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The portrayal of high profile females in the media goes against femininity


It's all in the title- I am arguing that the portrayal of high profile females (can be celebrities or fictional characters such as in video games) in the media (newspapers, social media etc) ruins the image of femininity (the belief that ultimately, both sexes should be equal) in the public mind This basically means anything you want it to. Eg. Cosmetic surgery ruins the image of femininity And Female video game characters ruin the image of femininity etc. 1st round is simply accept...

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Resolved: Viewing Pornography is Morally Wrong


This debate should be impossible to accept, if you somehow find a method of accepting you automatically forfeit all 7 voter's points. If you would like to play, just leave me a comment :PDefinitionsPornography: Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather...

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Should abortion be illegal


No, because when does a fetus become a live person. Then you are killing a human...

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Is immigration in the UK a good thing or a bad thing?


I will be arguing the point the the arrival of immigrants to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a good thing on both a social and economical level. My opponent will be arguing against the points mentioned above. Definitions: Immigration: The movement of people from one country to another "Good thing": The benefits outweigh the drawbacks "Bad things": Vice versa...

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Should pre marital sex be discussed to teenagers as young as 13


Yes because in today's society underage pregnancy has been considered 'normal' for some people. There is even a reality show about teenagers getting pregnant. It would be best to teach kids as young as 13 to be aware on what might happen if you have sex before marriage....

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Should teens who murder be executed


When I was asked to write a paper on this topic I was excited to see what you guys thought! I would love your feedback. I'm arguing that teens who murder should be tried as adults and sentenced to death....

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Same-Sex adoption


I believe that same-sex couples should be able to adopt simply because I believe every child should be able to have a home. I also believe that every capable adult that wants a child should be allowed the opportunity to have one. There are thousands of children and teenagers that go without a home daily, that is not right. Everyone should be given the opportunity to have a loving home to go to. Everyone should have the opportunity...

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Feminism! Hooray!


Well I haven't had a decent debate in a couple months and and figured why not discuss feminism in modern day North America (when I say this I'm referring to Canada & the US of A, sorry Mexifriends). I've been having a lot of "good" back-and-fourths with Stefy about feminism and equality and such in comments and polls and whatever, so if she could accept I'd love it, but if someone else does I'd be just as happy.So as anyone who knows me on this site would al...

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The US ought to put boots on the ground to combat ISIS


Resolution: The United States of America ought to put boots on the ground to combat ISIS. Definitions: boots on the ground deploy high levels of combat troops; a ground war with ISIS ISIS You know who ISIS is I will be proposing an alternate solution. BoP will be shared. If you have a question about the debate, please ask before accepting. If you accept and we run into a problem that could've easily been avoided with the asking of a simple question, voters ought to consider the de...

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In the criminal justice system, more emphasis should be put on retribution than rehabilitation


This debate is for round 1 of Lannan13's February Beginner's Tournament. The contestants for this match are 1harderthanyouthink and YamaVonKarma. The mentors are Debatability for 1harderthanyouthink and BLAHthedebator for YamaVonKarma.Resolution: In the criminal justice system, more emphasis should be put on retribution than rehabilitationPRO - YamaVonKarmaCON - 1harderthanyouthinkStructure:...

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