount of poverty, crime trends, drug use and trafficking, etc. I will cite the following studies that have confirmed that higher gun ownership leads to higher gun violence: American Journal of...

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Keemstar and Youtube


Hello there, today we will be doing a recent and still active argument. As you can guess, it's about Keemstar. What I think is that Keemstar is a horrible person and is the scum of youtube. Here's why; -Keemstar's youtube channel is called Drama Alert. All Drama does is that it reports the "news" that's going around on youtube. Most of the time, their either completely fake or nobody really cares about them. Keemstar gets money from saying rumors and gossips that go around on youtube. The pro...

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Resolved: Stability and Security is more important than Personal Freedom.


I like to thank my oppenent and friend UT, as he was known to me when we first met, for this debate. I don't expect there to be anything wrong so I won't bother to lay out rules.I affirm that the Stablity and Security are more important than Presonal Freedom.My first and only observation is that the pursuit for stablity and security may have imperfections, but it is not my burden to defend the system, only the intent of that system.The first contention on...

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Is the Existence of a God Logical?


First round acceptance only.Definitions:God: the perfect and all-powerful spirit or being that is worshipped especially by Christians, Jews, and Muslims as the one who created and rules the universe. ( The state or fact of having being especially independently of human consciousness and as contrasted with nonexistence. (

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