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Gun safety in school


Michael Jago Mrs. Hogan English 2 December 2014 Teaching Kids Gun Safety How would you feel if a loved one of yours was involved in a gun incident and ended fataly? Hopefully by teaching kids about gun safety this would lower the reat of deaths from firearms. Schools should teach children about gun safety to keep themselves and others safe. Children should be taught how to handle firearms and be informed about them. There has been many fatal accidents from firearms. According to CBS N...

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Officer Darren Wilson Should Have Been Indicted


There was enough evidence to at least take aspects of the case to trial. This is not a racial issue. This is not about political agenda's. This is about the simple fact a teenager was murdered in broad daylight. 15 witnesses say Brown had his hands in the air when the last shot was fired, 2 do not. Officer Wilson says he was in fear for his life "It was like a 5 year old vs. Hulk Hogan" but was not bleeding and did not have any visible facial injuries (besides a dime sized pink mark)....

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Should Same-Sex Marriage be Legal in the US? II


Round 1 is for acceptance and it would be nice if my opponent wrote a brief (3 or 4 sentences) summary of their position. The topic of this debate is to question whether or not Gay Marriage should be legal in all of the US. This is a debate about legality and civil rights, not a debate about how gays are gross therefore don't deserve rights. I don't want to limit the range of possible arguments my opponent may bring however arguments based on Religion, and "morals" that stem there from, must...

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Why women are evolutionarily inferior to men.


First off this is a serious debate that is proving why women are less evolved than that of men. I am not stating and do not believe in any situation that women are to be treated differently by any means and that women are less important in society than men. Simply that over time evolution has favored men in many ways. Definition of Inferior- Lower in rank, status, or Quality ~In this instance Quality is what context inferior is being used in. Definition of Quality- The standard of someth...

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Its wrong that our civilization lies to the children about Santa Claus


I don't want to sound like a crazy fanatic, who"s trying everything to prove that Santa doesn't exist, but we all know that he doesn't and I'm going to debate peacefully about it. The first round is only to accept the debate. The debate, may go a bit off topic. And CON is supposed to say a nice argument, why do we still have to lie to our children about Santa Claus (like tradition"). In mine opinion its quite wrong to lie to our children, every generation, on and on, and on, and on,on" Why ca...

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Gay Marriage


Gays Are People Too In the past there has been a lot of successful stances against discrimination. People think discriminating against others is gone yet they still discriminate again today towards gays. Gays and straights are all people indeed every person is born with the same rights one of these rights are equality. Everyone should all have their own say in which they marry. The marriages of gays will not have different laws than opposite sex marriages. Everything in history has changed so...

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School Uniforms


I think there should not be any school uniforms in any school because, you can't see the inner side of the people you are friends with because you don't really know them. I also say we shouldn't wear uniforms because people show what they like like favorite colors, favorite brands, favorite style. With the uniforms you can't tell what they like at all because everybody is wearing the same type of uniforms. So I don't think we need uniforms....

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is Cesar Millan "the dog whisper" a good dog trainer for aggressive dogs


people say Cesar is a horrible dog trainer because he uses the dominate position towards aggressive dogs. i have reviewed videos and i believe he is using good training skills to rehabilitate the aggressive dogs. i believe he is using effective skills and not hurting the dog in any way....

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Resolved: On Balance, Feminism is Necessary to Remedy Contemporary Gender Issues


Resolved: On Balance, Feminism is Necessary to Remedy Contemporary Gender Issues The first round will just be setting up definitions and rules -First round is just for acceptance - I cannot bring up any new points in the final round - Opponent has right to clarify their own definitions - Failure to refute certain points will allow them to be flowed through rounds Definitions: Feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality...

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Feminism is necessary in modern First World countries.


Many of the arguments feminists utilize to justify the existence of a feminist movement in developed countries are outdated or myths. For example, the wage gap does not exist. Putting aside the fact that it is illegal to pay someone less for doing the same job [1], discrepancies in wages result from the fact many women simply are not going into higher paying jobs, and often quit early to take care of family [2]. While it can be argued that this wage gap is a result of the 'patriarchy' forcing...

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