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Alcohols use as a socially acceptbale narcotic should be banned forthwith


In this debate I propose that alcohol should be banned as a socially acceptable narcotic. To elaborate, this means no more drinking wine, beer, vodka etc. I am not pushing for the termination of ethanol's use in research and medical related fields this is purely in the social sphere.Definitions:Narcotic:

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Euthanasia should be legalized internationally when approved by a trained medical professional


Assisted suicide is to be defined as 'the act of accomplishing suicide with the aid of another person.' Currently, such an act would be viewed by the eyes of the law as murder on the part of the assistant. However, I see no reason as to why, when it has been checked by a medical professional and deemed as acceptable under the circumstances by the same medical professional, it should not be legalized. This, I feel, would negate at least most of the controversies of the debate, as well as negat...

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Is The Old Testament God A Malevolent Megalomaniac [ Severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder ]???


This Debate is concerning the Old Testament God's Mental Health.My Theory is that God is a figment of Abraham's Imagination.Abraham was very likely a pastoralist or a fringe dweller.As Anthropology has developed a concept that Monotheism comes from War Like fringe dwellers. These spend days caring for flocks of animals and are cont...

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Is Abortion morally and physically right?


Abortion can be necessary to save the life of the mother....

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Drug Use in the US Should be Fully Legalized


I argue that drug use in the US should be fully legalized, legalizing all forms of drugs, not simply marijuana. I have the burden of proof to convince voters that fully legalizing all drugs makes logical sense.First round is acceptance, 5th round will be closing statements with no new arguments or rebuttals brought forward. ...

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Governments should only test drugs for safety, not effectiveness, before approving them for public


This is for the WODC debate tournament.Bsh1 resolution: Drugs should be tested for safety only.Cooldudebro resolution: Drugs should be tested for both safety and effectiveness. These definitions must not be changed and no new ones shall be added.Drug: a substance that is used as a medicine (1)Public: of, relating to, or affecting all or most of the people of a country, state, etc. (2)Effectivness: produ...

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People suffering from dementia should be forbidden to drive


So this is going to determine, whether people, diagnosed with some sort of dementia, should legally be prevented from driving a car or heavier vehicles such as motor bikes or agricultural tractors. We are having a first acceptance-only and last rebuttal-only round. I am Pro for this matter. As the legal status quo is pretty mixed within the different western countries, there is a shared BOP....

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Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes


About this debate:Welcome to my debate. As you can see you and I will be debating whether the legalization of marijuana should be used for medical purposes (only). Not only should marijuana be used to cure cancer, but also various other diseases.Rules: 1. No profanities

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Should someone suffering from depression be enabled as support to get over there depression?


Thank you in advance to who ever decides to accept this debate. First I would like to define 3 words as to not have a clarification debate but rather a well rounded articulated discussion on a serious issue. Support- To give help or assistance. ~Merriam Webster Depression-a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. ~Merriam Webster Enable-To make (someone or something) able to do or be someth...

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Is a Fetus a Person when in the Womb?


Yes, a Fetus in the Womb is indeed a person. It is scientifically shown that it is, this includes medically. I am making my opening remark short so I may give my opponent a chance to clarify their view. I want this to be clean, no name calling or any of that- it's counter productive. I would also like to ask that my opponent cite their sources of their argument. Looking forward to it! Nick C....

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