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Should New Zealand Change It's Flag?


Greetings everyone it's Kylar. I would like to bring up a very interesting topic to debate someone about. As some of you may know, New Zealand's Prime Minister has announced that there will be a referendum in late 2015 on whether the flag should be changed. I love studying vexiology-the study of flags and so this is pretty significant as far as flags are concerned. I am adopting the pro viewpoint for this debate, and I'll tell you why. 1. The New Zealand flag is very similar to Australia's and...

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My 99th Debate: Kids and Corporal Punishment


PrefaceThis is my 99th debate, and I am look forward to it! Please do not accept unless you intend to invest effort and not forfeit. I look forward to an interesting discussion. You must've completed 3 debates to accept this and you must have a minimum of 2,500 ELO to vote on this.Full TopicOn balance, parental use of corporal punishment is beneficial for the child.Rules1. Pro acce...

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Human Population Levels Must be Drastically Reduced


The human race has reached a point where roughly 7.3 billion humans live on this planet. Throuh our own selfishness, the atmospheres and ecosystems of our planet are already altered unchangingly.Even if the current trends are reversed the planet has been irreversably brought to the point where no one can reverse the effects. The global population is expanding unsustainably and natural disasters have huge effects of millions of people dying as a result of this. While in theo...

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Should abortion be illegal?


I believe abortion should be illegal...

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should all service user concerns be reported to safeguarding


when we work with vulnerable adults we have an obligation to safeguard them from harm and abuse.If we have already had an internal investigation and still have a concern,we have a duty of care to report that concern to safeguarding.Some may say that this will be a waste of time and resources,however who would not report an concern because they thought it would take up too much time..i would appreciate your comments and opinions.I am due to deliver a debate on this subject and would appreciate di...

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Schools should be segregated by sex


First round: Acceptance Second Round: Arguments Third Round: Rebuttal Last Round: Closing Statements No new arguments can be included after the Second round, just new evidence to rebuttal. New arguments will constitute an automatic loss....

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Marriage is outdated


Marriage is OutdatedIn this debate, I'll argue that the traditional marriage concept is, on balance, no longer beneficial for the majority of those in partnerships. Society Debate | Shared BOP | 4 Rounds | 72 Hours Reply | 9.000 Characters | 7 Point Voting DefinitionsTraditional marriage in this context shall mean a livelong, exclusive (monogamic) relationship of two he...

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If you are prolife (Abortion) then wouldn't you be against the dealth penalty? Pro(Agr) Con(Disag)


If one claims to be pro-life in terms with Abortion then wouldn't you be pro life for everything (i.e. death penalty)? When asked a question about Abortion, which I am against, I considered that I was pro life, but when I thought in depth of what it means to be pro life I thought: Would I be against the death penalty also, since it's the act or killing a human for a crime they've committed (not word-by-word definition)?...

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People that self-harm, or cut themselves, are selfish and attention seeking


My argument is that self-harmers should NOT be regarded as selfish or simply attention seeking. A large majority of these people self-harm for specific reasons, such as to relieve mental or emotional stress. Also, the stereotypes that you usually see cut exclusively on their wrists, where most people can easily see. This is not the case for most self-harmers. In fact, most people choose to cut on their upper thighs or stomach, regions of the body that are not usually visible with clothing on. Th...

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The first pregnant man was not a man, thus he is not the first pregnant man


I hold the position that the first pregnant "man" was NOT a man at birth, thus he/she should NOT be considered the first pregnant man. Con, or you, hold the position that he is technically a man, thus should be considered the first pregnant man.

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