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Gay Marriage should Not be Permitted


PrefaceI thank Zarroette for this debate. I hope she agrees to accept, and I look forward to a cordial, engaging exchange of views. If she would like to alter any rules or formatting, she should PM me prior to acceptance. This is, of course, an issue that is important to me personally, and so I hope to defend my position well. Due to the tendency for some users to cast ideological ballots on sensitive current-issue topics like this one, there is a mi...

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Should Gay Marriage be legalized?


Do you believe that homosexual marriage should be legalized in all 50 states in the US? I am British so I apologize if I have any misconceptions about how the US works but I don't see that really having much relevance here. I am very pro gay marriage and I strongly believe any society that does not have it cannot claim to be egalitarian....

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Gay Marriage should be legalized


Danielle and I are both from America so for the sake of simplicity this is in reference to American policy. Nobody below 2500 ELO can vote on this debate. The reason is to eliminate some bias which is always present in issues like this while being as inclusive as possible with the voting. Danielle feel free to start arguments in first round and pass in last or to just accept...

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Gay Marriage


Gay marriage without a shadow of a doubt should be completely legalized. It is unfair and unjust to say two people who care about each other can't do whatever they want with their relationship within the confines of the law. If something that has no negative effect on an innocent party, especially any effect at all, then it should be legal; gay marriage should be legal because what two consenting adults agree to spend their time doing, especially if it's none of your business, shouldn't be pun...

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There is nothing wrong with homosexuality or gay marriage.


Even if you're against the idea of people of the same-sex having sex, what you need to understand is that gay relationships are not all about sex. They're literally exactly like straight relationships. They're about romance, happiness, love, connections. And yes, sex is a part of it, but it's also none of your business. If you think that the purpose of marriage is to have children and that gay couples are somehow morally corrupt because they can't have children, do you think that married straigh...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal


This debate is going to about whether gay marriage should be illegal or legal. Con takes the side of defending gay marriage and pro defends their own case about why it should be illegal. I, the con, will be fighting for gay marriage and the right gay couples have to marry, here is a lay out of the debate: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening Statements Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Closing Statement ____________________________________________________________________________________...

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People who use the Bible to argue against gay marriage are hypocrites.


I believe that the people of America who use the Bible as a reason to argue against gay marriage are hypocrites and liars. I strongly believe they are lying about the bible. First round is acceptance and that is my only rule. Voters have free reign to vote however they feel provided your decisions aren't biased towards one side of the debate....

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Gay marriage


Gay Marriage- Taking away Love "A life without love is no life at all." "Leonardo Di Vinci. By not allowing gay marriage, the privilege of eternal love is taken away. Homosexual couples should be allowed to marry, because they deserve the same rights as straight couples, it will give children a healthy home by helping gay couples adopt, and will help the economy. Homosexual couples deserve the same rights and legal benefits as heterosexual couples. Michelle Johnson, former editor for the Bost...

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Gay Marriage


Love is love. First round for acceptance and brief statement....

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Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage Argument Essay When the world was created, and however that may have been, it was created with a purpose and a plan, that plan did not and should not ever involve same sex marriages. Gay marriages should return to being outlawed in all states. This country was founded on biblical principals and the government is making decisions going against those principals. The government recently made a decision allowing these marriages in many states, here is what Tim Wildman, President...

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