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The Necessity of Minimum Wage


First Round: Acceptance Second Round: Opening arguments Third Round and Fourth Round: Rebuttals to opposing arguments Fifth Round: Closing arguments. Foul language, trolling, bigotry, insults, attacks, threats or disrespect toward a debator will result in automatic forfeiture. Upon acceptance to the debate, I will start the opening arguments. Topic: the Necessity of Minimum Wage, specifically in the...

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Our economy is carp thanks to the fed


On a debate, I said that the Fed destroyed our economy, my opponent said that "our GDP is better than ever, if that is economic hardship, we should have more of it", I'm sorry to tell you this, but I don't measure how good an economy by how high it's GDP is, I judge it by the following factors: Education: we are 36th in the world, our spending per student is 7,500$, in Finland it is 5,500$, and yet Finland has better grades, the problem isn't money. National debt: 18,000,000,000,000$ Wealt...

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Minimum Wage Is Bad Economically (No Minimum Wage)


Rules: 1.(No links or sources) - I want to have a logical and reasonable debate, not a "I am right look at this link" sort of one. (Will go into more detail after) For every expert or graph saying what I propose is bad, there are also ones proposing they are good. Both a no-minimum wage and a high minimum wage have theoretically been successful (With Northern European countries as an example), but using a wage graph from Sweden can't really be applied in America/Canada due to the socioeco...

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Is Overpopulation or Lack of Resources a Problem Today?


With today's pace of technological development overpopulation is a problem of the past. For example, the idiotic proposer of doom for mankind Paul Ehrlich "predicted" that in the 1970s tens of millions of people would die in mass famines in India alone. His book "Population Bomb" started in this manner: "The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can preve...

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Capitalism (Pro) VS. Socialism (Con)


NOTE: I am playing devils advocate for this. Just saying since many people will know that I am actually a filthy socialist.Rules:-1st Round: Acceptance-2nd Round: 2 Opening Arguments-3rd/4th Rounds: 2 New Arguments and Rebuttals-5th Round: Rebuttal and Conclusion.No Vulgarity, Insults, Trolling or Semantics.Definitions:Socialism: A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by t...

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We should raise the Minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour


Hello! Welcome to this debate! I am Nathan and if were wondering where I went (Since I have not been on this site for awhile) I have been studying politics and economics for future debates. I don't have a Clear position on this issue so I plan on arguing both sides in the next few weeks. RULES: Round 1: My Opposition agrees to the rules and accepts. ROUND 2: Opening statements No rebuttals ROUND 3 is for Rebuttals No new arguments but you can further support your opinion. ROUND 4: Conclusio...

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Payday lending Services should be banned


I debated this topic maybe 6-7 months ago and it was mostly one sided. The few who were actually against this method had an argument but it was confusing and all over the place. Also none of these people moved on to the next round in my event (congress). I am debating this again to see if there's new arguments on the negative position that are easy enough to comprehend and that are worth listening too. First round is simply for clarification/acceptance debate starts with me on round 2 Th...

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Does capatilism encourage greed and social manipulation?


First round is acceptance only. I hope this debate goes well. Please no trolling....

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Welfare/Redistribution is actually harmful for poor people


First round for acceptance Second round for argumentation Third and Fourth Rounds for rebuttals...

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Liberalism Is Not Good for America (Economics)


Introduction to Debate:This is a challenge that I have sent to the user Reformist. I believe that we have some irreconsilable political and economic differences, and that we need to argue them objectively on a formal debating platform. Almost as a disclaimer, I would like...

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